Queen of His Heart

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They returned to the house where Adalric insisted she get medical attention. The hospitals were packed with accidents from the snow, so Adlaric called a pack doctor to come and look over his mate.

As Eve sat on the bed, Eros was seated next to her and Adlaric was pacing in front of her. Even being near her this much sent him on edge of shifting.

The doctor held his finger up and shined a piercing light into her eyes to check for any signs of brain trauma. Seeing none, he began to ask her questions. “Do you have any pain?”

“Yes, my shoulder hurts a little. I’m sure it’s fine.”

“Unfortunately, I do not have any human medication. I do have Lycanthrope medicine that, at a low dose, will take away your pain. Although, I do warn you, you will be...a little...loopy.”

So here she was, sitting on her bed, high as a fucking kite. There was a heart monitor hooked up to her because Adlaric didn’t know when to chill. He insisted every precaution was taken. It confused her; he’d ignored her for the past month and now he was overprotective?

She smiled when her parents, June, and Dimitri walked into the room.

“Not to be inappropriate, but you look like you just had your first blunt,” June joked, half-heartedly. Eve rolled her eyes.

“You and I both know it wouldn’t be the first time!” Eve responded with a giggle. Austin looked like he wanted to kill June, but Jessica simply laughed.

“You have no restraint on your words, do you? I bet it’s because of the drugs” Jessica said.

When she heard the door open again, her heart monitor sped up, signaling a rise in blood pressure. She groaned slightly when she realized her heart raced because Adlaric was in her room looking sexy as ever.

She laughed at her feelings being so exploited by a stupid machine. Ha! This entire situation was so funny.

“How are you feeling, Eve?” The doctor asked. “Your heart beat is racing.”

“That’s because Alpha McYummy walked in.”

Did she honestly just say that? I’m so high, she thought. Adlaric smirked, sexily, as he folded his arms over his broad chest. Eve groaned and fell back down into her pillows. “Stop doing that!”

Adlaric unfolded his arms. “Doing what?”

“I’m mad at you. I mean I was mad at you and then you do that thing with your lips and–”

“What,” he interrupted, “I smiled?”

“Yes! It’s not fair. At least dress like you’re an asshole. It would make this being mad at you thing a lot easier.”

Her mother gawked at her. Evangeline laughed at the intruding awkwardness.

“What?” Evangeline shrugged. “Come on you all know Adlaric is a fine-ass piece of man. Well, wolf I guess. Wait wait, if he’s part wolf does that mean he has the stamina of one? Asking for a friend.” Again, she laughed, bringing her hands up to her lips. “I don’t know if he’s an Alpha but he looks like one. Doesn’t he look like one, June?”

June cleared her throat nervously as her mate stood beside her. Of course she though Adlaric was hot. She felt the same way about Adlaric that Eve felt about Dimitri; they could both appreciate a well-sculpted piece of art, but neither dipped their brushes in other’s paint.

“I told you the drugs would make you loosey goosey.”

Eve’s eyes sprung to the doctor’s and she grinned as she put her arm behind her head. She smiled and bit her lip as she looked at Adalric.

“Do you feel alright? Do you feel any different?” The doctor asked.

“Nope. The usual desire to stick my tongue down Adlaric’s throat is still present and burning. Speaking of which, June and Dimitri have been fucking literally since the day they had met. This isn’t important information. I just wanted something to distract you guys from the fact that I have a lady boner for the guy in the suit. Not the doctor’s suit, of course, although I’m sure he would look fabulous in that too. Actually, I think we should test my hypothesis.”

Dimitri looked appalled. June smirked at her friend. She was damn proud to call Dimitri her mate. Dimitri was far more reserved than June was, so while he was repulsed by what Eve was saying, June found it humorous.

“We have not–” The Beta attempted to lie.

“Are you serious? June is louder than a goddamn cat in heat. My point is, no one told me.”

June stepped toward her friend, guilty at her omission of the truth. “I couldn’t–”

“No,” Eve interrupted June. “You couldn’t tell me about Lycanthropy. You chose not to tell me about you and Dimitri dating and I don’t know why. I don’t know why everyone is hiding everything.”

“So you feel alright, then?” The doctor wanted nothing more than to get out of this situation.

Eve nodded at the doctor and watched as Adalric left her room. No, no, no, no. She jumped out of the bed and followed him into the hallway.

“Why do you keep ignoring me?”

He stopped with his back still toward her.

“You keep acting as if I don’t exist. Did I do something wrong?” She hated how her voice wavered.

“No, Evangeline.” Even looking at his back she could tell how well-formed he was.

“Do I annoy you that much?”

He shook his head. She could see the bridge of his nose, but only slightly. Adlaric only cocked his head just enough so she could see his profile.

“Then what is it? Before we enjoyed each other’s company and now,” her voice cracked, “now it seems as if you cannot wait to get away from me.”

“Evangeline, it’s not you.”

“Then what is it?”

He turned around to look at her. “You are so young, Evangeline. You have a life to live and I want you to live that life. I trust you. I trust you so much that I exposed our secret and I still do not regret it.”

“Why would you think you telling me the truth would take away my life? Maybe the truth will give my life a certain...purpose. Adlaric, please, what is it?”

He looked like he lost the argument. His eyes conveyed so much pain it almost knocked her off her feet. “I will, Eve. Eventually.”

There was a time where Adlaric thought he was the bravest person in the world. He could go into battle without flinching. He could bring other wolves to his knees simply by growling. His hands were as hard as his brazen intellect.

But this girl, this small, young, beautiful girl had the power to bring him to his knees. She made him so...weak. He was scared that the truth would send her over the edge. She handled them telling her the existence of his kind, but would she also handle finding out that she’s the Queen of a Lycanthrope realm? He wasn’t sure. He’d rather her stay around for a little longer than for her to run away from the news.

With that, he turned around and walked away. Eve stood there for a long moment, praying that he would turn around and apologize. She stayed still staring at the place Adlaric had just been standing. When she realized he was never returning, she walked back into her room and silently went back to her bed. Once she was laid down, she turned to her side.

“Get out, please,” she whispered as she stained her pillow with tears.

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