Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 6

She started to panic and wriggle, Axel let her go as she was panting. “Why sweetness? I know you dressed up just for me.” as his hand was gliding up her thigh and his breath hot on her neck. “No, I didn’t, you sick psychotic dip shit!”

Suddenly his hand went around, closing in on her throat. “what did you fucking say bitch?” “nothing”, she squirmed scared as his hand was closing in on her throat.

“Good girl,” he replied.

She still said nothing, swallowing a lump. She decided to take a different route, “won’t Sophie be mad that you are here?” she stammered. “Let’s not talk about her now, my lovely Talia. I’m here just for you tonight.”

Her heart started hammering wild when she felt his erection on her, and she realized he wasn’t wearing a shirt. What was going to happen? she had never had sex before as she was a virgin and this wasn’t supposed to happen this way, this is not what she pictured her first time would be. Where were the roses, the candles, champagne? Who was I kidding, and how would she refuse the Mafia boss after all.

“What are you thinking about?” as his lips were tracing down her neck and he was sucking on her collar bone. She was too frozen to even reply as this wasn’t registering in her head. Was she really here or was she in some nightmare that she couldn’t wake up from?

“Loosen up Talia. You and I are going to have fun tonight, I mean serious fun.“When his hand slid up from her waist up to her breast as he started rubbing it with his hand, her mind let all loose and she began to struggle again. “No, I can’t do this Axel, not like this.”

Axel finally stopped and he looked down at her. “why? is It because of London?”

“No, it’s not.” She responded quietly.

“Then why do you refuse me, Talia, tell me one good reason so I can understand, cause I sure as hell don’t. You belong to me, you hear that! ME! I was the one that found you and you’re mine”.

“I don’t Axel, I belong to myself, I am not a possession to be kept or used whenever.” He gave a cynical laugh. “Oh, but you are mine Talia,” as he started sucking her earlobe.

What was up with him tonight? He had Sophie and he was just being greedy and possessive for what reason. He suddenly stopped and she exhaled.

“Tomorrow I’m going to assign you to a new job, you will observe one of my best girls Marize. And I expect you to catch on fast and you proved that you can be quite a spectacle right?”

“What job are you talking about?” Not liking the way his voice sounded.

“Don’t worry Talia, you will learn soon, and I will use you to my advantage.” As his hand was stroking her thigh.

Could life get any worse than this?“Does Sophie do this?”

“Hmm, Yes sometimes she does but nowadays she sits and watches with me through a room, why do you ask?”

“No reason” she replied. Suddenly the bed shifted as he got up.

“You better be ready for tomorrow”. With that, he left.

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