Queen of His Heart

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“Are you sure?”

Austin asked, pacing in front of the King’s desk. Adlaric nodded as Dimitri spoke.

“Everyone in the Kingdom could feel it. We all know she is Luna, Austin.”

Jessica paled at the news and held her stomach. Her daughter was only seventeen; she didn’t want to give her away yet. She could tell her husband was irked by their Lycanthrope claim on his daughter, but he knew King Adlaric. The King was kind and always treated Austin with dignity; something many wolves did not do. The fact Adlaric was even asking was astronomical.

“So what does this mean?” Austin asked, sighing as he sat down in the chair in front of the desk. Dimitri was leaning against it as his King talked.

“I’m going to ask for you to move your family to Russia. We will support you, fully. You are Queen mother and Queen Father. As far as I see it, you are family now.” Jessica, while happy at how kind he was, was appalled by Adlaric’s words.

“You’re asking us to move our daughter here? She has friends...a life...you’re asking us to uproot her from a place she calls home.” Jessica responded.

“Jess,” Austin started.

“No, Austin. She doesn’t know about their life, she doesn’t even know wolves exist. It would destroy her.” Austin went silent at his wife’s outburst and rubbed the back of his neck. Adlaric remained quiet as he took in their words. He knew that if he asked again, they would move, but they were also right. He wasn’t worried about his life anymore, it was all about her happiness and he vowed to never make her sad.

“You’re right,” Adlaric said.

“My King?” Dimitri interrupted.

“I can rule from America, can I not? And it would only be for a period of time until I can introduce the idea of moving to her. I’ve ruled American wolves from Russia just fine.” Dimitri looked at his Alpha with skepticism but nodded, reluctantly.

As Dimitri and Austin leave the office, Jessica hesitantly exits the door with Adlaric behind her.

“I can tell you want to ask something,” Adlaric says softly, closing his office doors. Jessica bites her lip, nervously before responding.

“I don’t nor have I ever worked for you...I just...she’s my baby girl she deserves to live a teenage life. Don’t take that away from her, please.”

Adlaric’s eyebrows furrow and he nods once. “She is my life now. I will make her as happy as I can. For that, you have my word.”

When the four make their way back to the ballroom, Austin almost has a heart attack as he sees his daughter holding a glass of wine, going to take a sip. He raced to her and grabbed the glass just before she had a tase.

“Absolutely not! You’re not eighteen yet!”

Eve groaned while June happily drank her wine. She was eighteen.

“Oh, come on Austin, she turns eighteen in two hours.”

Eve had completely forgotten her birthday was tomorrow. She smiled at her mom’s empathy and looked expectedly at her father. He still shook his head.

“You act like it’s my first drink,” she mumbled low under her breath so her father couldn’t hear. She only realized Dimitri and the other man where next to her parents when she saw Dimitri’s smirk.

“Are you following me, sir Dimitri,” she joked. The man smiled and shook his head. Her eyes wandered to the other man’s and she realized she never got his name, but she was far too embarrassed to ask. Her mouth closed and she looked down, blushing before turning around and walking away.

June rolled her eyes and handed her glass to Jessica. “The girl can play Dvorak like it’s Row Row Row your boat, but freezes when she meets a cute guy, I swear.” Following Eve, June finally sees her friend on the balcony. Eve can sense her presence before she sees June.

“Was it that bad?”

“It was pretty bad,” June said, grinning.

“Oh god,” Eve mutters, her head falling into her hands.

“What’s going on with you?”

Eve shook her head in annoyance. She didn’t know. All she knew was what she felt and she felt...alive. “I feel like I met the man of my dreams.”
Adlaric and Dimitri had not mean to eavesdrop, but they could hear the conversation from their throne. Dimitri glanced at his friend and smiled when he saw Adlaric’s.

“What’s the problem then?” June asked. “Eve, what is it?”

Eve bit her lip, tears welling in her eyes. “I don’t know I just...I’m afraid...” June, now worried, rubbed her hands up Eve’s arms.

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve only just met him and the thought of him leaving...of me never seeing him again...I live in America, June.”

June sighed and brought her friend into her arms. She knew Eve did nor react this way to minuscule feelings. What Eve was feeling was very real.

Adlaric had to contain the wince that threatened to make an appearance. He glared at the marble tile as he heard his mate sobbing from outside. Something selfish within him was almost happy; she could feel the bond which meant he wasn’t fabricating finding is other half. She was real and she was here and he was overjoyed. But Adalric hated hearing her sobs and smelling her tears. Even her tears were sweet with kindness.

Dimitri, while Adlaric was raveling in his mate, was thinking ahead. Queen Luna was human and while most of the realm loved King Adlaric, there were some wolves who aimed to hurt the Kingdom. The best way to hurt Adlaric was now through Eve. When news spread of Queen Luna’s presence, rogues and certain packs would seek her.

The best way to hurt an Alpha was through his heart.

Dimitri was happy. He was happy his best friend found his beloved, but it worried him for a love that took that long to reach maturity surely would be catastrophic if it were taken away.

Adlaric, sensing the thoughts of his Beta, grimaced as he glanced at Dimitri. Beta Dimitri was right and Adlaric knew that. A normal wolf would be endangered, but a human Luna was practically a casualty in their way of life. King Alpha Adlaric wouldn’t change Eve, though. She’s perfect.

“He’s perfect,” Eve mumbled into her friend’s shoulder.

“Hey, stop, if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be, right? You can’t control your feelings, you can just feel them. You’re ruining my makeup,” June joked, moving a strand of hair away from Eve’s eyes. “Let’s go back in and have fun. You turn eighteen soon!” Eve smiled and wiped her tears away, nodding.

“Let’s go.”

As the hours passed, many couples left, but many stayed. Wolves felt connected to their Luna already and Eve happily made conversation with those who wanted to. When the hour was hitting midnight, Eve sat with June on her phone. It might have seemed rude, but the teenage girls were becoming bored by the adult activities. The music remained classical, their dresses became annoying, and the conversation eventually dulled to one of business and professionalism. All the teenagers and young adults shared common boredom.

Adlaric didn’t like when she wasn’t smiling. He wanted to see her smile again. He leaned over to Dimitri.

“What do teenagers these days like?”

Dimitri shrugged. He was also not accustomed to the ways of teenagers in the 2010s. Waving over a pup of the pack, Dimitri asked him instead, to which the boy grinned and replied, “music!”

Adlaric and Dimitri mutually shared a look of skepticism before allowing the pup to go and get an aux chord to play his playlist. Adlaric stood up and announced that everyone was free to leave, but that contemporary music would be played for the younger crowd.

Adlaric began questioning his decision when ‘Wobble’ began to play over the speaker and his little mate was shaking her hips around other pups. Dimitri laughed as he saw his Alpha gawk at the vulgarity of the music and dances.

Eve smiled as she danced to the song and moved away when people were getting too close to her. For a moment, she stopped and looked at the man sitting on the throne, looking not so pleased. As soon as his eyes met hers, his mood drastically changed. She picked up the bottom of her dress and made her way over to him. She had to make sure she did not step on her dress as she climbed the stone steps. Adalric looked at her expectantly.

“I–” What had she meant to say? Why did she come here? She blushed and bit her lip before speaking. “I don’t know your name...what is it?” Adlaric smiled. He enjoyed hearing her voice. He enjoyed knowing she was just as nervous around him.

“My name is Adlaric, Eve.”

She smiled as his deep voice rasped out her name. He had a name fit for royalty. The name suited him perfectly.

“You remembered my name!” She mentally scolded herself for how enthused she sounded. “I just mean, you seemed very busy today. I’m sure you have a lot of names to remember.”

“I remember the names of people I think are special.”

His mate blushed before him and his wolf threatened to make an apperance. If his internal animal had his way, Eve would have already been mated, married tomorrow, and shipped off to live with him in Russia. She would have been swollen with his pups within a month. But he couldn’t do that and he didn’t want to. His mate deserved a life of her choosing and he wanted her to grow up how she desired. He had a young adult life, she should be able to have one too. Everything he would eventually ask her to do was far too much to give to her now. He’s waited over three centuries for her and he would wait three more if it made her happy.

He quickly learned that having a mate was not about making yourself happy, but rather making them happy.

“Well, you have a gorgeous home! Thank you for–”


Upon hearing her mother’s voice, Eve turned around to see her mother walking toward her. Maybe she wasn’t supposed to be talking to someone as important as Adlaric. She quickly turned back to him and awkwardly curtsied. “Sorry for bothering you, Mr. Romanov. I’ll leave you alone now. I just wanted to say thank you for catching me.”

June went to her friend’s side and laughed softly. “We have to get you in bed before midnight!”

The girls had a tradition where they would wake the other up with balloons and other happy favors, but if they weren’t in bed by midnight, June would have to say happy birthday and then it would ruin the rest of the birthday. Eve was excited to turn eighteen.

“Alright,” Eve said, “let’s head back to the hotel.”

“Actually, sweetheart, Mr. Romanov is allowing us to stay here tonight.” Austin’s tie was fully undone as he came to his daughter’s side. Eve couldn’t help but look up at Adlaric. He always captivated her attention.

June nudged her. “You’re staring again.” Immediately, Eve looked away. “We have to get you to bed now. We only have a few minutes!”

Adlaric personally showed them to their rooms. Her parents had one room and the girls had another right across the hall. Adlaric said goodnight and then left the family to get ready for bed. Quickly, the girls had put on the provided pajamas. While June was in the bathroom brushing her teeth, there was a knock at the door. Eve had put on her glasses and taken off her makeup. When she opened the door she was shocked to see Adlaric standing there. She smiled even though her blush was making another apperance.

Adlaric looked at his watch before looking back at her. “Happy birthday, Eve.”

She smiled at his sweetness. “Thank you, Mr. Romanov.”

“Adlaric. Please call me Adlaric.”

“Adlaric,” she said with a nod. “If you want you can call me Evangeline.”

Adlaric nodded, a hint of a smile gracing his lips. “Goodnight, Evangeline.”

As Adlaric turned to make his way back to his room, Eve closed her door and leaned against it, sighing happily.

“If he comes back tonight don’t have sex with me in the bed.”

Eve rolled her eyes at June.

Later that night, when June heard Eve’s heartbeat steady, she got up and went to Adlaric’s office like he had asked. She knocked once and the doors opened. Dimitri stood behind Adlaric and Adlaric was behind his desk, writing. He looked up and smiled. He really truly smiled. She hadn’t seen it in a long time.

“You’re happy,” June said walking in and sitting on the chair in front of Adlaric. The business man nodded with a whisper of a grin.

“I am.”

June smiled before Adlaric continued.

“How much does she know?”

“Nothing, Alpha,” June responded.

Adlaric nodded. “Protect her, will you? Be there for her in ways I cannot. Inform me of important things in her life.”

“Alpha, if I may speak honestly for a moment...” Adlaric encouraged June to go on. “I think she would be more than happy to be yours.”

“There’s a but?”

“But, she’s human. She needs to be wooed. You’ve captured her heart; she feels the bond, my King. You need to treat your relationship like humans treat there’s and I promise you she will accept the life you will give her.”

“Do you feel bad lying to her?”

“It’s my secret to keep or share. She’s my best friend and always will be. My feelings for her are pure and I love her dearly. I’m glad I will be able to share this part of my life with her as well.”

Adalric nodded and listened to the advice June had provided. Before tonight, he had distantly been associated with June and her family. He knew immediately when she stepped foot on the grounds that she was part lycanthrope. She was a wolf and her best friend was human.

June did want to tell Eve her secret, but she wasn’t sure how she would take it. It wasn’t only June’s secret; it was her family’s and she was nervous to put her family at risk. There were strict rules about humans knowing of their kind.

Adalric was the first to leave. Dimitri’s wolf was chaotically scratching to get out. Reaching over to grab something of Adlaric’s desk, his hand bumped into Eve’s. Both knew almost immediately; they were mates. They shared a mutual understanding almost at an instant; their bond had to wait. Their top priority was their Alphas and it always would be. June was meant to be Beta because she was always so protective of her natural Luna. June was brimming with happiness and her wolf was overjoyed being mated to such a high class wolf.

“You’re mine,” Dimitri whispered, lifting her from her chair and burying his nose in her neck.

“Always and forever,” June whispered back, her hands finding his hair.

Adlaric could sense when mates paired. He smiled to himself as he undressed in his room. Well, I’ll be damned.


I always try to make my stories as diverse as I see fit. I usually have characters of different ethnicities in my creations and I really value that part of my writing.

Above is Dimitri (graphic by the amazingly talented @geminigraphics)!

Anyway, I just started writing this story and I love it so much! It’s only been out for a few days and I am ecstatic that you are all reading it. Please star, comment, and advertise my book.

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