Queen of His Heart

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Adlaric preferred the cold, same as Dimitri.

Their skin was thick and tough and their natural body temperature was well above that of a human. So the hotter it was outside, the hotter they were.

With their senses much more enhanced than humans, normal things that were ordinary to humans, like sun, bothered Lycans which is why most packs resided on the cloudy coast or cold countries.

Dimitri placed his Klein sunglasses on and grimaced at the building in front of him. Standing on the property where so much pain was endured, Adlaric found it difficult to not wince. He could feel the current and past pain of his pack members. The closer he was to a Lycan, the more intense their feelings were on him.

He was in pain. His arms hurt from phantom injections, his bones ached from recurring breaks, his emotional health was in a horrid state, having seen the memories of some wolves in this facility.

“It’s that bad, huh,” Dimitri commented. Adlaric’s jaw clicked and he nodded. The two began forward, walking into the three story building. When they entered, the smell of sweat, tears, blood, and other fluids immediately invaded their noses. Both recoiled from the stench.

“My King, Beta,” a tracker greeted, his arm still bruised from the previous fight. He bowed to his royalty.

“Darius,” Dimitri greeted, shaking his hand.

“No need to bow,” Adlaric said. “It should be I showing my respect for you and what your team has endured.”

“We aim to serve our King. We are sorry we lost some warriors, but we would do it again at your command. if I may ask, what put Eric on your radar and how did you find out about this trade.”

Adlaric let a scarce smile on his lips. “My mate found a pup and the pup told us of his time here. Shortly after, Eric had attempted to hurt her.”

Darius smiled. “Congratulations, my King. The Kingdom suspected but you haven’t made a formal introduction.”

“She’s human,” Adlaric explained. There was a moment of shock before Darius shrugged and clapped his hands.

“Well, the gods chose her for a reason. We have been blessed with a human.”

Adlaric nodded with a small smile. “I must ask for a favor, Darius. She does not know about her mating to me as of now and I’d like to keep it that way. Because she does not know, I cannot have others know. Would you mind keeping this between us?”

Darius nodded in understanding. “Yes, my King, of course. I understand completely.”

Both men nodded and looked toward Dimitri who was speaking with another tracker.

“Give us a report,” Adlaric said. Darius nodded and turned down the hall. Dimitri and Adalric followed him.

“We followed both scents here to this location. Unfortunately they had been expecting our arrival and completely ambushed us. They had the upper hand and we still manage to gain control over the facility. Those left alive are being held in the cages they held the children in, ironic isn’t it? There are three levels, the bottom was where they kept the prisoners, this level was for storage and record-keeping, and the level above us was the lab. As soon as I realized the scientific research that was being conducted, I called a pack doctor. I hope you don’t mind. Doctor López has a PhD in Lycanthrope medicine and chemistry. She was more than willing to serve you, my King.”

“Good work, Darius.” Dimitri said. They continued to walk where they came to a room.

“The kids were malnourished. We brought them up here, but they are still refusing to talk. After the trauma and abuse they have been exposed to, I wouldn’t trust anyone either. They haven’t responded to anyone as of now.”

Darius opened the door and the royals both felt rage consume them as they saw seven children, some pups, some human, crowded together. They were shaking and only wearing a dirty cloth for a shirt. Their arms and legs were bruised and some had deformities either caused by physical events or medical experimentation.

Adlaric stepped forward and a girl started to sob. They could all sense the power radiating from Adlaric. He was King; far more powerful than those who held them captive. Adlaric could only imagine what they thought he would do to them.

“Let us leave. Have an Omega stationed with them, but have a Gamma outside the door in case something goes wrong. Us being here will do nothing but terrify them more. Make sure they are seen by a doctor, fed, bathed, and clothed. Spare no expense. These pups have lived in poverty for far too long and it ends here.” Adlaric said.

All three left the room. Darius showed them the downstairs where the victims were kept. Adalric knew far too well what it was like to spend your life in a cage, only being fed when convenient. Adlaric’s unadulterated rage ate at him as he saw the monsters who had done such cruel deeds locked in the cages. Adlaric growled, viciously. They all whined and recoiled as far away as possible.

“You are going to be interrogated. After, those who serve a purpose will be spared, although punished, and those who have no purpose, will be killed.” Adlaric stated.

The Lycans had to move to the third level because of the unwilling stench. On the third level, everything was clean and organized, a stark contrast to the inhabitable conditions downstairs.

“All chemicals and mixtures have been accounted for and are now being tested. Doctor López,” Darius called. A short woman with curly black hair came around the corner. She wiped her glasses on her lap coat before putting them back on. Her smile fell as she got a whiff of Adlaric’s presence. Quickly she bowed and gulped. Her dark hair was in a ponytail that was held back by a bright pink bow.

“My King, Beta,” she said respectfully. She averted her eyes to her feet.

“Doctor López, thank you for your work thus far. Can you tell us what you found?”

Her voice shook as she spoke. “I-I...umm...I was called a few hours ago to catalogue and investigate the medication injected into those pups.” She growled lightly in the back of her throat. “The mixture contains wolfsbane, Omnitrope, and other remnants of certain drugs. Most of the ingredients were human growth hormones. From the ingredients I can assume that they were attempting to jump-start the transition process or implant wolf characteristics within the humans.”

“Do they have journals on their research?” Dimitri asked.

“Yes, but they’re in Spanish. I haven’t had a chance to translate them, yet.”

“Would you prefer to translate them or continue your research?” Adlaric asked. The Doctor shrugged and looked around the lab.

“I’d like to be involved in both, my Liege.”

“Very well, we will get a team up here of translators and scientists. I’d like for you to be the head of it. Are you okay with that?”

Her eyes widened and she nodded. “O-of course, Alpha.”

“Good. Inform me directly of your findings. Dimitri and I will be in the area so feel free to use your link.”

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