Queen of His Heart

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Adlaric sent Dimitri to interview the man who had crashed into Eve’s car.

Both royals assumed that the driver lost control and accidentally ran into Evangeline. Adalric, while furious at the driver’s carelessness, knew that humans were prone to accidents in poor weather.

Still, precautions had to be taken. Dimitri needed to get the other man’s insurance, even though Adlaric could fully cover the cost. Living in a human world meant they had to act like humans. A person getting hit and then not following up was weird in human world.

Dimitri hated hospitals. His hyper senses couldn’t ignore the wretched stench of blood or bleach that seemed to fill every room. He had lived through war and pain, but that didn’t mean the sobs of someone who had lost their loved one didn’t affect him. He learned, over the years, to focus on one sound, one scent, one something, but he couldn’t ignore that static sound of the MRI down the hall.

Hospitals were nothing but an annoyance and he would be glad to be leaving.

The Beta could smell the submissiveness of the nurse behind the desk. As soon as she had seen him, she averted her eyes.

“Yesterday, a man named Eric Samston was brought in after a car accident on Romana Road. I’m just here to collect his insurance to pay for the damages done to my car.”

The nurse had protocol to follow. She couldn’t divulge any information about another patient, but she could look to see if that patient would be willing to talk to the man in front of her. When her search came up empty, she furrowed her eyebrows and looked up at Dimitri.

“Sir, there is no man by that name in our system.”

Dimitri leaned forward. “Are you sure?”

“Positive, sir.”

“My wife and I brought him here yesterday. I am sure he is here somewhere.”

The nurse became frazzled and gulped slightly. “One man was brought in after an accident, but he checked himself out almost immediately. We didn’t take a name or number.”

“He was badly injured. No one thought to admit him?” Dimitri was getting annoyed now. He knew they had brought that man here. The hospital was mistaken and this nurse was not helping him.

The nurse shook her head and stood up. “That man was hardly harmed. I assure you that if he was beaten up, we would have insisted he stayed, but when we checked on him, he was completely fine. He left almost immediately after. I can call the police if you need to talk to them about damages done to your car, if you’d like.”

If they were talking about the same man, it meant Eric was not human. He was wolf and he healed rapidly. But if he was wolf, Dimitri and Adalric would have smelled his scent.

Something was off and it unsettled Dimitri.

The hospital was open 24/7, but every 12 hours they would have a change of staff. Around 12 in the morning, the nurse who had helped Dimitri was packing to leave. When she went back to retrieve her things, Dimitri slipped behind the nurses station and prodded around on her computer. Surely enough, the name he had gotten from the man’s wallet was not in the database. In fact, there were no crash victims anywhere.

It was as if the man never existed and the crash never happened.

Dimitri held back a growl as he heard the nurse return. With his agility and speed he maneuvered himself back into the security room. He rolled his eyes at the sleeping security guard. Stealthily, he went to one of the large screens and replayed the security footage from the night before.

Surely enough, he saw himself and June place the man outside the hospital. Nurses had come out to help him, but he simply stood up, cracked his neck, and leisurely walked away. Dimitri squinted his eyes and walked out of the hospital.

What the fuck is going on?


Dimitri liked being outside. He liked smelling the birds and the smell of freshly dewed grass. He liked how the cold air cooled his burning skin. Lycanthropes reveled in the cold because their natural temperature was much higher than humans.

He was back at the scene of the crash. He could almost see the car rolling toward him as he stood between the trees. He could smell Eric’s blood beneath the muddy snow. He knelt down, smelling the dried blood.

Human, yet...not. There were characteristics of Lycanthrope.

Dimitri connected his mind link with his King and his mind was soon drowned by Adalric’s voice.

“What is it?”

“Adlaric, the man who hit Evangeline wasn’t at the hospital. He left immediately after we brought him. I looked at the footage and his injuries were practically gone once we left.”

“He has rapid healing? He’s human.”

“Yes, my King. It seems that he is human with Lycanthrope traits.”

“Whatever is happening, the reason for the crash was not an accident. It can’t be a coincidence he almost hit the Queen. Get back here now!”

Adlaric cut the link and slammed the file in his hand down on the desk. He stood up and grabbed his office door handle with such vigor, it snapped off and the door slammed into the wall.

The King stomped down the hallway, following the scent of his mate. His nose led him to the door of his mate’s parents. He knocked once before swinging the door open.

He was being brazen. He knew that. But someone purposefully attempted to kill or injure the only thing he lived for. Evangeline was now his entire existence and she was eighteen, 5′2, with soft human skin. He was no longer diplomatic; he was feral.

All anger dissipated when he saw his mate cradled into her father’s chest.

“What happened?”

Eve didn’t want to talk about it and she especially didn’t want to talk about it to Adlaric. She wiped her tears and pulled away as she attempted to get passed Adalric to get out.

The King easily wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her to him. She sobbed as she stared daggers at the ground.

“Evangeline what is wrong?”

She sniffled and shook her head as she pulled away. “Why do you care? You have a mate.”

His heart contracted at her omission. Yes, he did have a mate and she thought it wasn’t her. He should tell her. The beast within snarled; he wanted his mate. Adalric wanted her in his arms; He wanted to cherish her with affection and jewels until she realized just how perfect she was.

But he also could see her eyes dimming once she realized just how hurtful his life was. He could see her crying when she had to make the hard decision. He could envision her hiding from the mercenaries that would aim to hurt her. Adalric could see how one day, he could hold her too tightly and bruise her delicate skin.

He wanted her. But more than anything, he wanted her happy and safe. All he would do is hurt her. He could make her happy by not forcing her into a relationship where she would be in constant danger.

Eve wanted him so say that he didn’t have one. That she was being irrational, but all he did was nod.

“Yes. I do. Evangeline, the man who hit you, he wasn’t at the hospital and we can’t find him. Did you recognize him?”

Eve shook her head and turned her back to him.

“Adlaric? What is it?”

Adlaric looked at Austin and his jaw clicked. “He’s human, but he healed as if he were a Lycan. We are tracking him now. Austin I need you to handle the insurance. You can charge my card for the damages but we cannot allow the police to intervene. Can you make sure your world never knows about this accident?”

Austin nodded as he stood up and grabbed his phone off the side table. He smirked slightly as he went to the door. “Duty calls,” he concluded as he walked out. Jessica came out of the bathroom and paused as she saw her daughter and Adalric. By the look on Adlaric’s face, she had interrupted something.

“Where’s Austin?”

“He went to handle some business,” the Lycan answered, his eyes glued to Eve’s back.

Jessica left to follow Austin.

“What does all of this mean?” Eve asked, still with her back to Adlaric. Adalric sighed internally and slithered his hand into his pocket.

“It means someone wanted to hurt you.”

Finally, she turned around and looked at Adlaric. Her eyes held enough emotion to knock him to his knees. He never knew such dark eyes could hold so much light.

“Why would they want to hurt me?”

“You are so special, Eve. They know that.”

“Why? I don’t understand. I’m human. I’m nothing. I didn’t even know about your world until a few days ago. Is it because I helped Eros?”

He didn’t know. He shook his head. “I don’t know...but I promise you I will not rest until you are safe.”

Her stomach knotted from such conviction that left his lips. She didn’t know how but somehow they had moved closer to each other. They were so close, she could smell hints of his aftershave.

“Why do you care so much?”

Adlaric brought his hand up and cupped her cheek. He shouldn’t be doing this and he knew that, but god, he wanted to touch her. He was given regular dosages of the sedative, so it was enough to control his beastly side. Still, the wolf within him ached to touch her.

She gasped as she felt the familiar sparks that were associated with Adlaric’s touch. She nuzzled her cheek into his hand and closed her eyes. She loved how his calloused hands felt against her skin. She could only imagine how they would feel running down her stomach.

“You are so much more important than you think.”

“Why do I feel this way when you touch me,” she asked.

Adalric smirked slightly. “What does it feel like?”

“It feels...Eros said that your mate calms your wolf, but ignites your human. Can you tell me more about mates? Actually can you tell me more about it all?” Eve scoffed slightly as she pulled away. “I’m still lost in your world.”

Adlaric nodded and held out his arm similar to how he did when they first met. She smiled and wrapped her hand on his forearm. He led her out of the room and to his office. He sat down in his chair behind his desk and she sat in front.

“I’m at your disposal,” he said, holding his palms out.


JUST A HEADS UP. I have written two other books that are COMPLETED, if you want to check them out! (Personally I hate ongoing books Bc I have trust issues)

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