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The Romanovs have a secret.

They amassed riches through multiple company pursuits. Their legacy was the royal crown of Russia in the late 17th century. Isobel Petrovic of Romania married Tzar Adriano Romanov of Russia, and for a time, they were happy. Having an aligned marriage did not phase them; they learned how to love each other. Adriano loved Isobel dearly, and she him, until one day his hand flew across her face in a rage. He became increasingly abusive, but it didn’t matter; Isobel’s job was to accept and maintain the alliance between her country and his.

She fulfilled her job valiantly and with grace. At night she would get lashings and in the day she would be his loving and doting wife. She loved herself and she knew that her treatment was not acceptable, but she loved her country more.

The Romanovs have a secret.

His family knew of their lineage. Aleczandar, Adriano’s father, knew that every full moon his children would shift into ferocious beasts. Their backs would break, their toes would turn into claws, their faces would contort into pain and then into wolf forms. Aleczandar– he had found Persephone, a princess of Greece; someone that fulfilled his political duty to marry for alliance, and his internal, primal need. She calmed him when he would lash out. She embraced him when he was falling. She was the manifestation of beauty to him. She was exactly what his wolf longed for. He assumed his son would find the same solace in his wife once he married and took the throne.

Aleczandar had found his soulmate. Adriano had as well, but she was a wash maid and he had not married her.

Every wolf is born with a mate. A mate civilizes the carnal wolf deep within. A mate forms the connection between man and wolf. The longer a wolf lives without their mate, the more feral their wolves become. After many centuries, The Romanovs finally understood their other halves, but it was little too late. Adriano, in a fit of rage, tore into his doting wife. He was executed, leaving their only son to claim the throne.

Alpha Adlaric Romanov has a secret; he’s over three centuries old and his sanity is running thin.

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