Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 36

“Why didn’t you send word or try to contact me?”

“I didn’t want to be found.”
“So you were happy with Styles?”

“It wasn’t so bad. I learned that a lot of things and he wasn’t cruel to me in any kind.”

“I see. So you like Styles.”

I see a hint of fury in his eyes. “No I don’t but I find him nice.”

“I can’t believe that you like him of all people after what he did to you. You can forgive him but not me.”

I am a bit confused about what he is talking about. “What do you mean after what he has done to me.”

“He is the one that hit you and abducted you.”

She feels as if someone has punched her and all the air has left her.

“No that can’t be. You are lying. He wouldn’t.”
“Think about it, Talia. You got knocked out and then you woke up in his car. He was watching you the whole night and he had set it up. He made you come to the dinner, so he could lure you out.”

“How did he know where I was.”
“We looked at the surveillance footage and he put a bug on your dress. He knew where you were at all times and they did it to get back at me.”
“This doesn’t make sense. Then why didn’t they torture me or something?”
His eyes darken. “I don’t know the answer to that part.”

“I see.”

“Where were you all this time?”
“I also don’t know. I just got there.”

“You didn’t see any markings whatsoever?”
She snaps at him “No. I said I didn’t alright!”
He looks at her and he is a bit puzzled. “Do you want to tell me something.?

“Am I making you feel uncomfortable?”

He scratches the back of his head. “A bit.”

“That’s great then” She doesn’t know why there is a rise of anger in her.

“Are you upset with me?” as he searches her face.

“It would only be normal for me to be upset. I mean my husband almost killed me and got his whore to try to find me.”

When he tries to interject to her, she carries on. “Let’s not forget how you treated me like shit before they took me” she spits the words at him.

“I know, and I will explain everything to you I promise you that.”

“Why not now?” she challenges him.

“Let’s focus on getting you better.”

“I don’t care about being better. I want reasons for your actions.”
“You look drawn Talia. You have stayed up for too long.”
“Don’t tell me what to do!”
“Talia all I am just trying to do is to help you. To get you better.”
“What’s the point of getting me better. So that you can just tear me down again. Is that it? Is this all a game to you?”

“No that’s not it. Damn it, Talia! Why do you have the see the worst in me? Can’t you see that I..I..”
I look at him cynically “Can’t I see that you what? You are full of shit!”

He narrows his eyes. “Careful now love”

“Or else what? You will shoot me again? Then do it!.”
He sighs “that’s not what I meant at all. Why don’t you tell me why you are really upset?”
She remembers the incident before she nearly died. She shudders at the thought of nearly dying at such a young age.

“Don’t look at me like that. Please Talia.” as his voice keeps on going lower and lower.

“Looking at you like what?”

“Your eyes. They look like everyone else’s eyes. Like I am a monster.”

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