Queen of His Heart

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Dimitri’s head snapped to his Queen as he heard her faint heartbeat come back to life. Adlaric looked over at Doctor López’s shocked expression. Her eyes were filled with tears as Evangeline sprung up in a painful gasp.

“Adlaric!” she cried out, wanting nothing more than for him to be by her side. Dazed and confused, Adlaric stood up and ran to her, pulling her into his lap.

“Moya Koroleva,” he whispered a smile forming on his lips.

She smiled weakly up at him as her finger traced his sharp jawline. “Moy Korol.”

Her wounds were healed, her life restored. She was perfectly fine– perfectly healthy –but Adlaric refused to move and Evangeline didn’t want him to. They lost each other and no amount of time would replace what they lost. The minutes they went through apart were far worse than anything they went through together.

Evangeline had felt nothing but darkness. She was empty when she wasn’t here. He didn’t realize, but he was the light in her life. He was the radiating sun and the penetrating moon. He was the reason she laughed, the reason she cried.

Their world may disapprove, but her world was only him.

They laid there for hours. No one bothered them. When they finally felt secure enough to move, they went up to their room and made love until the sun rose.


When Doctor López met with them the next morning, she was promoted to Minister of Health.

As Evangeline laid on the bed with her stomach exposed and Adlaric by her side, she knew there was no way her child survived. She failed as a mother. She was so against having this baby, but now all she wanted was to have their ticking heartbeat in her womb again. Doctor López rubbed gel onto her tiny frame and then took the remote and glided it over her skin.

Evangeline looked away. She had seen her ultrasound before and she couldn’t bare not hearing its heartbeat. Before its heartbeat was so powerful, it ignited the room in a stead, monotonous rhythm. Now, she knew, it would be nothing.

As she looked away, a heartbeat sounded in their room and she quickly turned back to the screen. Her mouth was open in shock as López smiled at her.

“H-How?” She whispered.

Doctor López cleaned the gel off and printed the images before turning to her Queen. “Do you remember how you didn’t have that last dosage when you were...”

Eve nodded.

“We used it on you. Because you were pregnant with the King’s child, the baby grew stronger and was able to heal you both. Your baby saved you,” she said softly. She smiled as she stood up and took her gloves off. “You will not change. You are still human, not Lucan. That baby of yours took thee brunt of the injection. You may notice some occasional spotting, some cramping, but other than that you should be perfectly fine, my Queen.” The doctor smiled benevolently. Truly she was happy for here rulers. “You might want to start thinking of names. I believe you are due in about three months. Lycanthrope pregnancies tend to be much quicker in duration.”

López stepped forward again, speaking. “I should warn you that because you are human, you will experience certain changes. Your body will adapt to protect your baby. You will become stronger, faster, and you senses will be heightened, but once you have him or her you will return back to your previous state. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get me.” Doctor López bowed respectfully, leaving the room of her royals.

Eve and Adlaric glanced at each other. Adlaric leaned forward and rested his head against hers as he breathed in her scent. “Never again,” he whispered.

“Never again what?”

He looked at her with a playful grin. “Never again are you leaving my sight.”

She pulled him onto the bed. “Good,” she murmured. “I didn’t know humans were capable of this much love.”

“I’m starting to think my human mate may be more Lycan than any of us.”

Eve smiled, mischievously as she reached over to the table beside the bed. She held up the book in front of him, biting her lip.

He sighed and moved beside her grabbing the book. He opened to the first page. “I love you,” she sighed, before he started.

“I love you,” he responded. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her into his embrace as he started reading. “So the lion fell in love with the lamb...”

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