Queen of His Heart

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“Are you alright?! Baby, I am so sorry!”

Eve groaned as her mother cradled her to her chest. Jessica’s hold was too suffocating and her daughter could hardly breath.

“We are so sorry. We shouldn’t have left.”

“Mom, it’s okay. You all have work. Dad’s really busy with his promotion. You’re busy at work. It’s alright.” Eve somehow managed to remove herself from Jessica’s vice grip.

Eve’s father also apologized, but Eve brushed it off again. It wasn’t their fault. It wasn’t their fault werewolves existed and it certainly wasn’t their fault that she got mixed up in all of it. It wasn’t Eros’ fault either.

Eros sat on Eve’s lap, nibbling on a piece of bacon. Her parents were crowding around her at the table. Dimitri and Adlaric were sitting at the table also. Dimitri was eating his breakfast while Adlaric was reading something in a manilla file.

Eros dropped his fork and Eve pushed her chair back to pick it up for him. To anyone who didn’t know her, they would have thought she was his mother, except she was colored and he was not.


She glanced down at Eros.

“I need to play.”

Almost immediately, Eve stood up and wrapped his legs around her waist. He rested his head on her shoulder. Adlaric looked up from the sudden movement by his mate. He learned that being so close to his mate made him lose slight control, so he always busied himself in work so that he wouldn’t stare at the girl. Jessica chastitized Eve.

“Eve he can play later.”

“Mother, please. It’s fine.”

“Evangeline, no. You have to rest. Sit down right now.”

Eve needed to get Eros someplace now. He was physically shaking in her arms. You have to do it.

“Mother, you and dad were gone for hours each day. Sometimes you wouldn’t be back until days after. And it wasn’t just this week, it’s been like this for years. I usually don’t mind. But right now you have to understand that you have left me alone many times; I can take care of myself. Stop pretending to care now.”

Eve turned around and walked back upstairs to the bedroom Adlaric had given her. She locked the door and set the boy down.

“You’re going to rip your clothes, so go into the bathroom and undress. You must be quiet, Eros, alright?”

Eros wasn’t quite sure why she was being so clandestine. Everyone downstairs knew about the Lycanthrope world because everyone downstairs was somehow apart of the Lycanthrope world. Didn’t Evey know that?

But Eros, above all else, was a good boy. He listened to directions because he was conditioned to do so. He walked into the connected bathroom and undressed. He felt his bones snap into place and suddenly his consciousness was pushed back.

The dark-haired pup strolled back into the room and jumped on the bed. The girl smiled and followed him. Eros growled lightly and padded onto her stomach. She groaned slightly but let him lay down with his paws under his head. His tail wagged so hard that it hit the bed with ferocity, creating a noise. Evangeline giggled; how was her life so surreal?

She scratched the tiny wolf between his ears and he purred against her stomach.

The two laid and played for a few minutes before someone knocked on the door. Eros jumped up and ran to the bathroom. Eroxs knew it was his King and he also knew that he was not supposed to shift in the house. He shifted back and got dressed right as Eve was opening the door.

Adlaric stood with his arms crossed and his eyebrow furrowed.

“Evangeline,” he murmured.

Her heart pounded in her throat. She was face-to-face with his hard chest. Her eyes wondered up his torso to his and she subconsciously bit her lip. He was strong, he was dominant, he was so handsome.

“Are you alright?”

Eve nodded. “I’m sorry I had that outburst. I don’t know what came over me.”

“You’ve been through a lot. It’s natural.”

Evangeline stepped aside as Adlaric walked in and shut the door behind himself. He stole a glance at his mate as he walked to the foot of the bed. The air was suffocating with her so close yet so far.

Naturally, with silence, Eve began to let her mind make scenarios where Adlaric would walk up to her and kiss her until she couldn’t feel her lips. He’d stalk toward her, his fists balled, his face serious, and with such certainty in his eyes. He’d put one hand around her waist and lift her to her tiptoes before cupping her neck and kissing her. Hard.

“Would you like to talk about it?”

Evangeline was torn away from her daydream. She gulped and hesitantly sat on the bed. She closed her eyes from the heat she felt radiating from Adalric. Eros came and sat on her lap. She kissed the top of his head.

“No, I’m alright.”

“I had a doctor come by to check little Eros out. They’re downstairs right now.”

Evangeline smiled and grabbed Eros’ hand. She smiled at Adlaric, appreciably. “Thank you. For everything. You’ve been more than welcoming. And kind. I couldn’t thank you enough. You saved me– you saved both of us.” At that, Eros rubbed his head against her arm as he stared up at his King.

Adlaric smiled down at her. He had the urge to pull her against him and hold Eros in his arms. Every facet of his body hurt from not touching her. Adalric dreamed too. He dreamed of laying her on the bed and kissing Evey inch of her until he memorized the layout of her skin. He dreamed of taking her innocence and watching her eyes widen and her lips part as he took her.

When he walked in, he fantasized about pulling her close and smelling her hair. She was all he wanted; she consumed him. It was becoming hard to bare.

“Do you remember what I said at the airport when you were in Russia?”

Eve nodded, smiling. “You’ll always be with me.”

Adlaric smiled. “I’ll always be with you.”


When Eve, Eros, and Adlaric walked down stairs, the man in a white lab coat had informed her that she could not be with Eros. The doctor had to ask Eros rather intimate questions and he felt that the pup would respond best without an audience.

Eros clenched Eve’s hand. She bent down and kneeled in front of him. Since the two had met, they weren’t alone for more than five minutes at a time. Both became attached to the other.

“You’re scared,” she concluded. Eros nodded. “You once told me about a King. I think the King would like you.”

Eros shook his head. Adalric paid good attention to the situation. “The King is brave. He wouldn’t be afraid.”

“A good King is one who is always afraid and uses that fear to achieve brave endeavors. You’re strong. You’re allowed to be scared. But myself and Adlaric? We aren’t scared because we believe in you. Be your own King.”

Eve hadn’t realized the rest of her friends and family had gathered in the room. She smiled and watched as Eros walked through the door to the doctor.

“A King?” Adalric asked.

Evangeline stood and peered at Adlaric. “He told me a story about a werewolf King. He holds that King very dear to him,” Evangeline lied. She bit her lip as she went to her parents. “I’m sorry mom for earlier.”

Jessica just smiled and hugged her daughter.

“Did you bring my backpack? I have schoolwork to do.”

“You aren’t going to school tomorrow,” Austin stated.

“Dad, I’m fine. I have to graduate.”

Austin rolled his eyes and stared down his daughter. She groaned, knowing she lost the battle, and went to take a quick shower.

When she came out of the shower, she couldn’t ignore the sounds of distress downstairs. She quickly grabbed the white robe hanging on the door and rushed downstairs. When she walked through the door Eros was in, the situation alarmed her and her chest heaved with worry.

Eros had shifted and Adlaric was growling at the doctor who had his hands on the pup. Even Eve became annoyed at how the doctor was handling Eros.

“Take your hands off him right now.”

Eve had never heard such raw authority from anyone, especially from Adlaric. His voice was deep and boomed throughout the room. His back contorted as his muscles tightened from anger.

“My K-” The doctor stuttered.

“Did. I. Stutter?”

The doctor obeyed and let Eros go. The little pup ripped past Adlaric and went to Eve. She bent down and rubbed his muzzle.

Her mother, father, June, and Dimitri were all crowded in the room. They watch the scene unfold. Eve was not the slightest bit scared of the tiny wolf. They weren’t scared either because they all knew the truth. Eve’s eyes widened as she realized. Every single one of them knew, and none of them told her. Were they all wolves? Was she the abnormality? Was being human suddenly not normal?

“Eve...” Jessica started.

Eve ignored her mother and kissed the little wolf. He growled lowly, but she knew it wasn’t a threat. Eros was scared. So scared.

“You need to shift back, Eros,” she murmured.

Her mother gasped. Her father held Jessica in his arms. Everyone else watched the scene unravel. The pup growled against her skin and she sighed. She sat down completely on the floor and pushed herself to the wall. Eros laid in between her legs. She rubbed his fur softly as he continued to growl.

“Stop growling, Eros. It still kinda freaks me out.”

The wolf raised its head and gave a wolf grin.

“Are you mocking me?”

Eros ran his paw over his snout and blew air from mouth. Yes, he was.

“Is everyone in this room like you?”

The wolf shook its head. She swallowed and looked up.

“Is June?” He nodded. “Dimitri?” He nodded. “My parents?” He shook his head. She swallowed thickly. “Adlaric?” Eros growled, nodding.

It seemed that the past events wore his little body down and he fell asleep in her lap. She held his sleeping form in her lap as she looked at everyone else in the room.

“You’re all... like Eros,” She asked. Everyone nodded. Eve looked at June.

“You never told me,” Eve said to her best friend. June looked so guilty.

“It’s Lycanthrope law. We aren’t allowed to tell humans who aren’t our mates, family, or inaugurated into our society.”

“My parents are apart of your society,” She asked, skeptically.

“I work as a human ambassador; a liaison between our world and theirs,” Austin confirmed. Eve looked at Jessica.

“I know because I’m Austin’s wife.”

“But I’m not allowed to know because I’m no one’s spouse or anything? I’m your daughter...I qualify as family, don’t I? What am I untrustworthy?”

“No, Evangeline. We all thought it was best for your to live your normal human life. Our world is confusing and dangerous. We just wanted what’s best for you,” Adlaric interrupted.

Eve considered herself a rational person. It was their secret to tell or to not tell. She couldn’t be mad at them for something that didn’t hurt her. She nodded and nuzzled Eros to her chest.

“You lied about what happened the other night, Ms. Eve.”

“Why do you talk like that? It’s so formal,” Eve responded to Dimitri, but she nodded her head, reluctantly. “Yes, I lied. I wasn’t quite sure how to admit to everyone that there was a seven-year-old boy who could become a wolf.”

Dimitri took a step forward, away from June. He was always by June. “Can you tell us the truth?”

Evangeline nodded. “Will you all promise to tell me the truth of your world? No more secrets?”

Dimitri nodded. Evangeline began to speak.

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