Falcon's Heaven

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Miranda N
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Chapter 1

I had gathered up all my books and made sure I had everything needed to go and teach my new class which was on the reservation. I hated that they had to be told where to go how to live and practically breath.

I also hate that the Native Americans are not allowed to hunt for survival that they have to listen to soldiers and eat what they are given like prisoners but worse.

But I got the opportunity to help them, those who want to be able to learn about how the White people as they call us live, and what we learn.

I walked out and climbed up into my carriage and placed my book strap with my books next to me and grabbed the reins

I clucked my tongue and my horse clover started to move, I guided him in the direction on the reservation where I am to be the new teacher.

I know I will have my hands full with some of the soldiers there that are watching the camp. And I may have trouble with some of the native people but hopefully, that won’t be a problem.

As I got closer I saw how they were whipping a couple of Native’s and I fought back the tears and the urge to vomit with the harsh punishment that they were receiving.

I pulled up to the reservation and hopped out of the carriage grabbing my book strap and placed it in my arms as I walked up to Clover and tied his reins to the pole before I rubbed his back and walked around to where the little school area is to be.

It wasn’t much but it was better than nothing at all.

I placed my books on the small table that I was to use as a desk before I walked over to the crate that I had delivered her that held chalkboards, books, chalk, paper, and writing utensils.

“Good morning Ms. Carrow”

I looked up at the young soldier

“good morning soldier” I greeted back

“How are you doing this morning?” he asked “I am doing fine thank you,” I said He grabbed the tip of his hat tipped it a little and walked off. I turned back to setting out all the supplies on the long benches the students would be sitting on.

“Hello teacher”

I looked over my shoulder and seen one of the native people

“hello there” I greeted

he smiled and walked up to me

“are you here for school?” I asked

“No ma’am,” he said

“awe,” I said and he looked at me

“I was hoping to have more students then what I am to have come today to at least get and the idea of what is to be expected” I informed him.

“I am far too old to be learning anything ma’am,” he said

" In my opinion education has no limit when it comes to learning for those who want to widen their knowledge.”

He just looked at me before nodding his head in agreement

“when spoken like that then I agree.”

“What can I do for you, sir?” I asked

“I was wanting to know who the teacher would be that is gonna teach my children of the White people ways,” he said.

“well that is me, so I hope that after You has spoken with me that you will allow your children to attend my class, as I look forward to meeting them”

He smiled and nodded his head and went to speak but a soldier walked up

“back to your tent savage,” the soldier said

“wait I was talking to him about my job, he was wanting to know my name so if his kids are sick or something he can come and tell me” I inform the soldier

“you shut up,” the soldier said

I bit my tongue and glared at the soldier before looking at the native man

I smiled at him and nodded my head as he walked off without saying anything.

“Now as for you little lady, you’re being replaced by someone else so gather up your things and get outta here,” he said then walked off

I was shocked that I was being replaced so I gathered up my things before I looked at the woman who would be taking my place as the native peoples teacher.

I said nothing to nobody as I untied the reins and climbed into the carriage placing my books beside me and flicked my wrist to make Clover leave.

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