Queen of His Heart

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“Good morning, Queen Evangeline,” Clarise greeted.

“Good morning,” Eve said sweetly, hugging the elder.

“Sweetheart, you look so pale,” she said. Eve sighs and shook her head.

“I’m not feeling the greatest,” she admitted. “I haven’t ben feeling well. Adlaric is making me see a doctor once we are done here.”

“I’m glad he’s taking every precaution. Most of us do not mind having a human Queen, but it still is true that your immune system is far weaker than ours. We cannot risk you getting sick. Now, about your coronation, how do you feel about next week?”

Eve gawked at the elder for a moment and stuttered on her words. “I...that seems so close. I feel that I’m not ready.”

“You are, my sweet Queen. Now, we must pick out the floral arrangements, the guest list, the wine list, the music, your gown...there’s so much to do, but we are so ecstatic.” Clarise turned to Evangeline with a bright smile. “There’s a tailor waiting for you in the fitting-room–”

Eve interrupted. “Fitting-room?”

“Did King Romanov not show you? My dear you have an entire wing called the Queen’s Quarters. It’s just for you to do as you wish.”

“Will you show me?”

Clarise smiled and wrapped her arm around Eve’s leading her down the massive hallways to the Queen’s Quarters. She opened the heavy doors and Eve gasped as she saw the golden walls lined with portraits of previous Queens and a massive ballroom. The ballroom led to other rooms; a restroom, a bedroom, a game room, a fitting-room, and a kitchen. While it wasn’t as large as the rest of the house, this area alone was considered an upper-class home where she came from.

The elder led her to the fitting-room where she was bombarded by a thin man in a shiny suit. “Gorgeous!” His French accent was thick as he waved the hairbrush in his hand. “I have muse!” He shouted, walking to her. “Beautiful hair, beautiful complexion, symmetric features! Yasss. Alright, let’s measure you. Please go stand on that pedestal and hold your arms out. My assistants will measure you because, while you are not my type, I also know the King would murder this fine-ass for touching you.”

Eve laughed as she stepped on the block and held her arms out. She got ticklish as they began measuring her inseam. “What are your names?”

“I’m Antionette, my Queen,” the blond responded. “I’m Eloise, your majesty,” the brunette said with a smile.

“Just call me Evangeline.” She said before looking at the other man. ” And you?”

The man smiled and sauntered over. “I’m Basile, my Queen,” her said taking a dramatic bow.

“It’s just Evangeline,” she repeated.

“Alright, Queen Luna Evangeline,” he said. Eve sighed and smirked, giving up. “What color would you like your dress? Traditionally, the Queen would wear colors of the Kingdom; navy, gold, or purple, but whatever your heart desires I shall create!”

“No, I think those colors sound wonderful. Whatever you want to do is perfectly alright with me. You have way more experience than me.”

“Clarise,” Basile said. The elder hummed. “I like her.”

After Basile had taken her measurements and her ideas of her coronation gown, Eve was asked how she would like her hair and makeup styled. Eve wasn’t very used to being pampered, so when he told her that the day before she would have to spend hours at the spa, she gawked. Quickly, the interactions between the two become tiresome; everything was tiring lately. Clarise kindly– thank god –offered to show Eve to her room again. Eve walked with Clarise through the castle. Eve still didn’t know how to navigate and she didn’t think she would learn anytime soon.

“What about flowers?” The older woman asked as she looked at the younger.

“Oh, um,” Eve stuttered, “I like Orchids.”

“Orchids it is then,” Clarise smiled and nodded. “My dear, this is your home now, your kitchen, your staff, your Kingdom,” she emphasized. “Make it yours. You have no reason to tiptoe and act like you’re getting in our way because your way is the only way.”

“Thank you,” Eve said sincerely, “Really. I appreciate it.”

“Anytime, my Queen. Your doctor should be waiting for you in your chambers.”

Eve said her goodbyes before entering her room. She smiled again when she saw the female doctor patiently waiting for her. “I’m sorry I made you wait.” She closed the door behind her. Eve was really getting tired of social interaction, but she still was friendly.

“No worries, Queen Evangeline. Shall we begin?” The doctor gave a welcoming smile and stuffed her hands into her lab coat’s pockets. She walked forward before taking of her stethoscope and pointing to the large bed against the wall. “Would you mind sitting down?”

Evangeline quickly sat down and watched as the doctor checked her heart rate and blood pressure. “What is your name?”

“I’m Doctor López, your majesty.”

Eve could kick herself. She had met this woman and just completely forgot. “I’m so sorry. Yes, I know who you are. I’m sorry; it’s been crazy around here.”

“Quite honestly, it’s an honor that you remember me. What are your symptoms and when did they start?”

Eve told her about the nausea, fatigue, and abdominal cramping. She told Doctor López that she had headaches when she woke up and it felt like every move she made took her breath away. Her nose was stuffy and there was a constant cough in her throat. Other than that, she was fine. It was just a stupid cold.

The Doctor was very kind and noted her symptoms thoroughly. “Well, we can run some test just to make sure. However,” she said hesitantly. “I think there is one specifically we need to address first.”


Eve was shaking when the doctor left. Her heart was beating so greatly in her chest she thought it would fall out. She stood up off her bed and ran her hands over her shirt. She paced around her room confused, dazed, nervous, exhausted...how would she tell him? How could she tell him?

He would freak out, she was sure of it. Tears streamed down her face and she rested her head in her hands. She wiped her tears, walking to the bathroom. She turned to the mirror and pouted slightly. She needed to calm down. She needed to be assured everything would be okay. She needed Adlaric to hold her and let her cry in his arms.

She stepped in the shower and let the warm water douse her.


Eve sighed as she heard Adlaric’s voice. She shut the water off and stepped out, drying herself. She got redressed and went out.

“Still not feeling the best? What did the doctor say?”

Her heart raced again. “Just a cold,” she lied. He cocked his head and furrowed his eyebrows. “You’re lying.” He could smell it. He could hear it. Why?

“Maybe we shouldn’t go look at the vault today. I’m not feeling well.” She couldn’t make eye contact with him and it made him uneasy.

“Evangeline, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing,” she said. “I’m just tired. I’m gonna head to bed.”

He wrapped his hand around her waist. “My love what did I do?” He asked. His voice practically melted her. She started to cry.

“Can you just old me, please? Nothing is really wrong, I’m just emotional. I will tell you when I’m ready. Can you accept that?”

“You said no more secrets.”


After a moment he nodded and led her to the bed. He didn’t understand what he did to make her so distant. He didn’t comprehend what was so bad that she couldn’t tell him. Was it the doctor’s visit? Was what Clarise told her getting to her? Was it too much stress?

He loved her. He loved her more than he loved himself. He didn’t want to push, but it ate at him. He felt like he had a right to know what was bothering her. But still, he pulled her to his chest and ran his fingers down her back. Pushing her wouldn’t lead to answers.


A few days later, Eve was cooking for the kids. Adlaric, Dimitri, and June all helped her and soon the table was filled with the delicious pancakes. She had to admit, she was being odd around Adlaric, but she didn’t mean to. It was just a lot to handle at the moment and she was going through it by herself. Adlaric kissed her temple and she smiled, but abruptly stepped away to pour orange juice.

June raised her eyebrow as she cut the strawberries in front of her. “You feeling okay?”

Eve looked up and half-heartedly nodded. June and Dimitri shared a skeptical look. “What did the doctor tell you?”

Eve shrugged, obviously not wanting to answer, but June continue to press. No one could ever let Eve be. It irked her. Eve took a deep breath and walked to the table.

“If you’re not feeling well, maybe you should go–”

“Please stop,” Eve said, frustrated. “I will talk about it when I want to talk about it so please just drop it and get off my as–” She stopped herself before she cursed in front of the kids. Eve walked out of the kitchen and outside. She was so angry. She didn’t understand why everyone always interrogated her. She was a grown woman who could have secrets just like the rest of them. They were getting on her nerves with the incessant picking into her personal life. Eve rarely had a short temper, now it seemed liked very little things made her go from 1 to 100. She constantly wanted to cry and scream at the same time.

She walked outside and promptly turned to the wall, throwing up. Her body heaved as the contents of her stomach soaked the stone wall and the flowers on the side of the castle.

“Evangeline,” Adlaric called, coming to her side. He held her hair back and rubbed her back as she continued to hiccup. “Shh,” he cooed, “It’s alright, darling.” When she was finished, he took out his handkerchief and handed it to her. She wiped her mouth and looked at him before bursting into tears. He held her against his chest and ran his fingers through her hair. “Let’s get you to bed, get saltines, and watch Twilight.”

Adlaric hated Twilight, but he would watch it for her. He did everything for her. She pouted and nodded her head. “I don’t deserve you,” she sobbed. He sighed and lifted her into his arms, walking back inside. “You deserve the world. Would you like the kids to come as well.” She nodded. “Children,” he called out.

They all walked upstairs and laid beside Eve as they watched the stupid, corny, stereotypical portrayal of his species.

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