Queen of His Heart

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When Eve came in with her chest heaving, Dimitri knew something was wrong.

“Adlaric–” was all she got out before Dimitri and June were out of the kitchen and in his office. Eve saw Adlaric shove Dimitri off him with his canines barred. Adlaric was mid-shift when she met his eyes. June slammed the office door shut and pulled Eve downstairs.

“You must stay away,” she said, blocking the exit.

“Why?” Eve asked. “I already know everything. I know about Lycanthropes. Why are you still hiding things?”

“I can’t tell you. Not yet.” Reluctance laced her words.

Eve scoffed and shook her head. “Why not? Why can’t you tell me? I know about your world.”

“We were given an Alpha command, Eve. We can’t disobey that. I can’t tell you and I am sorry.”

“What?” Eve asked, clearly confused. “Who is your Alpha? Why has he forced you not to tell me? June what the hell is going on?”

June sighed and shook her head. “Eve, please, trust me for a little longer and soon everything will make sense. You have to trust me, please.”


The following morning, Adlaric was nowhere to be found. It was as if he was ignoring her. Soon, days turned to a week, and a week turned to weeks. She saw him for brief moments, but never long enough to have a conversation. He was ignoring her and she had no idea why.

He wasn’t down at breakfast, he didn’t eat dinner with them, and he was rarely in the same room. Before Adlaric seemed to be everywhere, now he was only in her dreams.

Sometimes, if she thought hard enough, they were back in his office. Except in her dreams, he was kissing her and her hands were running up his chest. He would always pick her up with one arm while the other pushed the files on his desk away. He would lay her down and step between her legs. He’d stare down at her before ripping her shirt in pieces and using his teeth to snap her bra in two right in the valley of her breast.

His hand would run down her body and cup her core. She would sit up and kiss his steady chest before breaking the buttons of his shirt. She’d throw the shirt down to the ground and moan as he assaulted her neck with needy kisses.

In her more vulgar dreams, his canines would elongate and he would...

Eve was snapped out of it when Dimitri coughed (Dimitri could smell her arousal and it made him uncomfortable). She was fantasizing again, which was a regular occurrence these days.

She cleared her throat as if that would clear her head from the dirty, dirty thoughts that consumed her.

“I’m going out,” she said, standing up. “I have rehearsal.” She was lying. Everyone knew it, but they all knew that Eve felt the mate pull. She was in pain. Pain she didn’t understand.

She stood up and walked to her car. She got in and drove. She drove until she started crying. She pulled over and got out for some fresh air. She walked to the front of her car and sat on the hood with her hands wrapped around her chest. She cried. She cried harder than she thought possible. She wanted Adlaric more than she let on. She didn’t know why she felt so drawn to him and why his rejection shot her core.


Back at his house, Adlaric sat with a doctor next to him. Dimitri was next to June on his couch. Jessica and Austin were standing near the door. All of them watched as Adalric received his next dose of Flunitrazepam, a sedative to calm his beastly side. He had been taken it for weeks now; It was the only way he could stay somewhat man.

“Why are you doing this,” Austin asked with his arms crossed.

Adlaric looked up at his mate’s dad. “Are you saying you want me to make love to your daughter?”

Austin groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose. “If that’s what she wants. Look, she’s eighteen. For months we have been controlling what she knows. We should allow her to make her own decisions. You don’t need to do this. Although, please never say that sentence again.”

“She deserves to live before she has to be with me. It’s not fair to ask so much of her. I can handle this for a little longer.”

It was Dimitri’s turn to speak. “The last time someone pissed you off, you almost gutted them. You’re slipping. She can help you. She can save you. King, you have waited for her for centuries and now you have her. What are you waiting for?”

June watched her King as the doctor stabbed him with the syringe filled with the drug. He never winced.

“You’re scared,” she concluded. He was terrified. If he never gave her the choice, she could never reject him. If he explained everything, she could leave him and that is what scared him to his bones.

Adlaric looked up and his eyes switched almost immediately. “Remember your place, girl,” he growled out. Dimitri protectively stepped in front of his mate. “Don’t Dimitri. Your mate has crossed a line. Do not go against your King.”

Both Dimitri and June backed down and nodded their heads.

After the first dose, Adlaric still felt his wolf clawing at him. He ordered another round. After the second and third, he growled in annoyance. He could hardly contain himself. His eyes were switching between wolf and man, his canines were elongated, and his claws were showing. It finally occurred to him that his other half was being so damn stubborn because something was wrong. This side of him only got this agitated when Eve was in danger.

He stood up and ripped his door off its hinges. More beast than man, he flew out his door and growled at the thick snow that was falling from the sky. It was fucking March. Wasn’t the US supposed to be warm around this time. He knew Dimitri and June were following behind. He unbuttoned the top of his shirt and buttoned his cufflinks before jumping and lodging himself in a tree.

He jumped from tree to tree until he found his mate sitting on the side of the road, crying into her hands. His eyes snapped to a car swerving down the road and on instinct he jumped down and wrapped his arms around her. He sent both their bodies across the street to the other side. He made sure he landed on his back and she landed cradled in his arms.

The rogue car hit hers and both went flying into the woods. Dimitri planted his feet in the snow and braced himself to stop the car. June smiled and jumped down beside him, bracing herself.

“Absolutely not, June,” he seethed. She just smiled and looked toward the tumbling car.

“Well, you can’t have all the fun, now can you?” She asked, playfully

Together, as mates, they allowed the car to slide them back, but also managed to stop it on its fifth roll. June went to the driver’s side and ripped the door open.

Eve’s breath was ragged as she stared down at Adlaric. He let go of a breath and cupped her face as he looked into her honey eyes.

“Are you alright?” He whispered.

She nodded her head. She didn’t want to move because once she did, he would go back to ignoring her. She wanted to ask him why. She wanted to demand why he disrespected her so much. She wanted to yell. She wanted to kiss him. She wanted him to want her as much as she wanted him.

His thumb wiped away her tears. She didn’t even know she was crying until she saw his pain-stricken eyes.

“You’re hurting,” he concluded.

Yes, she was, but not physically. Her heart ached. Her soul begged for his.

I just wanted to say I appreciate the fuck outta y’all. Okay carry on.

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