Queen of His Heart

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“What happens now?” Eve whispered in the hallway. Dimitri sighed and shrugged. “We continue our investigation. This time it’s high priority,” he answered. Dimitri and everyone else left, leaving Adlaric and Eve.

“It doesn’t seem right,” she said softly.

“I know. But I promise you it is of most importance to me now.”

A few minutes later, Darius interrupted their conversation. “My King, Dimitri requires a preview with you.”

Adlaric nodded and went down the hall, following Darius. He turned around when he realized Eve wasn’t following him.

“I just need a moment, please.” Her King nodded and both men walked away. This was all so much for her to handle. She thought humans didn’t cause wolves much trouble? Humans didn’t even know about their existence. She was human...what happened if they succeeded in their endeavors?

Hearing voices down the opposite way, she walked down and opened a door. She smiled, but it was shortly lived as she saw children huddled in the corner. There was a man by the door.

“My Queen,” he greeted. She flustered again. She still was not used to her title.

“Just Eve, please,” she said. “Who are these children?”

“They were in the facility before we came. They haven’t been speaking, ma’am.”

Eve pursed her lips and walked in. She sat down and took out her phone. She put on a fun song, on low as to not hurt their ears, and laid it on the floor.

An hour later Dimitri and Darius stood in the doorway taking in the scene. Their Luna was actively talking with each child as she taught them how to make paper snowflakes. She was mom to them. She was mom to all of them.

“Who would have thought a human would be more equipped to handle pups than wolves would be?” Darius mused, a small smile on his lips.

“That human has more power than all of us combined,” Adlaric said from behind the men. He grinned watching his mate. She must have felt his presence because the next moment she looked up and caught his gaze.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

But what was it for?


They were back home the following day, and for the next few days, Adlaric worked nonstop. As soon as they had landed, Adlaric was off taking phone calls, talking to other Alphas, being diplomatic and whatnot. For this, Eve was happy; he was taking an initiative to save people like her. One part of her was slightly shocked. Throughout history, humans had not been the best of accepting what was different from them, so when a werewolf King actively took a stance against human oppression, it warmed her heart. She was expecting for her species to be worth less than his, but it was the opposite. Adlaric valued humans just as much as he valued the wolves under his guard.

She missed him. They saw each other and they spent time together, but nothing quite measured up to their time in the hotel. They had brief moments together and she knew Adlaric wanted to spend time with her, but she also understood that his job should come first, especially after what had been found. Her head was spinning from the new information. While Adlaric saw him as equals with humans, other lycans did not and those who opposed him made a coalition. It made her stomach churn. She couldn’t understand how someone could be so cruel. Even if they thought humans were inferior, it didn’t mean they deserved to die.

What the fuck is going on, she thought, biting her lip. She stood in front of her body mirror and looked over her uniform again. School was becoming tiresome. It was a chore now; she felt like she was ready to move on and be more than herself. She closed her eyes and took a breath. She had just gotten back from school.

A hand wrapped around her waist and she gasped in shock before she could feel the tingles on her skin. She smiled and opened her eyes to see Adalric laying his chin on her head.

His eyebrows furrowed as he looked at her through the mirror. “You’re stressed.”

She raised an eyebrow. “And you’re not?” Upon his penetrating gaze, she sighed and shook her head, annoyed. “School is becoming mind-numbing. There’s so much going on here. I want to help. How can I focus on school when there’s an armagedon happening outside.”

“You’re job right now is to get educated and do everything you want to. You shouldn’t be hindered by a duty you just received. I know what is happening is...difficult, but trust me to handle the situation.”

She looked into his eyes and nodded. “Will you tell me the important details?”

He nodded and kissed her forehead. “Of course. Is that all that was bothering you?”

She shook her head. Her studies had become infinitely more difficult because she missed multiple classes. “I have this test and...”

“You’re a smart girl.”

“I’m smart because I study and I haven’t been studying.”

“What subject?” He asked, softly as he moved her hair away from her neck. She smiled and bit her lip as she felt his grip tighten.

“AP European History...”

Adalric smiled and looked at the mirror again. He hummed in his throat. Her stomach coiled at his masculinity. His eyes trailed down her frame and he let out a slight groan of approval. His eyes darkened and with a sly smirk, he let the knuckle of his finger trail down her neck. He made sure to go painfully slow. Adlaric wanted her senses to be hightened to every part of his touch.

“Adalric– ”

He shushed Evangeline as he let his finger grace her collarbone. He pulled her close to his muscled frame with his other hand. She could feel the pads of his fingers kneading into her hot skin. Her heart thumped steadily in her chest as she watched his hand maneuver down her body.

“If only you had someone with a degree in European history, unfortunately, you only have someone who lived through it,” he murmured against her hair.

Her eyes widened. “Y-You’re going to tutor me?”

He smirked. “Is that a problem?”

Eve shook her head quickly and his grin slowly faded as a new steely gaze was set upon her. “Good, Ms. Ademasayo.” His hand trailed a bit lower down her chest. “I should make sure you have the preliminary facts down, yes?”

She nodded, although shakily.

“What are the biggest countries within Europe?”

“Ukraine, France, Sweden, Spain... and Uh...” She gulped losing focus. His hand trailed over her chest, not yet touching her sensitive nipples. His eyes caught hers in the mirror and he tsked softly into her ear. He pulled his hand away and back to his side.

“I’m offended. You forgot my homeland.”

Her lips parted. “I did not! I just forgot it’s in both Asia and Europe!”

He hummed again, almost silently, as his gaze practically melted her. “What are you struggling most with your studies?”

She bit her lip and stuttered on her feet. Eve knew she wasn’t the brightest girl, but she never considered herself particularly dumb either. She had to study and work, and she always did, but history had always been her hardest subject in school. She could never remember the names, the times, or even what happened in most cases.

Eve could never find a way to memorize all the facts. It wasn’t that she found it boring, it was that she found it so interesting she sometimes forgot to pay attention and actually memorize. “We are studying the Seven Years War again.”

Adlaric’s face contorted as if she sent him to hell. It was as if he was reliving horrors he had experienced.

He closed his eyes for a moment, and Eve turned around in his arms. She went on her tip toes and cupped his face in her small hands. She laid her forehead against his and breathed for a moment before talking. “You were there,” she whispered.

He opened his eyes again and ran his hands up her sides as he nodded. “I was around fifty human years. There was a time where I forgone my title. My advisor took over until I could resume my duties. I thought in order to be able to lead a Kingdom of wolves and communicate with a population of humans, I had to first live as both. So I left home. But at some point I was arrested for negating joining the forces. At the same time, the English were contracting mercenaries from various countries. I was sold. I was given the option to fight or be killed. I chose to fight.”

“I don’t understand...You’re a Lycanthrope you could have...”

“Escaped?” He interrupted. He nodded. “Yes, I could have. But as I said, I wanted to live in the life of a human. Experience what they experienced. At that point, I had desires to rule both species, and to do that, I had to first live as both. I also didn’t want to expose my species. Anyway, I was trained, and sent into France. I had orders to retrieve information and go back.”

“You were a spy?”

He nodded. “I was successful, and after I was finished there, I was sent to the Americas where I had strict duties to kill a small tribe of natives.”

Eve recoiled slightly, but he held a firm grip on her.

“I didn’t. And when my commander found out, he had me sent prison. I stayed in English territory for fifteen years; I was starved, beaten, tortured– I made friends and I lost them just as quickly.” He winced slightly from his memorizes and Eve bit her lip.

“Why did you tell me this?”

He grinned, although sadly. “Isn’t that what a human relationship is? Communication, story-telling, acceptance?”

She smiled. He was trying. He was trying for her and it meant the absolute world. Evangeline nodded and kissed his cheek.

“Now, about your lessons.” He laid his hand on her shoulder blade. “The Seven Years War began because Austria attempted to gain control over Silesia. This conflict was also seen in the Americas. The French,” he laid on finger on her shoulder and dragged it across to the other side. “Sent platoons over to secure land. After a few years, they migrated to Ohio,” he whispered, trailing his finger down to the curve of her back.

“There, they met the English and this is what set off the extremes of the Seven Years War. The French made allies with the natives there, unlike the English. Because of these alliances, the English lost over and over again until,” his finger swooped to the middle of her back. “William Pitt, the Prime Minister of England at that time realized the capability of power that would come from whoever expanded over. He sent more soldiers over.” His finger slowly trailed just below the hem of her shirt.

“The English went deeper and deeper and deeper,” he rasped, his finger slowly dragging up her spine. She gasped softly, her insides practically turning in excitement.

“By 1763, all of France’s troops had been expelled from Canada. France and Spain had suffered great losses and signed the Treaties of Paris and Hubertsburg.” He continued to move his fingers across her back, “France lost all claims to Canada and Louisiana was given to Spain. Britain gained control over Spanish Florida, some parts of Canada, and some French claims over seas. These treaties gave supremacy to maritime and colonial endeavors to Britain, thus strengthening the thirteen colonies. And this is why, years later, France allied with the colonists in the American Revolution.” He ended his lesson with the pad of his finger dragging across her hip and along the lining of her shorts. Her thighs clenched together in an effort to quench her desire for the wolf in front of her.

As soon as he smelled her, his eyes darkened and he gripped her arms.

“Adlaric,” she whispered.

He growled and lifted her up, wrapping her legs around his waist. He held her against the wall and inhaled her deep, sweet scent. He buried his head into her delicious neck and tried to force himself to gain control again.

Evangeline was breathlessly waiting for him to kiss her. She wanted him more than anything else. Her legs tightened around him.

“I want you, Evangeline.”

His deep change to his voice almost startled her. She realized he was more wolf than man and she was practically a lamb. Still, she wasn’t afraid. “You have me,” she responded.

“You deserve the world,” he whispered.

“You are the world I want to live in. Don’t you understand that? I do admit, it’s a lot, but I would not live my life any other way.”

Adlaric kissed her nose. “You are the reason why I live, Evangeline.”

She smiled at him and he carried her back to her bed. He set her down and laid beside her. “June said something about your exes.”

Evangeline sighed as she looked at him. “I have two. The one guy was Alex and I dated him for six months. During those months, I lost a lot of weight and worked out constantly. It was because he constantly tormented me about my figure.”

He growled, his canines elongating. “You’re 56 kilograms. That’s absolutely ridiculous. You’re the smallest thing I’ve encountered.”

“Hey! I have a big personality!” She joked, poking him. Evangeline wasn’t the skinniest person; she had some curves. She was short and because of that, she always felt bigger. She always said, my hair weighs at least ten pounds!

“That you do. What about the other one?”

“He wanted to have sex and I wanted to wait.”

“Did you love him?” The way he asked almost seemed like it was painful for him to do so.

“I was sure I loved him, but now I realize that what I felt wasn’t love. It wasn’t love for either of them. Real love is when you find someone’s scars just as attractive as their perfections. Real love is when you’re the stars and they’re the moon and together you illuminate the deepest and darkest trenches of this vast world.”

Adlaric loved her, but she couldn’t know now, because he was too scared to find out if she loved him too.


As Evangeline messed with her tie, she looked at herself in the mirror. Adlaric exited from his closet fully dressed in his usual classic suit. She smiled at him, once again shocked by his handsomeness. “Remember I have to stay late at school today.”

“Right. For your conference, yes?” He asked snapping his Rolex onto his wrist. He walked over to Eve and stood in front of her, helping her with her tie. She giggled at her inability to do something so simple. He tied it with ease.

“Yes! It’s a symposium on Democracy. There are a few politicians, judges, and other influential people coming.” Eve was so excited she was practically bubbling.

He liked how she brightened with excitement. He chuckled and kissed her forehead. “What time will you be home? I mean going home.”

Both had momentarily gotten lost in their fairytale they created. Although she had been staying with him, a few days ago, her and her family returned to their actual home. Evangeline had always stopped by on her way to school. She liked the way he said home.

His home quickly became hers.

She became sad knowing she would have to actually go home. The kids, Emmaline; Aurora; Cynara; Persephone; Aristotle; Elijah; Morpheus; and Eros, stayed in this house with Adalric, June, and Dimitri. They were all getting accustomed to human and wolf life. It was difficult, however, because some were natural wolves while other kids were made wolf. Adalric thought it would be best to homeschool them before sending them to other schools. Evangeline agreed, so every morning, she would make breakfast, get them dressed, and greet their tutor.

“Around nine. Can you make sure the kids get something to eat. And absolutely no sugar after 6, please.”

“Darling, I run a Kingdom. I can watch a few kids too.”

Eve rolled her eyes and kissed his cheek before walking downstairs. She said goodbye to the children and leaving the house.

When she got to her campus, she went to her usual classes. Once school was over, she changed into something more business casual. She wore a pencil skirt with a lilac blouse and black heels. She put her hair up in a nice ponytail and went downstairs to the auditorium where the lyceum was being held.

Another teenage boy sat next to her. Eve smiled at him and faced forward again. She stood up with the others as the diplomats entered the room and had a seat behind the table at the front. They all introduced themselves and began talking about their adventures for their individual causes.

Cinthia José worked heavily with the rights of migrant children and immigration into the United States. Gregory Connors worked for Veteran Rights and mental health after deployment. Timothy Phillip worked in the Latino community for education. They all spoke about their political affiliations and then answered some questions. At some point, Eve had to use the restroom so she got up and left the room.

When she finished washing her hands, she left the bathroom and went back out to the hallway. The same guy who was sitting next to her in the auditorium was waiting for her outside. She awkwardly fidgeted around him. “Excuse me.”

“I was thinking,” he said grabbing her arm. She turned around and ripped her arm away.

“Don’t touch me please,” she said.

“Wanna go out sometime?”

Eve was already shaking her head. “No thank you. I’m dating someone. He’s waiting inside,” she lied. He smiled and went to touch her again. She recoiled.

“Oh, come on.... Let me take you out.”

He was handsome. He had dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes. When he smiled, it reached his eyes, but something about it unsettled her. He was wearing a fitted blue shirt and khakis. She could tell that he was practically perfection walking, but he wasn’t Adlaric. He wasn’t the one she loved and Adlaric was far more attractive to her. Besides, his personality seemed like shit anyway.

“Really. I don’t want to. I’m sorry,” she said walking away. He grabbed her again and pushed her back to the wall. She struggled against his hold, her stomach dropping. “Don’t fucking touch me. Let me go!”

He smiled and gripped her jaw. “Come on...” He leaned forward and kissed her, biting her bottom lip. She used all her force and pushed him away before punching him square in the face. She ran out of the hallway and out of her school. She ran to her car and dropped her keys accidentally. Crying, she reached down. She screamed when she felt hands around her waist. He spun her around and touched her skin as he cupped her cheeks.


There was only one man who called her by her full name and feeling the tingles, she relaxed. His thumbs wiped away her tears.

“Talk to me. What happened?”

She shook as she tried to speak. “H-he k-kissed me,” she sobbed. Adlaric’s eyes darkened infinitely and he growled loudly. He wanted to kill him, but he needed to stay here with Evangeline more. Without looking at Dimitri, Adlaric spoke to him.

“Find him. Now.”

Evangeline continued to cry in front of him and it broke his heart. Her hair was messed up and her makeup was flowing down her cheeks, but she was still the most beautiful woman in the world.

“Make it go away, please,” she cried.

“Make what go away?”

“I can still taste him,” she whispered. She put her hands on her on her head as she shook violently. “P-please kiss me.”

He cupped her cheeks and made her look at him. “Are you sure?”

“I want to taste you, not him. If you don’t want to I understa–”

Adlaric pulled her close and held her against him as his lips fell on hers. His hands ran up her sides and held her head firmly as his lips molded against hers. Her hands grabbed his suit jacket and kept her close to her. She loved how his lips felt against hers. In this moment, she forgot about that guy, she forgot about the war brewing, she forgot about every negative thing in her life. It was just her and Adlaric and she loved that.

She always thought about an amazing first kiss, but this blew anything she dreamed out the window. She used to believe a kiss like this would be with fireworks and tingles, but it wasn’t. She felt completely calm. It was serene. They weren’t two people. They were one couple.

Adlarine. She liked that.

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