Queen of His Heart

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She didn’t feel like herself.

Well, she felt like she was who she was before going to Russia. She didn’t like the feelings she felt before Russia. Eve felt empty. She wanted to feel like she felt while she was there.

She sighed as she fidgeted in her chair. Her school had asked her and a group of her friends to be ambassadors for an open house. The school wanted some students to promote the school to new students or families considering attending.

“We follow a period schedule, so we have six classes a day,” Eve’s friend, Eberly said as she looked at the parent who had asked about their schedule.

Eve’s interest piqued when a few more people entered. Her excitement fell when a certain man hadn’t entered. It’d been a week since she had seen him, but it felt so much longer. She longed for him.

A parent raised their hand and and Eve called on them. “Are you close with other students?”

Eve smiled, hiding her internal feelings. “We are all very close. This is a hard school so we bond over mutual stress,” she joked. The parents laughed.

“Do you ever get to travel?”

Eve knew that voice. Her eyes snapped to the side of the auditorium and her heart burst as she saw the man of her dreams standing there with his suit jacket hanging on his arm.

She nodded enthusiastically and bit her lip before responding. “I actually just went to Russia,” she said breathlessly.

Adlaric smiled. “Do you miss it?”

I missed you. She nodded. “More than anything. Ever since I’ve come back I’ve felt like...I’ve been missing something very important in my life.”

Adlaric gave her that dazzling smile before another parent asked another question. Her eyes always went back to Adlaric. He was intoxicating.

When the meeting was over, the girls circled and started gossiping.

“Oh my god, did you see those guys!” One girl had cooed.

“That man was gorgeous,” another added.

“I wonder how old he is!”

“I wonder if he’s single?”

Eve never felt so angry in her life. She was possessive over someone who wasn’t her’s but she was so...jealous. No one had the right to look or talk about him like that. It wasn’t fair. Without thinking, she quickly joined the conversation.

“Thats Adlaric Romanov. He’s gay.”

Adalric sputtered into his coffee cup as he overheard the conversation. He had smelled her anger before seeing how red her face got. Part of him was thrilled she was so possessive over him. Another part chuckled at her response. Dimitri laughed beside him, grabbing his stomach to calm himself down.

“What about the other one? Damn, I didn’t know Russia produced such fine pieces of–”

It was June’s turn to interrupt. June wanted to do anything to make her mate not seem so desirable to these teenage humans. “I hear he can’t get it up.”

Dimitri’s laughter stopped immediately and Adalric smirked.

The girls pouted and split up into groups to show their guests around. It just so happened that June and Eve were put in a group with Dimitri and Adalric.

“Hi,” she had greeted breathlessly.

“Hello, Evangeline,” Adlaric responded, how smooth voice melting her core again.

She blushed at his tone and looked down at her feet. Her friend, Eberly, began to speak about the school as they all walked around campus. They walked out of the school up to the soccer fields and barn. The school was known for its equestrian team.

The group all stopped in the barn’s stables and the girls began to explain everything.

Eberly smiled as she continued to talk. “We have really good sports teams and the equestrian is fifteenth in the states.”

“I heard that you have a different class system for your sports?” A parent asked Eberly. Eberly nodded enthusiastically.

“Yeah, so we follow a different system than most schools. We don’t have captains or presidents, we have Alphas, Betas, and Gammas,” she said.

June rolled her eyes as Dimitri grinned at her. Adalric’s interest piqued.

“For example, Eve is Alpha of Varsity soccer and I am Beta of the team. June’s Beta of the school, I’m Beta of soccer, chess team, and Alpha of equestrian and Eve is actually Alpha of the school, debate team, soccer, and she’s Beta of the tutoring club. We’re the she-wolves so it seemed fitting to follow actual pack hierarchy.”

The parent nodded at Eberly’s words and went silent.

“Everyone must do a sport, so if you ride you have to ride at least twenty hours a week for it to count as your sport,” June said. Eve nodded at her statement. Without thinking, her eyes connected with Adlaric’s and her mouth opened without thought.

“I’d like to ride something.”

June gaped at her friend while Eberly snickered. Eve, realizing her grave mistake, went red and avoided eye contact with the man in front of her. She couldn’t believe she had said that out-loud. She was beyond embarrassed; she was mortified. She gulped. She wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

“You guys got this right?

Before anyone could respond, the young Luna dashed out of the barn and down the hill to get back to the school. Back in the barn, Adlaric had a smug grin prying on his lips as he looked at Beta Dimitri. The Beta internally groaned and unwrapped his arms from his chest.

Follow her.

Dimitri nodded as his Alpha’s voice filtered through his head. Silently, as the girls continued to speak, Dimitri backed away from the group and followed his Luna’s scent. Dimitri knew that his Alpha’s number one goal now that he had found his mate was to protect her. Dimitri would also be lying if he said he didn’t have a primal need to make sure his Luna was safe and sound. So while he wished he could continue to watch June smile and laugh, he had a duty.

June’s eyes saddened as her mate left, but she understood. She knew the campus was safe, but their royals had never been here before. It was natural for them to feel uneasy on new land. Whenever Dimitri and her mated, she would become a Beta as well, and as Betas their duty was to protect and aid their Alphas. June could never be angry at Dimitri for protecting his Luna because June had the same orders and the same need. The soon-to-be Beta smiled, hiding her disappointment, and continued speaking.


“That was so bad!”

“It wasn’t that bad!”

“No, June, it was pretty bad.”

Eve groaned and stuffed her head in her hands. She was appalled by what she said. She had no idea what had come over her. In her defense, she has never experienced such carnal emotion. It was like everything that Eve found desirable, Adlaric had. It was like her libido was casually growing and growing and she feared what would happen when it reached its peak.

“Hey, Eve, don’t freak out, but don’t turn around,” Eberly whispered. Eberly had seen them as they passed by the coffee shop’s windows. She wanted to see Eve’s reaction, but she knew her friend was literally freaking out over what she had said.

As if on cue, the Russian gents came strolling to their table. As soon as Eve felt his presence behind her chair, she quickly stood up and scurried to the bathroom.

Eberly and June looked at each other before June spoke. “Sorry. She...uh...she really had to go.” Eberly gave June a skeptical look and June shrugged. Eventually Eve came back out, but was stopped right beside the table by Aniya, another girl from school.

“Hey I wanted to give you back your book.” Aniya smiled politely setting the book on the table, right in front Adlaric. Eve silently wished God would smite her here and now because the book Aniya laid on the table was named The Alpha’s Conquest, and in fact had belonged to Eve. Maybe it was because she didn’t want Adlaric to see her dirty book or maybe it was because people treated the Alpha in her book the same way people treated Adlaric in his home. She blushed brightly and looked at Aniya. What the fuck was she supposed to say?

“Actually,” Eberly interrupts, “it’s my book.”

Eve loved her friends, she really did.

Aniya still continued to speak, vocalizing her confusion. “Oh...alright. I thought it was Eve because she had loaned me Lady and the Wolf as well...anyway, I’ll see you guys at school.” Without another word, thank God, Aniya walked away.

Eve would be more than happy to die right about now. Eberly couldn’t help but notice the amusement on Adalric’s face as he stared down at the book.

Eve wanted nothing more than to get away. She was immature in this way; she didn’t like confrontation and she didn’t like humility either. At the moment, her embarrassment far surpassed her manners and she quickly left the small shop. June was left apologizing while they followed their friend.

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