Queen of His Heart

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Eve groaned at her mother’s shriek. She rolled out of her bed and walked downstairs. Eve hated her full name; it was too archaic. It sounded like she was a hundred years old and not eighteen. She only liked it when Adlaric called her by her first name, oddly enough. “Yeah, ma?”

“Dinner baby girl. Your father will be home soon.” Jessica was still talking on the phone as Eve sat down. She waited a few minutes to eat, but when her mother came in with a guilty expression, Eve sighed. “Gotta go back into work?”

Jessica nodded before sighing. “I promise I’ll be back in a few hours. Finish eating and do your homework, alright?”

“Will dad be home soon?” Eve asked. Once again her mother went silent and Eve just nodded.

“Eve he–”

“Don’t worry, mom. I get it. You two are very busy. Honestly, I’m glad we were able to spend my birthday together. Go be a boss ass bitch, mom.” Jessica scolded her daughter with a sharp look. Eve shrugged, grinning. “Hey, I’m an adult!”

“I’ll still kick your ass,” Jessica responded jokingly, kissing her daughter’s forehead. Jessica was out the door before the clock switched. Eve sighed and cleaned up her mess before putting away the leftovers. When she was thoroughly bored, she attempted to call June.

“Eve! Hey! I’m sorry, my family is having people over. I’ll call back when I can,” June hurriedly said. “Is everything okay?”

“Oh, yeah! I’m fine...my parents just left and I got bored. I’m sorry. Have fun June.” Eve hung up and sighed, snuggling into her pillows. As she looked out her bedroom window, her eyes caught a brief glimpse of something. Its bright eyes made her lose her breath. As she sat up to focus more, she realized it was a medium sized wolf. When it tried to take a step forward, it limped and stopped immediately. With her eyes narrowed, she could tell its paw was bleeding and its leg was mangled.

She didn’t know where her senses went. She knew it was a bad idea to go see a wild animal, but something pushed her do to so. Something in her wanted to help the dangerous predator. When she got downstairs, she put on a jacket and shoes before opening the backdoor and walking out onto the patio. Eve walked to where she had seen the wolf, but it wasn’t there anymore. When she turned around, she jumped when she saw canines and beady eyes.

“H-hello,” she stuttered. Dumb, so dumb, but she was scared out of her mind. The wolf was tiny, barely at her knees, but she could see from its eyes, it put on a fight. It would fight for its life. The wolf growled deep in its throat.

Hesitantly, she reached out a hand because that’s what you do when you meet a new dog, right? Wolves and dogs were in the same family... You let the animal smell your scent. You get them comfortable. Her hand shook as the wolf gingerly sniffed her hand. When she took a step forward, its growl got louder.

She read somewhere that wolves responded to hierarchy. She stood above the tiny wolf and if the roles were reversed, she would make herself as dominant as possible. She smiled and sat down slowly on the cold ground. This seemed to calm the wolf a little and it hesitantly took a step forward, but fell as it put pressure on its paw. It whined and Eve pouted.

“I want to help you...but I need you to not scare me, alright? Please? I know you can’t understand me but...” Without her finishing, the wolf nudged her hand and she petted the area between its ears. “There’s a good boy,” she whispered, standing up. “Stay here. Stay,” she ordered. The wolf growled softly. “Jeez, okay. I won’t order you anymore.”

Eve went back inside and grabbed a first aid kit. She wasn’t a vet, but she knew that she could help the little wolf out until she could get it to one. She put on an extra jacket and latex gloves before heading back out. She smiled when she saw the wolf patiently waiting. Sitting back down, she exhaled and opened the kit.

“My names Eve,” she started reaching for its paw. It growled softly, but obeyed. “I know you can’t answer, but when I’m nervous I ramble and currently I am sitting outside in the cold helping a wild wolf so I am more than a little nervous.” With its paw in her lap, she began cleaning the wound with warm water and a cloth. Blood matted its fur, but she could mostly get it out. She put some alcohol on a cloth and cleaned the wound.

The wolf winced and whined in pain.

“I’m so sorry,” she whispered. “Anyway I wonder how this happened? I’m really sorry you got hurt and it’s supposed to get below freezing tonight. My parents aren’t home so perhaps...” What was she saying? “You could stay in the garage. I can feed you and tomorrow I can let you go again. Would you be angry if I did that?”

Eve diligently worked and wrapped its paw before standing up again. When it tried to stand straight again, it still whimpered.

“Give me one second,” she said, bringing the kit and garbage inside. She threw away the bloody things and put away the kit before stripping off her gloves and washing her hands.

She walked back outside and bent over. “May I hold you? I just want to bring you inside.” Without a response, she bent down and struggled to lift the wolf up. Even though it was small, so was Eve. So with its front paws over her shoulders and its tail between her legs, she carried it inside. She set it on her kitchen floor and closed the door behind her. It seemed rather mundane, sitting looking up at her. She put her hands on her hips and huffed in pride.

“I think I’d make an excellent doctor, yes sir I do.” The wolf gave her a lop-sided look. She simply smiled and went to the fridge. “What do you eat?” She went white when she realized she was what it ate. “Meat. Let’s find some meat, shall we. Are you a boy or a girl?”

Again, all her questions were rhetorical as she looked through the fridge. When she found left over chicken, she looked back down at the wolf that was now on its back with its legs spread. Its tail wagged excitedly.

“You’re a boy!” She exclaimed. Smiling, she heated up a plate and set it on the ground in front of him. “What should I call you?” She went through the cabinets trying to find a bowl to put some water in. Once the bowl was filled, she put it beside the plate of food. She smiled when she saw that he had finished it. “Want more?” The wolf put its head down quickly. Eve grinned and filled the plate again.

After he had ate, she carried him to the living room and they watched TV together. The wolf acted just like a domesticated dog. She was reluctant to get super close to him, but eventually, she calmed and the wolf laid in her lap.

“Would you like it if I called you wolfy?”

The wolf looked at her with a stern gazed.

“Jeez, fine. Not wolfy. Okay, I’ll think on it.”

Without knowing, Eve had fallen asleep with the wolf on her lap.


June felt guilty. Her best friend was lonely as she and her family were celebrating her mating. Dimitri, Adlaric, Jessica, and Austin were all at her house, eating and drinking. Her family was more than happy that they were now a part of the royal family. As Adlaric sat beside her father, and Dimitri held a firm grip on her hip, June stirred. It felt wrong. Eve should be here too and she wasn’t.

“I think so too,” Libby said moving to stand next to her sister. June gave her sister a skeptical look.

“What are you talking about?”

“June, we can all see you’re pouting. I agree, Eve should be here. She’s Luna and she should be here celebrating your mating, but her world is different from ours. She needs time to adjust. You’ll be there when she celebrates her mating with King.”

June simply nodded. Briefly, she wondered when exactly that would be.


When Eve heard the door open, she woke up with a startle and nervously looked around for the wolf. He was gone as her parents came into the living room.

“Eve? Why aren’t you in your room?”

“I must have fallen asleep, mom.”

Jessica and Austin simply nodded and tiredly went up to their room. When Eve heard their door close, she hurriedly raced around the house, looking for that stupid...When she opened the garage door, she saw him sleeping on the mat on the floor. She smiled as he raised his head to peer at her. She was relieved and waved him inside. “How did you open the door?” She puzzled as he waltzed in. Both of them went up to her room and fell asleep.

She woke up the next morning with a giant tongue licking her cheek. She groaned and sat up, pushing the wolf off her lap. “Gross,” she whined. The wolf looked smugged and hopped off the bed, hiding underneath it.

“What are you doing?” When her door swung open, she was glad the wolf was hiding. Her mom walked in as she was braiding her hair.

“Hey, some college letters came in they’re downstairs. Are you doing anything today?”

Eve shook her head. “Maybe I’ll go for a run. I’m not sure yet.”

“Alright,” Jessica said, “Well, let me know. Your dad and I are heading out.”

“Where to today? It’s Saturday.”

“We have a thing with friends. We shall see you soon.” Jessica left and when the downstairs door closed, she lifted the covers and kneeled to look under her bed.

“Come on out, you!”

The wolf hopped back on bed and then toward the door, nipping once in a while.

“What? Do you want to go out?”

The wolf barked and she sighed, getting out of bed. She got redressed and took the wolf outside. She half expected him to run away, but he stayed with her as they walked through the woods at the back of her house.

After a little walking, she had bent down to check out his wound. She smiled when she saw that it was almost completely healed. Eve was shocked because it was horrible yesterday and almost perfect today. He healed rapidly.

“It looks great,” she cooed, rubbing his fur again. “It healed surprisingly quick!”

He yipped then began to chase a few birds in the bushes throughout the woods. She smiled as she watched the little wolf play. Eve laughed when he came rushing through her legs. She kneeled down as he jumped up on her and licked her cheek.

“Someones a happy boy!” For the rest of the afternoon, they played together in the woods and he seemed happy being with the girl who had helped him.

His name was Eros Mcelvoy. Months ago, his pack was invaded by scoundrels– rogues –who had killed his Alpha, Luna, and family. His pack was ultimately destroyed. Eros was six at the time his pack was killed and he turned seven after many months in cages and medical labs. The scoundrels who had taken him wanted to test experimental procedures and injections on him, along with a few other pups. He wasn’t sure what exactly they were testing for, but he soon realized they weren’t testing him, but rather testing their products. Him and all the others had a forced shift; they shifted at an early age. Some died, some lived. He had lived and eventually had escaped their grips. He didn’t leave unscathed, though, his paw was mangled and some ribs were fractured. His wolf pulled him to Eve’s home and for a while, he acted only on his wolf instincts. Still, his wolf was the dominant part of his consciousness.

Eve was kind to him. She was the only kindness he had in a very long time. He was scared, but he wanted to belong and with her, he felt safe. His wolf responded to her alluring voice and her kind eyes. She felt like home. She felt like mom.

Eros’ wolf snuggled into Eve’s embrace and her arms wrapped around him as he nuzzled her neck.

Eve smiled as the wolf melted in her arms. She could feel him shaking in her arms and she pulled away, cupping his wolfy face. He has been hurt and he was terrified...Eve knew that.

“Hey, you’re shaking like a leaf. Everything’s alright. You’re safe.”

Eros wanted to cry at such kindness.

“And hey, how does the name Leif sound to you?”

Leif. He liked that.


Who have you been imagining as Alpha Romanov and Evangeline?

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