Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 9

She saw Axel standing in there, and he closed the door slowly and got into her bed. Her breath caught. He didn’t say anything as he started kissing her. She responded and kissed him back.

He started kissing her down her breasts then lower to her stomach, even lower. Then she heard a knock, and woke up abruptly. “come in,” she answered in a shaky voice. “Morning, your breakfast.” one of the maids said.

“Thank you,” she replied. She could tell the waitress was assessing her face as she had already guessed it was red and flustered. She sunk back to her bed and she was so shocked with herself and the dream that she had.

What was wrong with her? She literally had a sex dream and of all people, it had to be Axel. Was her subconscious also screwed up? because this was definitely not normal at all. She got up after thinking about it for twenty minutes and ate her breakfast. She showered and went back to sleep.

Saturday had come by again. Thank goodness there wasn’t any work for them to do or missions. She had practiced with Mars three times this week as there wasn’t any performance or spying that had to be done. Which left her relieved.

The other big thing was that she had managed to hide in her room if she wasn’t with Mars because she couldn’t chance to see Axel at all. A knock interrupted her thoughts. “Come in,” she responded.

It was one of the maids. “You have to get ready for lunch, we are having a family meeting at half-twelve in the afternoon.” and with that, she left the family meeting meant it was compulsory. There is fifteen minutes left, so she rushed to the shower and got dressed in a white hoodie tracksuit, with a pair of white Adidas sneakers.

She brushed her hair and she didn’t feel like putting on makeup so she didn’t. She had twenty minutes to spare. She walked down to the hallway and she saw that everyone was there.

She got in hoping to go unnoticed as she had put her hoodie over her head, she was going to go seat at the far end of the table because she knew Axel would probably be sitting at the head. She went into the room.

“Talia.” She turned to see London motioning for her to come and sit next to him which made Axel and Sophie turn towards her. She slowly turned and made her way towards London. To make it worse since Axel was seating at the head of the table, she had to sit next to him, and across Sophie.

Why couldn’t London have sat next to him and across that malicious wench? She sat down, and London gave her a side hug as he pulled off her hoodie. Her palms were sweating so badly.

“Are you the green arrow now?” London asked jokingly, she just looked at him and smiled. She could see Axel from her peripheral view. “Hey, Talia.” she turned slowly. “hi.” she squeaked. She looked at him.

He really did look good, the dream came back to her mind in an instant, she was bought back to reality, and it looked like Axel was expecting an answer. “sorry.” she stammered. He chuckled and repeated, “I said how are you doing?” She was sure she was beet red from the dream.

“I’m good thanks.” and she looked up to hear Sophie mutter under her breath “she is also slow.” She heard London whisper in her ear, “don’t mind her Talia. She nodded staring down at her hands that were clasped together on her lap.

She felt a hand on her head and she looked up and it was Axel patting her. “Don’t be so harsh towards her.” as he directed his words towards Sophie. She looked at him in surprise that he had taken her side for the first time.

“I was just joking with her,” Sophie responded sweetly but you could tell that there was venom in her voice. Then Axel smiled at Talia lightly and took his hand off her hair. They had discussions about a lot of things, improvements, and their assigned jobs.

After they ate and couple discussions later they were dismissed. She went to go ask the kitchen for another chocolate cake, as she had really enjoyed the one she had.

She got to the kitchen and saw that there was no one there which meant they also were in the dining room area, as they were still talking amongst themselves. She took a spoon and found the tray with the chocolate cake.

She stood by the counter and dug in, savoring every moment. She felt a hand go around her waist and she smelt a familiar scent.

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