Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 5

Talia woke up late afternoon and she slumbered out of bed. She took a shower and got dressed. She decided to take a stroll in the massive garden. She got out and saw a bench surrounded by hedges in a cubicle, it was like a secret garden.

It looked like a beautiful spot to fall asleep, so she curled up on the bench and felt the sun on her face and dozed off again. She woke up to someone yanking her hair and she was gritting her teeth in pain. When she looked up it was Sophie.

“How dare you?” she slapped her across the face, she just sat there not saying anything when she saw Axel standing behind her with an amused look on his face. Wow, I thought to myself, just a bunch of psycho’s. No wonder they’re together.

“She looks like some sort of rat, pajamas, hair not combed. Yuck, I’m surprised you don’t smell.”

She simply got up and just wandered off, she went back to her room, it was now two in the afternoon and she curled underneath her blanket and went back to sleep, even though she was slightly furious at how Sophie treated her this morning.

Talia woke up at seven at nighttime and this time she was determined to show them that she could also be decent.

There was a party at the mansion.

She got up took another shower, and started fixing herself. Tonight it meant they were no girls as it was a family party and Sophie was here.

She was sure all the other maids were already there and members of the mafia.

After she was done curling her hair and doling up her face, her eyes looked electric. She put on a plain white dress tee and a pair of white sneakers. She was going to dance tonight.

When she was satisfied with her look, she didn’t look bad at all, she somewhat looked decent. Now to be confident. She walked and saw the door and was contemplating turning back when she felt a hand on her wrist. Talia looked up and it was London, the guy who was second in command.

He was good looking, as a matter of fact, chocolate eyes and hair, he looked good in a black suit. “Where are you going?” he asked as he broke her out of her thoughts.

“umm nowhere.” She stuttered. She could feel him staring at her, really staring like he was intrigued. “You look, uh lovely Talia.”

“Thank you,” she replied too soon, and she blushed. He simply just chuckled and held out his arm to her.

She took it and he smiled down at her, “don’t worry I got you. Shall we go Cinderella.” She laughed a bit, she liked London immediately just like Helena.

Talia took a deep breath and surely people would be too busy with their events, the maids flirting with the man for anyone to notice them entering.

They opened the door, and she was laughing at a joke London was whispering to her, but boy was she wrong. when she looked up and noticed everyone was now staring.

It seemed as if one of the men was saying a speech. London unhooked her hand with his and put his hand on her small back and he led her towards...No she thought please not opposite Sophie and Axel, but it made sense as he was second in command.

Everyone was still starring.

She didn’t have anyone who she knew well and Helena wasn’t there and the only option was to go with London. They sat across them, and she could feel Sophie’s gaze measuring me her up and down. Axel’s expression looked as if he was stunned and then he gained composure and was monotone once again.

Whatever they say, Talia, ignore them. Suddenly London’s breath was on her neck as he whispered something in her ear. She just saw his lips moving and blushed more when she realized he had asked her a question.

“Sorry?” she mumbled,

" I said do you want a drink?”

“Yes please,” she replied as he chuckled. As he was getting up she wanted to follow him but he gestured for her to sit down and wait for him.

Sophie’s phone rang and she got up to answer it, and the next minute Axel was by her side and he was touching her hair. “You look beautiful, Talia.” His voice dragged out. And with that, he went back to his seat.

This guy is really on some drugs. He is too moody.

London came back and so did Sophie eventually.

London and she were talking the whole night and she would see glares from Axel.

At one point they even danced, and she had fun for the first time in a long time.

When it was late, London walked her, they arrived at their destination which was her room.

“I had a great time Talia. I hope to see you around and don’t be a stranger.” as he placed a kiss on her cheek. Then he pulled her into a hug which she returned when she saw Axel over London’s shoulder standing on the end of the corridor on his phone.

She went into her room and put on some pajamas and removed her make up. She was ready for bed, she fell asleep and out of nowhere, she heard the door creaking open.

“Go to sleep London,” she mumbled. As the door shut she thought he was gone when she felt the bed dip and a hand go around her waist and lips press onto her neck.

“Do I look like London to you?”

Her eyes were fully wide open and it was Axel.

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