Queen of His Heart

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Evangeline sat on the grassy hill watching the vibrant waves turn over each other. There was a cool breeze surrounding her, making her hair blow in the wind and her white dress wrap around her legs. Tucked under herself, her legs were becoming numb, so she unwrapped them and laid them straight out in front of her.

The breeze blew again, making the chimes on the nearby tree ring in pretty tones. A sudden moment of deja vu hit her as she glanced down at her prominent stomach. She smiled to herself. She was bristling with pride as she carried the King’s child. Every facet of her being was buzzing with power. She was stronger, she was faster, she could hear more taste more, see further. She knew her senses were nothing compared to Adalric’s and that was incredible to her.

She never wanted to be a Lycanthrope. Even now, she was perfectly happy with being herself. However; she would be lying if she said the thought never crossed her mind. She wondered how it would feel to shift. She wondered what it was like to climb trees so high you could see clouds below you. She wondered how it felt to have a wolf.

She was happy. She was unconditionally happy. She had her mate, here children, her Kingdom... she had more than she thought she would ever get. It still amazed her. Sometimes, when Adlaric wasn’t around or when June, Dimitri, and her mate would shift and run off, she asked herself how she was this lucky. She was weak. She didn’t deserve to rule Lycanthropes. She couldn’t understand how Adlaric could be okay with a human.

But then he would come bursting through the trees. He would stand up and kiss her until she saw stars. He would reinforce what she was to him and how special she was. She didn’t live a day without him telling her how beautiful, how divine, how intelligent she was. He knew she was insecure, but he never got angry with her; he spent every moment of his life trying to show her exactly what everyone else saw.

Evangeline’s smile faltered she heard Aurora shriek . Aurora’s smile was contagious as she ran with all her force up the embankment of sand and to Eve, throwing herself into her arms. The Luna gasped and fell back.

“Evangeline! Eros splashed me!”

“Aurora, what have I told you about doing that to Evangeline? Remember she is pregnant.” Adlaric admonished.

Eve looked behind the blonde little girl to Adalric. She lost her breath. Her mate stood there shirtless with white dress pants on that hung low on his hips. He stood a few feet away with Elijah in his arms. Adlaric bent down and let the boy walk to Aurora.

Aurora looked at Eve guiltily. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt baby broger.”

“He’s alright, darling. I’m glad you apologized.” Evangeline said, stroking the girl’s hair. Aurora smiled brightly even though she was missing her front teeth. She stood up and ran back down the sand with Elijah. Those two were inseparable. Everyone in their family protected each other. They were a pack; one of humans and wolves and that was how they liked it.

Adlaric sat down next to her, pulling her into his lap. Instinctually, his hands fell onto her prominent stomach. She held back a moan as he ran his nose up her neck.

“Any day now,” he whispered. Evangeline underestimated just how much he would enjoy seeing her grow with his pup. Every morning she woke up sore and every night she would go to bed well satisfied. She wasn’t complaining. She liked being wanted. She liked being able to wake him up for ice cream and pickles in the middle of the night. He never complained when she asked him to rub her feet or moisturize her legs. He was the perfect mate and father.

Evangeline was due tomorrow and while the thought of labor scared her, she was ecstatic to have another Romanov in her family. Evangeline and Adlaric had gotten married and she was now Evangeline Ademusayo-Romanov. She giggled as she nodded her head. “Thank goddess, I’m so tired of being pregnant.”

“Oh, I thought we could start practicing again once you were healed.”

She feigned shock and shook her head. “We are not having another baby so soon after!”

“Darling,” he cooed, “I said practice.”

She blushed and nodded, looking away. Her eyes found their way back to the beach where their kids played in the sand. “I think it’s time to tell them.”

Adlaric nodded and stood up, calling the kids back to the little blanket on the hill. One bye one he handed each of them a manila envelope. He sat back down with strict instructions. “Alright, no peaking! You may open them on the count of three, alright? 1...2...3!”

Eros was the first to open his. His eyes widened and tears immediately filled them. He wrapped his arms around Evangeline and then went to Adlaric. He pulled away as the others started to cry at their certificates.

Eve smiled at Adlaric, tears streaming down her own cheeks. He wiped them away before kissing her.

“Wait! Wait! What does it say? I can’t read,” Aurora pouted. Aristotle smiled and walked to her side. He sat down and read it to her.

“Aurora Romanov.”


Dimitri and June watched from the balcony as their lieges gave the good news to their kids. “I’m so happy for them,” June whispered. Her hair blew in the breeze. She could smell the ocean so crisply, it made her sigh in satisfaction.

“He deserves happiness,” Dimitri agreed. “They both do.” Dimitri kissed June’s cheek before sliding the glass door over and walking back into their room.

June followed her mate back inside as she braided her hair. “And to think a year ago he was about to go through with it.”

“I would have done the same thing,” the Beta responded. He sat on the bed and smiled when June sat on his lap.“You’re my soulmate. If I hadn’t found you...I don’t know how I would live. You have brought so much happiness and so much joy into my bleak life.”

June smiled as she leaned forward and kissed her mate softly. She pulled away after a moment. “Do you think he will ever lose control again?”

Dimitri shook his head. “Not if he has Evangeline. The beast within him will remain dormant. We always assumed the beast that raged within him was malicious. No one took the time to really comprehend. The beast inside just wanted to be loved. And Evangeline loves that beast more than anything in the world. As long as she’s around, he will be tamed; She’s Queen of His Heart.”


Oh my fucking God, it’s fucking done!!!!! After literally five months of writing this book, Queen of His Heart is OFFICIALLY done.

I will say this is probably one of my favorite books I have attempted to write. I’m really proud of it and I hope it goes far because I put a lot of effort into this book. (It may still suck but so do I so).

I hope you have enjoyed this journey of Evangeline and Adlaric. I know some of you are gonna as if there is gonna be a sequel and the answer is YES, THERE WILL BE. I don’t know when I will be starting it however; I have CASSIUS and VIOLET I have to finish hahah.

Speaking of which, you can check out my earlier works: LITHIA, CASSIUS, or VIOLET. I will admit the grammar sucks, the plots are okay, and no way are they as good as this one, but I do think you might enjoy reading them.

I know some of you will be disappointed that I didn’t kill of Eve, but I am a sucker for happy endings. I literally could not kill her off bc she’s my PRIDE AND JOY OKAY.

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Thank you so much for liking this book and thank you to all those who have been with me since the very beginning. I love you all so much and I really appreciate all your comments and love you give me.


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Until the next shitty werewolf book,


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