Queen of His Heart

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Her parents came home, but left almost immediately the next morning.

She woke Eros up and took him to the bathroom to brush his teeth and comb his hair.

“What’s this?”

Evangeline glanced down at him, unsure of how to respond. It was a toothbrush; everyone had a toothbrush. It occurred to her now that, no, not everyone had the privilege of clean water and fresh breath. “It’s a toothbrush,” she replied.

His dark hair fell into his eyes and he quickly swiped it away. “What is it for?”

Evangeline put a dab of toothpaste on a blue toothbrush and handed it to him. She picked him up and set him on the sink edge so he could see himself in the mirror. “We use it to brush our teeth. Like this, watch.” Evangeline brought her purple toothbrush to Hern lips and opened her mouth. She gently brushed her, grinning brightly.

Hesitantly, the little boy brought his own toothbrush to his lips and began to brush as well. When they were finished, Eve gently swiped away the excess paste on his mouth and let him down.

“Why do we brush our teeth, Evey?”

“Because our smiles should be inviting and are dirty teeth inviting to you?” Eros giggled and shook his head. She picked him up and carried him downstairs, setting him at the kitchen table. She cooked breakfast, eggs, bacon, and toast, before strapping him in her car and driving to town. She was skipping school today; this was far more important. Immediately, she took him to a Gymboree and got him some clean clothing. They walked out of the store with matching sunglasses.

Eros forgot how much fun life could be. He was so used to needles, and machines, and really mean men hurting him. He was enjoying the life. Eve was really nice to him. She reminded him of his Luna.

After going shopping, she had gone to Planned Parenthood. As she took him out of the car, she silently hoped everything would be okay. They walked hand-in-hand into the building and was welcomed into their schedule. They sat down and waited for their names to be called. Once they heard their names, they followed the doctor back to the exam room. When they were left alone, Eros finally spoke.

“Evey...this place looks like...”

By the whimper in his voice, Eve could tell he was on the verge of crying. She should have realized how much this place could affect him. She stood from her chair and wrapped her arms around him. He went through hell and she just brought hell to him.

“Would a story help?”

Eros nodded.

“There was a young girl who dreamt to leave her small town. She dreamt about traveling, loving, painting, celebrating...she wanted more than her life was giving her. When her parents had told her they would be traveling to Russia, she was ecstatic. She was getting to leave her quaint town. They had arrived in Russia and immediately got ready to attend the party of the century. The girl danced the night away at this party, but she hadn’t realized the party would only start when she met a certain handsome King–”

When the door opened, she stopped talking and Eros looked at the man in a white jacket. The man made the young boy nervous, but after a while, he settled into the rythum. Once the appointment was over, they both happily went back to the front of the building to pay the bill.

Eve looked down at Eros when he tugged her hand. She bent down to hear what he had to say.

“Evey I think I have to shift...”

Shift? Eve’s eyes widened and she realized that a boy turning into a wolf would not be great idea.

“Do you think you can stay in control for a few more minutes?”

Eros nodded and Eve quickly paid the bill before carrying him out of the building and to her car. She drove to the park and they walked to the woods. When they were far enough in, Eve nodded and smiled at him.

“Go ahead, Eros.”

The boy smiled as his bones cracked and he shifted. Eve still winced as his body morphed into that of a wolf. They stayed outside until the sun started to set, playing together.

Eve was relieved to see her parents still weren’t home as she pulled into the driveway. The duo made they way inside and quickly got ready for bed. As they laid down in Eve’s bed, Eve began to speak.

“Maybe instead of ‘shift’ you could say ‘Evey I think I have to play’?”

Eros giggled and nodded, kissing Eve’s cheek.

“Alright, Eve.”


When she woke up the first thing Eve realized was that it was still dark out. The second thing she noticed was that Eros was screaming.

She sat up and heard a gunshot ring through her room. Glass shattered as the bullet lodged itself into her wall. She rolled off her bed and covered Eros from the rubble.

“Eve,” Eros sobbed.

“Shh,” Eve responded. Quickly, she grabbed his hand and pulled him down the stairs and to the kitchen where she rushed to grab the landline.

“Eve, they’re here for me. They came back for me.”

For a moment, everything was silent.

“What do you mean, Eros?”

“I can smell them. They’re here for me. They’re the men who...I have to go back. I have to save you, Eve.”

“Eros no!”

“You have been so nice to me and I cannot let you d-die because of me.”

Without another word, Eros shifted and raced out of the kitchen. Eve blacked out from someone hitting her before she could follow her pup.


When Eve woke up she was in a foreign bed. Her head killed, but other than that, all her wounds were bandaged and she was alright. Sitting up, the first thing she realized was that she was in someone’s bedroom. As if on cue, the door opened and in walked her saving grace.

“You’ve woken up,” Adlaric whispered, sitting beside her.

“What happened? What happened to him?” Eve asked, worry lacing her words. She trusted Adlaric. He felt safe to her.


Sorry this chapter is really short! Let me know if I should post the next one sooner!

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