The Fallback

By R.K. Knightly All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica


Grey and Tatiana meet through their mutual friend Freya. Tati-as Grey calls her-becomes best friends with the man though they have never met in person. Years pass before Grey's true love becomes engaged and he reaches out for the one woman that can piece him back together.

1. Chat

Welcome to A&S Chatroom!

Tatiana: Hello?

Ashes2Ashes: Hi Tatiana, I see you got Freya’s invite through her email :)

Tatiana: I did. Will I now be riddled with worms and viruses since I downloaded some strange app on my computer. I want to back up any files before that happens. ;)

Ashes2Ashes: LOL! Not at all! I made the app for a school project. Need the credits to pass. Now you are all my little guinea pigs <eg>

Tatiana: Oh...

So where is every1 else? Or am I the only one dumb enough that dl’ed the thing? Should I expect the blue screen of death soon?

Ashes2Ashes: They should be along soon. Prolly still in class. I never attend classes so I’m free to do as I please X)

Tatiana: Fantastic- I’m stuck in a dubious chatroom with am underachiever tech geek.

Ashes2Ashes: Don’t knock it ’til you tried it! :D

Anyway- tell me about yourself. Tatiana is a Russian name, isn’t it? Are you from the country previously dubbed the USSR? And should we call you Tatiana or is Ana okay?

Tatiana: Ana is fine, though my mother would cringe if she heard me say that. My mother is from Russia, father’s from Chicago. I was born in Seattle.

Ashes2Ashes: Sweet. My name is Asher but evry1 calls me Ash. Hence the screen name. You should change yours too, Ana.

(slight pause)

You still there?

Ana: yeah- is that better?

Ashes2Ashes: Meh... so-so. You should come up with a cool name like I did.

Ana: Ashes2Ashes? I guess the tech geek’s definition of cool varies greatly in Colorado.

Ashes2Ashes: :-I

Greyhound: Is this thing fucking on?

Ana: Anyway, besides school what do you do?

Ashes2Ashes: Grey! Sup bro?

Greyhound: Nada. Just sitting in some lame ass chat room from 1995 apparently. :-/

Ana: LOL

Greyhound: Who’s the chick? And why can’t we have our own icons- like real ones? I don’t wanna hide this pretty face behind a computer screen. I need to share it with the world.

Ashes2Ashes: working on it bro. perfection takes time. This is Ana. She’s from Seattle.

Greyhound: Hey, babe- ASL?

Ashes2Ashes: Jeez, you don’t even know the chick, fool. She could be a hermaphrodite for all you know.

Greyhound: she’d still have a hole I could fuck.

Ana: ew

And I’m not a hermaphrodite. Only the appropriate holes here, tyvm. :)

Greyhound: So... answer the question ASL?

Ana: ugh fine. 21/female (obviously we’ve got that cleared up by now- at least hopefully)/Seattle.

Greyhound: Dammit.

Ashes2AShes: Hoping for that hermaphrodite, huh?

Greyhound: uhm no... too far away.

Ana: you all are in Boulder CO?

Ashes2Ashes: Denver

Ana: nice.

Greyhound: what do you do?

Ana: nothing, I’m in school for now. Getting my degree in physical therapy.

Ashes2Ashes: Grey...

Greyhound: I could get physical with you.

Ashes2Ashes: I need to make a facepalm emoji for this room ASAP

Ana: :-!

Ashes2Ashes: don’t let Grey scare you. He’s already in love with someone else. He just doesn’t know when to turn the flirt off.

Greyhound: fuck off, bro. don’t be spreading shit.

Ashes2Ashes: What? It’s only you, me and Ana here. Nobody else can see it.... yet.

Greyhound: Is there a private message function in here in case I want to sext someone?

Ashes2Ashes: next week bro. I’m fine-tuning. This is chatroom 1.0

Greyhound: who the fuck talks in chatroom anymore? I’ll tell you... old men who want to perv on little boys and girls. This is fucking weak.

Ana: So what do you do Grey?

Greyhound: I study Business, going to open my own chain of gyms.

Ana: :-I Another ruse to bring young women in to flirt and hopefully fuck?

Ashes2Ashes: Haha! Busted!

Greyhound: .....


Ashes2Ashes: You’re going to fit in just fine here, Ana.

Greyhound: So is Ana short for something? Anabelle... Anastasia? Or is it just Ana?

Ana: Short for Tatiana

Greyhound: I don’t like it. I’m giving you a new name...

Ana: :-I it’s fine, Grey.

Greyhound: .... still thinking

Ashes2AShes: brb, gotta drain the lizard

Greyhound: TMI dude. just admit you’re actually pinching a loaf or manhandling yourself.

Ana: wow

So... your name is Grey or is it short for something as well?

Greyhound: Greyson- but don’t call me that, I fucking hate my full name. I sound like some English pussy who drinks tea and talks about cricket or whatever. Like that shit’s a real man’s sport.

Ana: And what is a real man’s sport? Football?

Greyhound: hell yeah- or ice hockey. Anything where severe bodily injury is a daily possibility. What’s the worst that could happen in cricket? The wide end of that bat thing gets shoved up ur ass?

Ana: I think it’s called the blade.

Greyhound: semantics. that games for pussies.

Ana: right.

Greyhound: So... what do you look like Tati? Pics are appreciated- bikini or less gets you a photo of my dick.

Ana: oh brother. So... who are you in love with?

Greyhound: nuh huh- this is about you? so... photo?

Ana: You remember Carmen Elektra?

Greyhound: Yeah? <3

Ana: Nothing like her.

Greyhound: You’re no fucking fun.

Ana: I have my moments. :D

Greyhound: so if you DID look like a celebrity- who would it be?

Ana: Dudley Moore

Greyhound: Isn’t that a dude?

Ana: Hey- you were the one looking for some hermaphrodite loving.

Greyhound: I’ll tell you who I’m in love with next week if you send me a photo today.

Ana: Nope. First of all, I don’t care enough to know and second, I don’t have any photos of myself half-naked.

Not that I would share them with you at any rate.

Greyhound: It can be a clothed photo.

Ana: Hmmm.... maybe then

Ashes2Ashes: If you send him that photo I’m sure he’ll just use it to jack off to.

Greyhound: the fuck...

Ana: It doesn’t have to be my photo. I could send him any random photo and claim it’s me.

Ashes2Ashes: true...

Greyhound: Only Freya would tell me whether or not it was you or not.

Ana: You’re not helping your cause. Ash... who’s loverboy head over heels for? The fucker won’t tell me.

Greyhound: Don’t you dare. You know I can beat your ass so that even your own mama won’t recognize your dead body in the morgue.

Ashes2Ashes: sorry ana, the man will do it and this face is too pretty to ruin on account of your curiosity.

Greyhound: hell yeah.... except for the bit about your pretty face. You look like a frog that got its face smashed in by the flat end of one of those cricket bats.

Ana: Blade

Greyhound: whatever, baby

Ana: ugh

Ashes2Ashes: should I leave you two alone in here to flirt or will Grey need to use his spank bank fodder of ‘she who shall not be named’ again this evening?

Ana: Don’t leave me here with him!

Greyhound: ouch

Ana: sorry not sorry

Kaybae: Hey baby!

Ashes2Ashes: Hey baby. Ana this is Kaylie, my girl.

Ana: omg, a tech geek with a girl... alert the presses

Greyhound: ha ha turd!

Ashes2Ashes: :*( and all this time I thought we were friends.

Ana: You wouldn’t spill the beans so all bets are off.

Ashes2Ashes: shit.

Anyway, Kaylie, this is Tatiana or Ana. She’s friends with Freya.

Greyhound: her name’s Tati. I thus proclaim it and so it shall be.

Ashes2Ashes: insert eye roll here.

Kaybae: Hey Ana! Freya mentioned meeting you at the convention this past winter! Nice to meet you.

what didn’t you spill, hon?

Greyhound: shut it, Ash

Ashes2Ashes: who Grey’s been in love with for like a year.


Kaybae: Oh that’s an easy one.

Ana: yeah?

Greyhound: Kaylie, I’m not afraid to hit a woman.

Kaybae: bullshit. You wouldn’t hit me if your life depended on it. I’m adorable.

Ana... Grey may act tough but he’s a warm cuddly teddy bear inside.

Ana: a horny teddy bear maybe...

Kaybae: it’s an act. He flirts with anything with a vagina but its all about Freya for him.

Greyhound: fuck, Kay. what the hell?

Kaybae: we all know it... I think Freya even does but she’s too busy hopping from one dick to the next to notice you.

Ana: this got awkward all of the sudden.

So... Freya. She’s gorgeous. I don’t blame you. If I swung for that team I’d be on her.

Greyhound: I hate you all

Ana: What? I would.

So are you all friends living in Boulder?

Kaybae: Denver

Ana: right

Kaybae: yeah, we’ve all known each other for years. you’re the only newb around here. We should all share pics!

Greyhound: An outstanding idea!

Ana: I decline

Kaybae: why?

Ashes2Ashes: Grey’s already tried to get her to give him a bikini pic... or a nude

Kaybae: dude...

Greyhound: what? she could be hot! I’m single... wait, are you single, Tati?

Kaybae: Tati?

Ashes2Ashes: Grey had to be different and call her his own little pet name

Kaybae: typical

Ana: I’m single and soooo not ready to mingle

Greyhound: why?

Ana: Well, first off my asshole ex slept with a friend of mine so men suck in general right now. Plus- why would it matter if I was or wasn’t? I don’t know you and you’re way too far away at any rate. or- you could have two heads for all I know. And you’re in love with Freya.

Greyhound: Oh baby I DO have two heads. Wanna see?

Ana: God no!

Ashes2Ashes: Dick on a stick is gonna scare the fresh fish off before he even gets her to bite.

Kaybae: Grey get ur head out of ur ass

Greyhound: Fuck this place is lame. No damned way there isn’t some option to share a photo up in here.

Ashes2Ashes: Uhm yeah- I’ll get on that dick pic photo share option right away

Greyhound: What’s your full name Tati?

Ana: ...


Greyhound: just curious

Ana: ugh, Tatiana wheeler

Greyhound: excellent, Tatiana Wheeler. Facebook here I come.

Ashes2Ashes: I thought you got rid of facebook after that stalker last year.

Greyhound: I’m going incognito. fake profile.

Ana: and I’m making my profile private as we speak.

Kaybae: why you so interested in getting into Ana’s pants? Freya not bossing you around as much as you like anymore?

Ana: ?

Greyhound: shut it, Kay. And it’s Tati. Leave me alone... I’m Facebooking or whatever.

Ana: no you’re not.

Greyhound: Ooooh, Tati... brunette lives in Seattle Washington? wavy hair... Are those hazel or green eyes you got, girl?

Ana: hazel

no- wait!

fuck my life

Greyhound: nice bod, baby girl, care to let me take it for a test drive?

Ana: ...

Kaybae: Grey send me the link in here I wanna see what she looks like.

Greyhound: back off Kay

Ashes2Ashes: Oooooh I see her! very, very nice.

Kay: ash...

Ashes2Ashes: I mean not as good as my girl, but definitely hot

Kay: I’m so out of here.

Ana: bye?

Ashes2Ashes: I think I have a situation to address now. bye, guys.

(long pause in chat room)

Greyhound: babe, you still there?

Ana: would it matter if I said no?

Greyhound: give me your digits

Ana: do you ever ask or does demanding everything actually work for you?

Greyhound: with a face and body like mine, I don’t have to demand. They come freely. ten extra inches below the belt doesn’t hurt either

Digits... please

Ana: Ten? TMI dude- seriously

Greyhound: come on, I said please.

Ana: ...why?

Greyhound: so we can talk

Ana: isn’t that what we’re doing now?

Greyhound: Tati...

Ana: Greyson...

Greyhound: Seriously, you asked about Freya but do you really want to know?

Ana: sort of, but not if it comes with you hitting on me every other sentence. I mean honestly, why do it if you’re madly in love with one of your friends?

Greyhound: It’s a good way to blow off some steam, especially with a beautiful woman. :-)

Ana: if I give them to you, do you promise to keep the flirting at a minimum?

Greyhound: I promise to do my best. It’s the best I can do. Flirting is like the art of dicking down a girl. I’ve mastered it.

Ana: you aren’t helping your cause.

Greyhound: please

Ana: fine, but if I hear any heavy breathing I’m hanging up the phone and blocking your number.

Greyhound: I’m ready for you to give it to me... the number that is ;)

Ana: I’m going to regret this, aren’t I?

Greyhound: I’m a catch, baby. No one’s ever regretted knowing me.

Ana: In the literal or biblical sense?

Greyhound: Both, Baby- both.

A/N: Please let me know what you think so far.

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