Queen of His Heart

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The pain was becoming unbearable. Everyday was a battle between his wolf and his human. The wolf demanded the flesh of his mate, and the human side of Adlaric refused to force Eve. Adalric could physically feel his lycan clawing to the edge, burning him from the inside. Every morning he would wake up with a migraine and every night he would lose the contents of his stomach.

Still, he did an excellent job of hiding it from Evangeline. She didn’t notice how often her mate left at night, how he would leave as soon as the sun rose, or how he winced whenever she would touch him.

The dosages of sedatives weren’t helping either. Before, he could get through the pain with a high level injection. The pain was mild then, but now the only relief he got was when he touched himself to the dirty images of Evangeline he kept in his mind.

This night wasn’t any different. He awoke with a deep pounding in his chest, followed by the thrashing need to bury himself deep within Eve’s tight little-

He groaned and ran his hands over his face, turning to look at his beautiful sleeping mate. She was sleeping on her stomach with her hand on her pillow. Her back gently rose with each breath. His thoughts paraded in his head, with images of him kissing down her torso and pulling her hair to make her arch in the way he so desperately desired.

He could physically feel the blood rushing down to his cock. His hands tightened around the sheets around him. With a huff of his chest, he sat up and went to the bathroom. He turned on the shower and removed his clothes before getting in. His hand gripped his member and his eyes shut as he imagined Eve in front of him.

He imagined Eve on his desk, undressed and waiting for him with her legs spread. He imagined her smiling and sitting up her gentle hand running down her chest, over her stomach, and to her delicate, untouched cunt.

In his head, she would move to the edge and lightly tease herself as she looked at him. He imagined looking her in her eyes and watching her hand delve two fingers into her soft and pink core. She’d throw her head back in pure ecstasy at getting off to her mate. And Adlaric got turned on even more when she came undone just from the mere look of him.

His hand stroked his hard member, feeling his veins engorge as climax threatened to its peak. He laid his left hand on the shower wall to steady himself as his other arm worked himself and his frustration away. He had to bite his lip as pleasure dimmed in the wake of pain.

He came. And came. And came. But nothing took away the deep burning. Nothing forced his canines to retract. Nothing made him want to shift any less. He turned off the water and stepped out, not bothering to dry off or get dressed. He went to the large window in his room and jumped out, landing with a resounding thud on the forest floor.

He knew he was slipping, his control was diminishing as his face contorted. He growled loudly as a guard stepped in front of him.

“My King?”

“Move.” Adlaric’s voice left no room for argument.

“Is everything alright?”

“Move before I snap your fucking neck,” Adlaric sneered. The guard gulped and stepped aside. “Get me Adriel and bring him to the clearing.”

Adlaric was furious. His human was losing and submitting to the beast he kept at bay for so long. He grinned as he saw Adriel forced to his knees in front of him a few minutes later.

Dimitri woke up with a gasp. June was already up and turned to him with wild eyes. “Something is wrong,” she said. Both got out of bed and allowed the covers to fall off their naked bodies.

Quickly, both got dressed and marched out of the house and into the woods where they tracked their King down. It was easy to find him, if not because of his scent, then because of the grunts of pain that ascended through the dark trees. They were late to the party apparently, as a circle of guards surrounded the King and the man before him.

June watched in horror as Adlaric beat Adriel bloody. Over and over Adlaric punched and kicked and wounded the prey that kneeled before him. This wasn’t Adlaric. The King wasn’t a torturer. Upon closer analysis, Dimitri understood as he saw the slits in Alaric’s eyes and his canines elongated. He was more beast than man at this moment.

“This isn’t you!” Dimitri shouted, stepping forward. That stopped the beast. Adlaric marched toward Dimitri and grabbed him by the neck, forcing him against the nearest tree. June struggled against Adlaric to free Dimitri.

Dimitri simply smirked as he looked at his King. “You need a fight. You need to fight until you can’t move because that’s how you control your beast. Fine.” Dimitri shoved his Alpha off of him, sending Adlaric to the tree behind him.

Everyone knew Dimitri was going to lose, but they also knew that the Beta was correct. Their Alpha demanded bloodshed; he wanted his mate and if he couldn’t have her, then he had to figure out another way. Soon, the trees were an arena of thrashing, gashing, and howls of the two royals, battling it out. Usually, these fights stemmed from territorial disputes, but now all it was, was an output for the King.

Soon, Dimitri was underneath Adlaric and June’s breath stopped.


Evangeline’s eyes sprung open as the howl penetrated the walls of the house. She sat up and felt instinctually for Adlaric beside her. Her heart fell when she didn’t feel him. She removed her covers and stepped inside the bathroom to try to find him. Her breath hitched in her chest as she ran downstairs and outside. Where is he, she chanted in her head, panicked. Her legs carried her through the trees where she came upon a circle of men. They all parted as soon as they realized Eve was there.

Eve gasped as she saw Adlaric on top of Dimitri, forcing punches onto his face. Dimitri was bloodied and so was Adlaric. Eve could only assume it was from their fight and, by the looks of it, it had been going on for a while.

June grabbed Eve’s arm. “You have to stop this.”

“What’s happening,” Eve asked, clearly confused.

In a rushed breath, June answered, frantically. “Do you remember when he explained how he was on the brink of insanity before you arrived?” She nodded. “He’s on the edge again because while you are here, you two haven’t mated. If you aren’t ready, we will lock him up again and wait until you are, but either way you are the only person who can calm him down.”

Soon guards were fighting their own Alpha, not out of disloyalty, but to save their Beta. They all knew this wasn’t Adlaric.

Eve ran to him, placing her hands on either side of his head. She knew he would never hurt her. He thrashed in her hands. “Stop, Adlaric. Stop! Calm down,” she cooed, looking into his eyes. “I’m here. I’m here.”

Slowly, his thrashes decreased and his eyes returned to their natural spheres. “Evangeline.”

She kissed him. His arms wrapped around her waist, hosting her up onto his hips. She pulled away for a brief moment. She smiled as she watched his eyes shifted from man to wolf. “Make love to me.”

The wolves who surrounded them quickly dissapaited. He laid her down on her back against the soft forest floor. “Are you sure?” He asked, watching as the moon casted itself on her beautiful features. She nodded. “I love you.”

He kissed her, breathing in her taste, his tongue dominating hers as he moved on top of her. His lips continued down her neck, causing her to moan softly into the dark of night. The sound she made was music to his heightened ears.

Her body instinctually responded to his touches. His lips made their way back to hers, and he sat her up for a brief moment. He looked at her like she was everything he ever wanted and more and that’s because she was. She was delicately fierce, naturally beautiful, and humorously intelligent. Every part of her radiated a pure essence that appealed so much to Adlaric.

The King shrugged her nightgown over her head and threw it to the side. Eve sat in front of him in nothing but her pale bra and underwear. He laid her back down and watched as the moon glistened on her skin. He kissed down her ample chest, over her stomach, and stopped just above the lining of her cotton panties. He looked up before slowly sliding them down her legs. Once they were off, he laid gentle kisses up her right leg until he reached the apex between her legs. He breathed in her delicious scent, kissing her upper thighs.

His need to feel her around his cock far surpassed his desire to taste her, but he promised himself he would as soon as his carnal need dissipated. Once again, he pulled her up and unclipped her bra, letting it fall off to the side. He growled, sensually as he took in his mate in her entirety.

Evangeline looked up with hooded eyes as she watched his gloss over with unbridled desperation for her. She could feel her excitement coat her thighs as she glanced up at him. It shocked her how much Adlaric affected her.

She sat up and laid her hands on his broad shoulders. Casually, she ran them down his chest to the bottom of his shirt before lifting it off him and dropping it. His lips met hers again and she was laid back down as she undid the tie of his pants. He slipped them off and slowly rubbed the prominent bulge within his boxers against her wanton core. She hissed in pleasure as the head of his member massaged her aching clit. He could feel the wetness from her core soak through his boxers and onto his swollen head.

“Take them off,” she encouraged on his lips.

He shrugged off the only piece separating them and gently ran his rock-hard cock against her innocent and drenched core. She moaned out, causing her chest to rise off the ground. Greedily, he ran his tongue up the valley of her breasts and sucked on her nipple.

Evangeline had never felt such carnal desperation. She could feel his lips everywhere on her skin and she wanted more. She wanted to feel him deep inside her, making love to her like no one had before. God, she loved him. She loved him so much it hurt.

Unexpectedly, he thrusted himself to the hilt within her succulent pussy. She let out a brief gasp of pain, and he paused as she readjusted to his sheer size. She could feel him pressing deep within her and she groaned from a dizzying mixture of pain and pleasure.

Fuck, he thought. For the briefest second, he thought he’d pass out from the pure pleasure she gave him. Her core wrapped tightly around him, causing him to shiver. A deep groan left his lips. She was so innocent and so wet for him- so ready.

Eve gasped as she felt her world brighten and slow at the same time. Her eyes closed as she was given new heightened sensations; she could hear the sounds of birds miles away, she could feel the texture of the soil beneath her, she could taste the cooling flavor of Adlaric on her tongue, and she could smell the undeniable chemistry and lust between them. She could feel her body surge with strength as her soul intertwined with his. Somehow she could feel more. She was more than she was before.

Adlaric grew stronger with each desperate thrust he took. He could feel his senses grow stronger from the shared power. Before, he felt strong, but now he felt invincible. The frenzied emotions that once consumed him were gone and replaced with a newly-found, unhinged power. His thrusts grew harder and faster, much to Eve’s appreciation. She moaned in favor and screamed his name as she felt herself reach her climax.

Just as she came undone around him, he grunted in pleasure, pulling away.

“No,” she pleaded. “I want to feel you.”

He listened and plunged his large cock back into her, planting his seed deep inside her. She could feel the beads of his essence warm her insides as they coated her walls. While she could no longer feel his cock twitch inside her, she could still feel his unchanging hardness. Even she couldn’t say she was completely satisfied.

She pulled him back down and sealed themselves in a kiss. “Again,” she said, breathlessly. Adlaric obliged and kissed her, pulling her up and wrapping her legs around his waist. He carried her over to a large, smooth boulder. She kissed him hard as she felt his hands grip her hips, holding her up. He pulled away to watch as he slid himself back into her warm, soft cunt. Adlaric watched Eve’s expression turn into awe and bliss as he propelled himself into her over and over and over again.

“I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you,” she responded.

She could feel the familiar warmth deep in her stomach as he relentlessly thrusted inside her. She climaxed, feeling herself tighten around his cock. She moaned loud as her orgasm ravaged her body.

They both laid on the moist ground, cocooned in each other’s arms. Eve giggled.

“What?” He asked, dazed.

“How could you wait so long for that?”

Adlaric lazily dragged his fingers up and down her back. He sighed softly. “Because that wouldn’t have been what it’s like with others. With you, it’s more than just sex. With other’s it would be just be sex,” he explained. Moments passed where they just enjoyed each other’s company. Eve sat up and rested her elbow on his chest.

“May I see you?” She asked.

“I’m right here.”

“No, I mean...the you I saw tonight. You can control what you shift, right?”

He looked away and tensed at her request. He nodded. “I can choose how much beast you see. Are you sure you want to see again?”

She nodded, eager. He took a breath and when he opened, his eyes were slits, similar to that of a wolf. She pulled away, breathlessly. He turned away, feeling rejected. Her hand forced his head to turn back to her.

“I’m a monster,” he whispered.

“No,” she said emphatically, “you’re a God.”

“You don’t wish I was human?” He asked, skeptically.

She stayed quiet and leaned close to him, kissing him. “It isn’t my job to change how you are, it’s my job to keep you exactly the way you are,” she whispered. “I love you as you were made, both man and beast. You are just as handsome this way as you are when you’re the Adlaric you are with everyone else.”

He kissed her again, rolling on top of her to capture her under his sheer strength.

“Again,” she whispered with a teasing smile. He leaned down to kiss her until she pulled away just slightly. He had shifted his features back to his human form. “No, not like this. I want the Adlaric no one else gets to see.”

Hesitantly, he shifted his features back and kissed her.

She whispered as his lips trailed down her neck. “The most beautiful parts of us are the ones we hide.”

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