Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 7

The next morning Talia woke up and the sun was shining really brightly when she looked over, she saw two ladies had opened her curtains. She looked over at her nightstand to see what time it was, it was six-thirty in the morning and her alarm was supposed to go off in half an hour.

“Go shower.” one of the ladies commanded who looked scary, she blinked a couple of times “Hurry, Sir said to fetch you and you better not be a minute late!” the other lady barked an order.

Talia got up quickly scared, stripped her clothes and took a shower. She shut off the water and walked back in her room, to find the ladies still there.

“Here is your outfit.” the one said. She took the black sports bra and matching black pants and socks and put them on. She was given a pair of white sneakers to match the outfit she was going to wear.

She tied her hair into a tight and neat pony tail, then she was lead out of the room. There a body guard was waiting for her outside and he leads her down a corridor into a huge hall. “Get in!” She got in a bit frightened and there she saw a lady who was probably twenty-four. The guard had left.

“You must be Talia, I’m Marize but you can call me Mars as in the planet, or the candy bar if you wish.” She really liked her, she was spunky in a non-threatening way and she knew they were going to click. “Nice to meet you Marize.” Before she could ask what she was doing here she started to explain.

“So I see in your facial expression that you are wondering what are you doing here?”

She nodded in response.

“Well Talia, I’m going to teach you on how to become a mafia stripper for the business, how you are going to spy on meetings whilst posing as a stripper and for that you need to learn how to strip and pole dance in heels etc.”

Her mind went blank. “A stripper, are you kidding me? I can’t be a stripper.” She started babbling on and on about the impossibility. Marize, just let her have her moment of outburst until she got tired by herself and stopped.

“Okay, I see you have finally calmed down, Talia and so we will start with basics then move on to the harder stuff involving heels, don’t worry you will be a pro in no time, I am the best in the game after all.”

She just nodded, what choice did she have in all this? They worked throughout the whole day, and who knew that this was such grueling work. Her whole body was on fire, she was aching and probably had blisters on her feet.

Talia got to my room and sunk onto her bed gratefully.

Who knew how contouring your body was such work. She was flexible as she could do the splits cause at a point, in her earlier years she had done gymnastics, yet her body was on fire. Soon after she fell asleep.

She has woken up again, in the same manner, took a shower, wore her workout clothes and went to Marize, and they practiced the whole day. This went on for a week, Marize and her had grown close and they joked and poked fun at each other. She was also impressed with her progression even when she wore super high heels and still managed.

Talia put in a lot of effort to learn the dance moves and master them. Since she was now soon to be a stripper. She sometimes got Saturdays off, and the whole of Sunday. It was Saturday and she had managed to sleep till eleven in the afternoon.

Her breakfast had grown cold but she still ate it nd went back to sleep. Stripping was taking a lot of her energy and she was exhausted. They started early but finished super late. It was frustrating learning the same move over and over again. The same cue of the music.

She felt a hand shaking her, “wake up Talia.” She woke up and found one of the ladies standing over her. “Go and take a bath,” she looked at the clock and it was ten at night.

Talia walked over to the bath tub and there were hot water and bath salts inside already. She sunk in the bath tub gratefully. Her body needed this.

She saw razor blades set aside for her and shaved her whole body.

When she was done, she found the two ladies from the first day there. “Sit.” the one commanded. She sat down and the one started putting her makeup and the other was fixing her hair. She started being scared. What was going on?

She was too scared to ask them so she sat in silence. After thirty minutes, they were done and she was given an outfit and robe. She went into the bathroom and wore the outfit, it looked like a playboy bunny outfit with lace and a bit see through. She wore see-through tights and when she walked out, she found Mars.

She was so relieved to see her as she gave her a hug. “You look beautiful Tal.” “Mars, what’s going on? Why am I dressed like this? and it’s nearly midnight.”

“You are going to strip with me tonight, the routine we rehearsed.”

“What? How? and why? for whom are we stripping for, I don’t think I’m ready, I mean I have been only practicing for a week. I think I have stage fright. What if I fall, and men will be seeing me half naked.”

“Calm down Tal, trust me, you are with me. You are the best girl I have ever trained who caught on this fast, I always train girls and bring them out when I think they are ready. I know you’re more than ready. So put on your big girl pants and let’s go. You will have to do it sooner or later. So better now than later.”

She followed Mars nervously, she felt like she was going to puke. At least they were doing it in the mansion, where we had the family party and events. They got to the place and she was behind the stage with Mars.

She changed to her platform heels. She looked from behind the curtain and saw other girls stripping.

“Talia, don’t let me down, enjoy!” as Mars winked.

The other girls finished and she took her position next to Mars but a few steps away. The m.c got on stage, “our final performance of the night.” Her heart was beating like a locomotive. Focus Talia, don’t puke or do something stupid. Why didn’t they tell me earlier, so I could prepare myself? She looked at Mars and she gave her a reassuring smile.

You can do this Talia, I thought. I gave myself a mental slap and took my starting pose with my hands above my head. Three, two, one....... The curtain opened and they dropped their robes. Men started whistling so loud, and her eyes caught Axel’s eyes, which were stunned and she saw Sophie fuming next to him.

Then She caught London’s eyes which had a lustful hunger in them as she could see him scanning her body hungrily.

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