Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 38

The door closes. “I’m so sorry Talia.”

“For what?” she looks at him quizzically. “It’s my fault that you got hurt and I shouldn’t have asked you to do such a dangerous mission.”

“It’s not your fault. I chose to do it. I could have declined and said I wasn’t ready, but I wanted to prove myself.”

“But are you okay?”
“Yes, I am. Why are you here?”
He looks at her in a confused manner. “What do you mean?”
“Just exactly what I said.”
“It’s because I was very worried about you.”
She takes a deep breath. “So you are not angry that I blew up the mission?”
“No. I’m not. It happens at times. Things can’t go perfectly all the time.”

“But aren’t you afraid that your cover will be blown. You should have just left me.”
“I would never do such a thing. You are part of our team and you are one of us, Talia. We stick together till the end.”

She sighs at the thought that the other girls must have been pissed at her. They probably wanted to skin her alive.

“What is it?”
“What about the other girls? Are they fine?”

“Yes, they are fine. They made out safely. Usually, they check up on another. I asked them why they didn’t check up on you? And they told me that they thought they saw you go to the car.”

She knew it was all lies. They never checked. She was sure they hoped that she died in that incident. “Really. That’s what they said.” The sarcasm in her voice was prominent.

“Why are you saying it like that?” As he assesses her.

“How would they have seen me when I didn’t even go out? I don’t think you could misplace me for someone else. Unless they saw a ghost.”

Styles thinks about it and she can see that he is a bit troubled by it. “Are you angry that Axel was the one that shot you?”

“I don’t know.” as she answers in all honesty, but she knew the answer to that question. She was more than pissed that it was him of all people to make her land up in here.

“I won’t ever let him do that to you again.”

“Do what?”

“Harm you in any way.”

“He didn’t mean to shoot me.” The words slip out her mouth unconsciously as she defends him.

“Why do you think that?”

“Axel is twisted but not that twisted that he would want to hurt me.” She still could hear the way he had called out her name when he had realized that he had shot me. It seemed as if it was a cry from the heart.

“I’m glad that you are okay Talia. I really am.”

She just looks down at his hands and nods.

“Do you need anything?”
“Yes.” as she looks up at him.

“What? Name it and I will get it for you.”
“I want to know why you kidnapped me?”

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