Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 40-End

The door opens and just as she promised the nurse is back with her supper this time. “We will carry on tomorrow. I am tired.”

“Okay. Sleep well.” As he walks out. A minute later Axel walks in. “I heard you are tired.”

“Yes, I am.”
“I will see you tomorrow then.”


“Goodnight.” As he smiles at her. She watches him walk out the door. Then she pays her attention to the nurse. “Seems like you are having men trouble.” She laughs at the way she says it.

She talks to her for very long.

She had left and she was left alone with her thoughts which made her a bit crazy.

“What do you mean she is missing! How could she have escaped?” Axel turns to Styles who looks just as worried as he is. “Styles where is she? Did you take her again?”
“I didn’t. If I did then I would have been long gone by now.” Which made sense.

“Where are the guards?” a couple of minutes later they both walk in. “Tell me how two grown men got outsmarted by a small girl!”
“I had gone to the bathroom Sir and she must have been waiting up.” Then the other guard carries on “I heard a strange noise. I knocked on her door but there was no response. I decided to go in and then I felt a piercing pain on the back of my head. Then everything went black.”

“When I came back from the bathroom she was gone.” as he looks down in shame.

“Call the nurse who was watching over her.”

The lady comes in and she seems distraught. “Was there anything suspicious with Talia?”

“No. I spoke to her but come to think of it she did ask random questions about the floors and the shifts.”

“And you told her!”
“Yes I thought she was asking because of my well-being and she also asked for lipstick strangely enough.”

Why did she want lipstick? He looks around and spots the camera’s maybe there would be a lead somewhere.

“Can we see the surveillance footage?”

They go to the backroom and they rewind it for them. “Stop.” when they see Talia. She had run through the floor and she had knocked out a couple of people along the way. “Where did she learn to fight?”

“I taught her.” as Styles responds.

“You fucken taught her? You see what happened because of you.”
“Don’t blame this on me!”
“Yes, I am. You are the one that got between me and her.”

“If you treated her right.”
“Don’t you even dare try to lecture me Styles. There is no point in bickering with you because it doesn’t bring her back.”

They walk back into her room to look for something. A bit of hope.

“Over here.” Axel goes to the bathroom where Styles is standing by the mirror. It is written by bold red lipstick.

“Fuck you Both! If we ever meet again, I will make sure that you will pay! Talia.”

A/N: Thank you for reading and being part of this journey. You guys have been awesome. I will have a part two for this book soon. Xxx

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