Queen of His Heart

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When he came back, Eve brushed her hair and teeth. He had apologized for the delay, but she smiled and shook her head, saying there was no need to apologize.

Eventually, they found their way to the bed. Evangeline was on her back with her hand on her stomach and her knees bent to the side. Her head was turned to look at him.

Adlaric laid beside her with his hand draped over his forehead and his one legged propped up. He stared at her with such intensity, she found it hard to breath.

“It was to send children to sleep.”

Eve shook her head, unbelievably. Her laugh lit up the room. “Yeah, with nightmares!” Evangeline’s laugh could cure even the hardest of diseases, Adlaric was sure of it. Her dark eyes sparkled and her curly locks bounced with enthusiasm. Her laugh was by no means the same as the women he had the displeasure of interacting with. It was boisterous and loud, and at times, it would consume her breath, making her cough. But still, it made his heart leap.

He had told her a story of a song his parents used to sing to him. It was called “Tilli Tilli Bom” which told the story of a monster who would eat kids who did not fall asleep at their bedtimes. Eve found it so insensitive.

“Tell me something else? I like when you speak.” She whispered.

After a moment of silence, he nodded and stood up off of the bed. He went to his bag and pulled out a thick, but short book with a hardcover. She could tell the book was an antique because of the ripped spine and cracked skin. Adlaric sat back down with his back against the headboard. He opened the book and briefly ran his eyes over the words before starting.

“Among the worlds, in the glittering of luminaries, I keep repeating the name of one Star only.... Not because I feel love for Her, but because I languish with others. And when I am overpowered by doubt, from Her alone I seek an answer, not because she gives light, but because with Her no light is needed. Innokenty Annensky.”

Eve looked at Adlaric and watched as he read the words on the old pages. His eyes furrowed as he focused on the sentences that graced the stained and slightly torn paper. When he finished, she smiled. “You read it in English.” She could see that the book was in fact all Russian.

He put the book down in his lap and looked at her. “You speak English.”

“Can you read it in Russian?”

He looked at her for a moment before picking the book up and reading the entire poem in Russian. He got infinitely sexier with his native tongue. She stared at him in amusement and lust as he finished the last sentence.

Almost instantly, he could smell the sweet perfume of her innocent desire. It filled the room and made his cock pulse from excitement. He loved turning her on, but the fact that she was in his shirt, laying in his bed, with her smooth legs exposed, made him lose the little control he had.

He growled slightly and put the book on the side table. She could see his sharp canines dip through his gums as he neared her. His eyes turned colors again and she gasped lowly. Her hand moved up to cup his jaw, and at some point she found herself firmly pressed against the mattress with him lingering over her. He growled deeply, as if warning her what would happen If she ever dared leave, and lowered his head into her neck. He inhaled deeply, his strong arms on either side of her head. She shivered as she felt the tip of his fangs graze against her delicate skin. His leg nudged its way between hers and she couldn’t help the subconscious need to grind slowly against it.

Her movement caused her stomach to seize with excitement. She could feel her core pulse and swell with unleashed desire for the man above her. Eve bit her lip as she felt her want slowly dampen her thighs. She’s never met someone who had such a carnal and passionate affect on her. She’s never wanted any man as much as she wanted Adlaric.

Her body burned. Her skin was flushed. Her breath was shallow as she prayed he would kiss her neck and continue; she wanted to feel him come undone from her. Her eyes shut and her tongue dipped out to lick her bottom lip. The air practically burned her as she painfully awaited his next move.

Adlaric wanted nothing more than to bestow his mark on his mate. He could practically taste her sweet, untouched blood upon his lips. He wanted to feel her writhe underneath him.

His lips softly planted a kiss on her neck.

But the moment was soon over as he practically ripped away from her. He moved to the opposite side of the room, breathing harshly, with his eyes closed and his fists balled.

Evangeline sat up on her elbows and gently pushed his shirt lower on her thighs. She too was gasping for air, or for his touch, she wasn’t sure.

“Forgive me.”

Eve sat up fully and cocked her head at him. “What for?”

Evangeline wanted nothing more than to feel him against her again. When he didn’t talk again, she smiled and patted the spot next to her. She would never force him to do anything he didn’t want to do merely for her benefit, just like she hoped he would never make her. “I’m sorry if we went too fast. I’ll sleep on the floor if you’d like. Do you,” she swallowed, “do you not want to touch me?”

“Evangeline, you have no idea how much I want to touch you,” he hoarsely said walking back to the bed. “But if I do, I fear I won’t be able to stop. Do you want to finish the process here tonight?” He sat in front of her as he burned her eyes with his. She gulped and he nodded. “I didn’t think so,” he muttered, a hint of disappointment lacing his voice. “You are not sleeping on the floor, but if you would prefer, I can ask for another bed.”

She shook her head. “May I sleep with you? Just for tonight.”

He smiled and pushed a piece of hair behind her ear. “You never have to ask to have a spot in my bed, moya koroleva.”

And that was the first night they shared a bed. Although hesitant that the other didn’t want to be touched, eventually Adlaric broke the stillness and pulled his mate into his arms. Evangeline’s breath deepened, but she nuzzled her head into his chest and let her hand trace the outlines of his abs. She fell asleep listing to the steady heartbeat of her King.

And her King fell asleep to the smell of her hair and the wisps of her breath.


Adlaric woke before Evangeline. His stomach filled with comfort as he saw her laying on his chest. Her hair was settled around her face and her hand was stretched across his bare chest. Her eyes were closed, but her pink lips were partly open as she let gentle breaths out. His eyes trailed to her shoulder that was exposed. Looking further, he gulped as he saw the prominent outline of her plump ass against the edge of his shirt. The fabric was wrinkled over her stomach which caused it to slither up her thick thighs.


Adlaric’s eyes shut as his chest burned from unadulterated lust.


He wanted to yell at his wolf. His counter part constantly growled, hissed, and pushed him to finish the process. Every second he spent with Eve on top of him, the more he wanted to bury himself deep in her innocence.

He groaned in his throat softly and pushed his head back onto his pillow.

God, he was so fucking hard.

He couldn’t remember the last time a woman had completely enamored him so much. He was by no means a novice to arousal. Being an Alpha, his libido was three times as high as a normal lycanthropes. The slightest movement in the air could set his blood rushing straight for his cock.

But Adlaric had always refused to give into the temptation. He knew since he was a pup that he would wait for his mate. And he did. He waited for Evangeline for three hundred years and it was all coming back. His control was resolving. All of the hormones and feelings he had forced himself to ignore were penetrating his every thought.

“Your heart is racing.” Evangeline whispered, her cheek firmly pressed against his skin. She smiled and lifted her head to look at him. She furrowed her eyebrows at his painful expression. “Adlaric?” He growled softly and opened his eyes. She gasped lightly when she saw the deepness in the color. “What’s wrong?”

“One second.”

Evangeline stayed quiet as he controlled himself and willed his wolf to submit once again. When he opened his eyes, he smiled softly and pushed her hair behind her ear.

“Let’s get breakfast.”

Before Evangeline could speak, Adlaric was up and in the bathroom. He shut the door behind him and left Evangeline on the bed impossibly confused.


They decided to grab breakfast downstairs at the restaurant in the hotel. As Adlaric sat across from her, eating his piece of bacon, Evangeline smiled.

“Don’t you have work to do?”

Adlaric smirked and raised his eyebrow. “Are you trying to get rid of me?”

“Oh, of course. Spending one more second with my Alpha mate is going to kill me!” She joked, quietly, taking a sip of orange juice from her glass.

“You wound me, Evangeline.” He smiled and brought his mug to his lips, sipping the rich liquid inside. “But to answer your question, yes I do, but I thought it would be rude to do it while here having breakfast with my beautiful Queen.”

Queen. It seemed so surreal to her. She blushed and bit her lip. “This all seems so...”


“Enchanting.” She looked at Adalric intently before looking away and grinned to herself. “What kind of Queen would I be if I let our King slack off?”

She didn’t notice, but he did. He heard her accept him and his title. He took her advice and took out his laptop to work on some things while she finished eating. When he heard her heartbeat pick up and saw her eyes flickering to him, he looked away from the screen and raised an eyebrow. “What?”

Hesitantly, she opened her mouth to speak. “May I hold your hand?” Her eyes fell to the laptop and she blushed furiously. “I’m an idiot. Never mind.”

He wanted to pull her close and tell her to never insult herself again. He wanted to growl to warn her. But instead, he let his hand leave the keyboard and opened his palm to her.

“I don’t like when you talk about yourself that way.”

“Like what?”

“Like you aren’t the Queen you are. Now, are you going to hold my hand or make me miss your touch even more?”

She giggled and grabbed his hand with hers. As he worked, she read her book that was comfortably sat on the table.


“May I come too?”

Adlaric looked at his mate sitting on the bed. “You want to?”

“I want to help,” she confirmed. “What happened to Eros, what’s happening to other children is not okay.”

He nodded as he buttoned his cufflinks and put on his navy blue suit jacket. “I won’t stop you, but I will warn you that it will not be a pleasant experience. Are you sure you want to come?”

Evangeline nodded and stood up. They had bought a sundress from the shop downstairs that had blue trimming on the top and thin straps. The flowers on the fabric were a bright contrast to the white underneath. The dress ended right above her knees, to Adlaric’s dissatisfaction. She smiled as she grabbed his hand. Adlaric bent down and planted a kiss on top of her hair.

Adalric and Evangeline made their way downstairs to the lobby and got into the town car waiting for them. They sat next to each other with their intertwined hands on her lap. When the car started to slow down, Eve looked out the window and paled at the approaching building.

Adlaric got out first and held his hand out to help Evangeline. When they walked in, Martina, Darius, Dimitri, and June all lowered their heads at their royals. Eve smiled at Adlaric and pulled away slightly; they were bowing for him, not her. Adlaric wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her back to him. He grinned down at her and held her eyes captive as she looked up at him.

“My King,” Darius said stepping closer. Adlaric growled lowly, disliking unmated males around his unmated mate. Evangeline gave him a look and shook her head.

“Be nice,” she said with a hint of playfulness. Adlaric looked at her and cocked his head. He answered Darius but continued to stare at his gorgeous mate.

“What is it?”

Darius grinned slightly. “Martina has an update for you upstairs.”

“You know it’s rude to not look at someone when they’re talking to you,” Eve joked looking at her mate. “You, Adlaric, are many things but I would have never guessed rude.” She smiled to which Adlaric grinned and reluctantly looked at Darius.

“Lead the way.”


“Dude, this is crazy.”

Eve laughed at Martina in her orange bow and polkadot dress. She liked the doctor; Martina was funny and sweet, and super active, but still was such a raging nerd. Martina looked at Eve and bowed.

“My Queen,” she greeted. Eve flustered.

“Please, just call me Eve.”

“Eve. I’ve been running tests on the blood samples from the children and the cocktails that were found in here. I knew that from the ingredients of the injections that they were attempting to transition a pup early. What I did not realize is that they had been successful. Some of the pups downstairs had transitioned far earlier than usual.”

“There are children downstairs? Are they okay?” Evangeline asked.

“Someones down there with them. They slept at a nearby hotel and were taken care of. They refuse to speak, though,” Dimitri said. Martina continued to speak.

“I also found out that not only were they attempting to start the process early, they were attempting to shift humans as well. And they were successful.”

Everyone went silent for a moment before June spoke. “If they were successful here, this means they can be successful elsewhere. Which means they can potentially transition large populations of humans at a time.”

“Yes and no. The formula is still very volatile. Many those who had the injection have died. I would say the success rate is about 25 percent. This means that on a large scale, 100 percent of homo sapiens would perish either from shifting into a Lycan or through death.”

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