Queen of His Heart

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“The council wanted to congratulate you, My King.”

Adlaric stifled a bright smile at the elder’s words and nodded, appreciatively. “Thank you, Elder Warren. It’s a happy time in my life.”

“The Kingdom looks forward to meeting its Luna. May I ask when you plan to introduce the Queen.”

Adlaric stiffened slightly, but answered nonetheless. “Not for sometime,” he answered. Eve was young and underdeveloped. No, not in her looks, but he had to admit that she had some maturing to do before she could rule. And even if she didn’t need to, he wanted her to have a life. A life that a teenager would. A life that he had. He wanted her to be carefree for as long as possible before she would become worry-filled with work from the Kingdom. He loved her, effortlessly. He loved her enough to let her experience life without him because eventually she would experience eternity with him.

“What on Earth are you saying?”

“My mate is returning to her home in the states and I intend on following her.”

Adlaric had expected shouts and screams from his elders, but only a few held resentment to his choice. The rest simply nodded.

“My King, you have served us well these years. We respect your decision and support it. We trust you,” Elder Warren said, confidently. Adlaric felt his heart swell with pride and he opened his mouth to let out a strong howl. The elders followed in suit.


Eve didn’t know it would be this hard to leave Russia. In such a short time, she was so heavily affected. She blamed it on the scenery, but she knew her heart really cried because it would miss Adlaric.

Eve turned away from TSA to look at Dimitri. She couldn’t bare to look at Adlaric; she knew she would cry. “Thank you for everything,” she said to Dimitri.

“We enjoyed your stay,” he responded with a sweet smile.

She took a breath as she looked at Adlaric. “Thank you for your hospitality,” she said, strongly. Even she was surprised by the lack of waver in her voice.

“Anytime,” the King responded.

Eve smiled one last time before turning around. Her family made their way to security. She told herself not to look back, but she couldn’t help it. Through the mass of people, she saw him, standing there. Her body ached to be near him and as she went further away from the handsome man, the harder it was to not look. No, she couldn’t do it.

Without another thought, she ducked under the separating ropes and left security. She ran to him and threw herself in his arms. His strong muscles surrounded her and she stuffed her head into his neck. She squeezed her eyes closed as If that would will her not to cry.

“I’ll miss you Adlaric,” she whispered.

“I’m always here,” he responded. “Evangeline,” he rasped, seeing her family near the agent. She couldn’t miss her flight. “You must go.”

“Why do I feel like this is goodbye?”

“It’s not,” he whispered, pulling away. His hand found its way to her cheek. “Goodbye is a place holder until I see you again. And I will see you again.” For a moment, he thought about telling her that he had already bought the home down the street from her. But a selfish part of him wanted to see how she would react to leaving thinking she wouldn’t see him again. Another part of him wanted to see her smile when she did find out.

Eve pulled away and quickly ran back to her family. As she turned to look at him one final time, she believed him.

He was always here with her.

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