Queen of His Heart

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Doctor López watched as her King clutched his Queen. His head was buried in her neck, his canines barred, his eyes shifted into bright golden slashes, his entire physical appearance morphed into the predator he was.

Every lycan could feel the bond between their Alpha and Luna snap like a fragile branch. She was gone. The mad King stood up, her blood covering his royal apparel. He walked to his enforcers that were holding a thrashing man. In the chaos, seizing the man who had shot his mate was easy; the man had no intention of escaping. He had a mission and that was to assassinate the Queen.

He didn’t care if he survived. It was a suicide mission and he knew it. His eyes went wild as the King stalked to him with a murderous glint in his dark eyes. The man gulped as he suddenly regretted every decision he just made.

The King roared as he neared the man who killed Evangeline. His clawed hand reached out and gripped the man by his neck, growling harshly into his face. “Why?” He hissed. Nothing was more dangerous than an King broken-hearted.

“You mated with a human! I’m protecting my species.” His face was rabid as he spat at his King in front of him. His hair was a mess as he lunged forward. His arms were being held back by the enforcers. Their grip on him was tight enough to leave bruises. His face was bloody from the beating the enforcers gave to him when they caught him.

Adlaric was slipping. He could feel his sanity running thin and his humanity decaying as the beast tore through his skin. The King recognized this man. He was a Lycanthrope, but that wasn’t what Adlaric knew him from. He looked almost exactly like Damien Gregor, also known as the boy who kissed Evangeline without consent. His memory flashed to a conversation he had with Dimitri and a picture that was thrown on his desk. “You’re his cousin,” Adlaric concluded.

“You ruined his life! He was just a teenage boy,” the man screamed. “He didn’t deserve to be ostracized by our community. Everyone abandoned him by your decree!” The man growled and thrashed again.

“What decree? I never exposed his case nor Evangeline’s. If your community ignored him it was from his doing, not mine.” The man before him paled from the new information. Adlaric leaned close with a feral grin. “You took my heart, so I’m taking yours.” His hand broke passed his sternum and wrapped around the man’s beating heart, tugging it out in one swift movement. The man gaped before falling to the ground.

Dimitri had never seen such cruelty from his King. Adlaric never punished without trial and that was always a law he lived by. Adlaric was the manifestation of the Kingdom, and now that its Queen had fallen, so would it. He wasn’t a man anymore, he was full Lycanthrope. He was ready to kill. He was ready to be every bit of a beast as he wanted.

Beasts are only tamed when they have something to live for.

Doctor López stood a few steps away from her Queen. Here heartbeat no longer pulsated. Her life was gone and she was dead. It was shocking to the doctor. Everything happened so fast it blurred. She snapped out of her stupor and she ran forward. Adlaric growled in warning as she neared his mate. She submitted, her neck bowed and her eyes on the ground. Two guards came and stepped in front of their Queen, pulling López away. She clawed at them before screaming, “She’s pregnant! Let go of me!”

At Adlaric’s growl, they let her go and she fell to her Luna’s side. Adlaric stalked back to Evangeline and growled protectively as the woman neared his dead mate. Her hands twitched as she wiped the blood off of her cheek. Her mind raced as she began thinking of someway to fix everything. She was a doctor for goddess sake; this was her job. She took a deep breath when an idea hit her.

“Who’s your fastest runner?” She asked, panicked.

“Donnelley,” Adlaric answered, almost mutely, pulling Evangeline back into his lap. Life didn’t seem to matter as he stared down at her. Colors dulled, sounds were distant, even his body changed. She was his mate– his soulmate. Without her, he was half the man, half the King. The emotional pain was by far greater than the physical he could still feel their bond breaking. He could no longer feel her. No measly human breakup could ever compare to the deep-rooted sadness in his core.

Evangeline was light. She was the fucking world to him.

b “Tell him to go to my office and go into the freezer. Get the syringe that says “Phase 5.” Adlaric looked at López, but didn’t argue. He nodded to the enforcer and within seconds, Donnelley was back with the needle. Adlaric watched as López moved Eve’s arm and inject the needle into her soft flesh.

He growled. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“I think I can bring her back,” she whispered.

His hart lurched at her words. Hope refilled his lifeless body. Maybe...just maybe...They waited. Seconds turned into minutes and minutes ticked on. When there was no change, no movement, no anything, the feral King stood. The mad King walked down the stairs. The dead King stopped in front of Dimitri.

One look at Adlaric and Dimitri knew what he wanted. Dimitri nodded, slowly. Adlaric kneeled before him. Dimitri shifted his hand into claws.

Adlaric felt nothing but everything at once. He felt a deep void in his chest, yet he felt excruciating pain of her death over and over and over again. He failed her. He’d survived for centuries, he’d won hundreds of wars, he’d been broken, he’d built a Kingdom, yet he couldn’t be the mate she deserved.

It was ironic to him; he could win against a hundred wolves, but couldn’t save his mate. Pathetic.

He’d go through his passed a million more times just to have another moment with her.

Nothing broke him except Evangeline.

Without her, life held no meaning because the meaning of his life was hers. It was always her. He had a purpose when he was looking for her, he had a purpose when he had her...now he was nothing.

Adlaric turned his head to look at her one last time. Her head was facing him, her eyes wide, but empty as she stared at him. Her hand was covered in her blood and her dress was a brown-red. He did this to her. His pathetic existence killed her.

His eyes wandered down to her stomach, and as he focused he could hear his baby’s heartbeat, faintly thumping. He let out a suffocating sob when the heartbeat slowly faded into nothingness. In that moment, he wanted nothing more than to die. He looked at Dimitri and grabbed his hand, putting it to his neck.

“You’ve served me well, my Beta,” he said, darkly.

“My King,” Dimitri accepted with a bow. His death wouldn’t be dishonorable. In fact, the Kingdom would tell stories of their brave King who died with love. This wasn’t pathetic. This was love. Unadulterated, inconceivable, unconditional love. Love was the greatest, and worst gift bestowed to them from Selene.

Dimitri knew that once he slit Adlaric’s throat, he couldn’t stop there. Adlaric healed faster than any other Lycan in the Kingdom. No, one cut would be too easy. Dimitri would have to continuously slice Adlaric’s throat until there was nothing left to be healed.

“Goodbye, brother,” Dimitri whispered, bringing his hand down.

“You’re here,” she whispered.

“Always,” he promised.

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