Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 8

The music started, and Mars and she danced the full routine perfectly. She lost herself in the music and she was actually liking it except for the guys watching them. The dance finally finished and she was now excited. “You did well Tals,” Mars exclaimed with a proud gleam on her face.

“Thank you,” she replied enthusiastically.

“Okay now, we have to go work the room and help the boss,” Mars said.

“Okay.” She replied. They went out and saw a lot of men. Then she spotted Axel motioning her and Mars to come to what seemed like a private room with men and they were having a business meeting. Her palms started sweating.

Mars had motioned three more girls to also enter the room. They entered the room, Axel and four other men were seated in a round circle. Axel nodded at Mars and Mars took it as her cue. She turned to us “Girls you are going to go to one of the men and dance for them and do whatever they request of you.”

“Yes mam.” all the girls answered. Her fists were balled, but what choice did one have. You either do it or die.

They looked towards the men and they had to pick one. They were leaders of some mafia, and they were smoking heavy cigars, she wasn’t looking forward to this. She looked around the room to see for an escape route but there were guards and she wouldn’t get far.

Talia kept scanning the room when her eyes fell on Axel, who was looking at her with a sly smile on his face, which meant he knew what she was thinking. He motioned for her to come to him.

She went to him slowly as the other girls went to the other guys. Axel turned to the men in the room “let’s have some fun first.” Then the music started playing. She felt Axel’s hand grip her wrist and he pulled her onto him. He looked at her, “Make yourself useful.“As her back was to him and she was sitting on his package.

Talia started to move slowly up and down, grinding up on him in circles and she felt his erection growing. She heard him let out a groan. At least she knew was doing it right. She felt his hand go up to her breast and he was feeling her everywhere.

He gripped her hair and pulled her head back as his other hand was around her waist as he was rubbing against her more.

As he gripped her head, his face was on her side, she looked at his eyes, they were green and his eyes had a speck of gold in them. She stared at him for twenty seconds when he broke their eye contact. “That’s enough, go directly to your room and sleep.” as he whispered in her ear.

She got up and she went through the dining room and saw London looking at her and he winked at her. Which caused her to blush and she went to her room. She changed into her pajamas and she laid on her bed.

Talia thought about the events that had occurred, and mainly what had her tossing and turning was the eye contact she had with Axel, it was like she had seen a different side to him. It was like she saw into his sick and twisted soul.

The way he had also stared back at her as if he was searching for something in her eyes.

The door to her room suddenly.

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