Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 4

Talia woke up yawning and stretching, wait! Panic started to set in, she was definitely not in her room. Events of last night started creeping into her mind and she started feeling dizzy. She was kidnapped.

She looked around for an escape but the windows had bars and the door was locked. wow, it’s like a prison.

She started sweating at the thoughts of what could happen to her? why had she been so stupid? She should have just waited for Mia and then gone home. No matter how long it took, at least she would be safe at home.

But it didn’t matter, cause all the what if’s couldn’t save her. She never thought in a million years this was going to happen to her of all people. You hear about such but experiencing it is a very different story.

“So you are finally awake?”

She jumped and her voice was caught, her eyes were wide and she was sure she would faint from the fear and anxiety that she was starting to feel. She hadn’t noticed the person enter as she was too deep in her thoughts.

Talia immediately sprinted towards the door like a deer caught in headlights. As she was about to reach the door, she felt a hand go around her waist and pull her backward. The scent was too familiar and she saw tattoos all over his hands.

“Do you think you can escape Talia?”

She was shaking in fear, how did he even know her name?

“Respond when I speak to you!”

“Yes I thought I could escape.” she stuttered.

He laughed. He let go of her waist and turned her around so that she was facing him. “Nobody,” his voice was so chilling,” I mean nobody I have selected to be my own ever leaves me, understand?”

She just nodded, sickened by this, by this man in front of her.

“Okay so a proposition for you, You are either going to be a cleaner or cook.”


As if reading her thoughts he countered it by saying “or you could please my men if you want, they would love a toy such as yourself.”

She immediately agreed to be a maid and she was told to go downstairs and would receive training from one of the maids. With that, he left.

She went and took a quick shower and when she entered the bedroom she noticed that there was a classic maid uniform on her bed, she took it and put it on, it came a bit above her thighs. She looked at herself in the mirror, as she tied her hair.

She went downstairs and saw a lady who looked like she was in her mid-fifties. “Hey, Darling you must Talia? I’m Helena.”

“Hey.” she greeted her meekly and knew that she was going to like her from the get-go.

After two weeks of having to clean the huge mansion every day, she finally finished her work and went to her room. It was really hard to cope, her hands were shaking and she noticed she had lost a lot of weight.

Talia had learned a lot about this place, every Friday they would bring girls over who did all sorts of things. The first few times she blushed crimson from the noises that she was hearing, but now she had gotten used to it.

They were always given Friday nights, the whole of Saturdays and Sundays off. Which she was grateful for. They were also given rules, they could roam around but never try to escape. She was the youngest maid, there were five of them and the other three were in their late twenties.

She didn’t bond with any of the girls, and thank goodness today was Friday. She went to her room and went to take a shower when she noticed the stranger in the mirror. She had lost so much weight, eye bags under her eyes, tons of cuts and burns from cleaning and cooking.

she sighed, after showering and she was ready for bed. Which is what she always did from Friday to Sunday. She rarely ate and just slept through it as she sunk into depression. Talia never bothered attending the staff parties or anything. Sleep was her only escape.

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