Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 37

“Axel can you please leave. I need a moment to be alone.” As she lowers herself down on the bed. “Can’t I stay by your side?”

“No, you can’t.”
“I promise I won’t say a word. I will just watch you sleep.” As he pleads.

“I would rather you not.” she wasn’t going to give in to him.

“Okay. I will be outside if you need anything.”
She doesn’t respond, and she watches him leave the room. She was a bit too tired to press him for more information on why he had treated her the way he did.

The door opens. The nurse comes in with her lunch. She was starved and she welcomes the warm food with open arms.

“This is delicious” as she smiles at her. “I’m glad to see you are eating now.” She is sweet. She chats to her and then she has to leave.

“I will come to see you later okay.”
“Okay. Thank you for the food.”
“You are more than welcome dear.”

It was so nice to speak to a female companion who wasn’t mean and to laugh as if everything was normal. The last time that she had a decent conversation was with Mia.

She knew that she had to speak to Styles eventually. Yet her mind was just blank. Had he left or where they staring daggers at each other outside?

The door opens once again and this time it’s the doctor. “Afternoon.” And then he is followed in by Axel and Styles.

“Afternoon Sir.” As she responds to him.

“I am going to check your wound and see how you are doing.”
“Okay.” she turns to Axel and Styles. “Please leave.”

They both want to protest but she quickly cuts them off. “I am not taking off my shirt in front of you two.”

Axel turns to Styles. “You have to leave so the doctor can check her.”

“Why do I have to leave?” he retorts

“She is my wife and I have already seen her in every way.”

“No, Both of you leave at this very instant.” as her voice is now menacingly low. “Fine.” as they both look displeased and upset about the situation at hand.

She finally relaxes when the door closes. “Don’t worry they can’t peek in here. They won’t see a thing.”

She smiles “Okay.” as she feels more reassured.

The doctor comes and sits next to him. “You are awfully young to be married.”

Her smile disappears “I get it all the time.” she answers in a way that shows him that she doesn’t want to talk about it. She can see that he got the hint because he doesn’t ask her any further questions.

She takes off her shirt and he helps her slowly. She is left with her sports bra and the bandage that is around her shoulders.

He undresses the bandage around her shoulder.

“You are healing quite nicely” as he presses on the wound. It wasn’t as painful as before. “You should be set in a day or two.”

“Okay.” as he rubs some medication on it. Then he re-bandages her shoulder.

When he is done, he gets up. “You don’t need anything else?”

“No thank you.“She sinks back on the bed. She is relieved that she is at least healing properly, and they were no complications.

Before she can enjoy her peace. The door opens and Axel and Styles file in again. “Don’t you two have jobs?”

Neither one answers as they both scowl at her.

“The doctor told us that you are healing just fine.” As Axel is beaming.

“Yes. Can you step out for a moment? I want to speak to Styles please.”

She sees his jaw clench, but he doesn’t protest or say anything as he just walks out.

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