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The Fallback (SAMPLE 18+)

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4. A&S Chatroom 2.0

Greyhound: Tati?

Ana: Yes, Grey?

Greyhound: She broke up with that fucker, Jared.

Ana: That’s great! Are you going to go for it?

Greyhound: No.

Ana: ???

Greyhound: She’s with Jeremy now.

Ana: Wait—Jared’s best friend? 😮

Greyhound: One and the fucking same.

Ana: This is like a daytime drama. That girl makes my head spin.

Greyhound: And my dick hard.

Well, sort of now. I’m too fucking sad to get it up.

Ana: Remember what we talked about six months ago on Skype?

Reign in the dick and think with your heart.

Greyhound: No...that muscle hurts too much.

Ana: Sorry. 😞

I’d give you a hug but my arms don’t reach.

Here ya go. (((((((((((Grey)))))))))))

Greyhound: Thanks.

My dick thanks you, too. He’s waving hi. 😉


Greyhound: Can we Skype?

Ana: Can you keep your dick in check?

Greyhound: Have I ever been able to?

Ana: Touché...let me boot up the laptop. Give me five minutes.

Tati booted up her trusty piece of machinery and hoped that maybe her father could spring for a new one this upcoming Christmas. It was still several months away, but she was hoping that her grinding old HP would make it that long.

“Hey!” Tati’s heart stuttered like it always did when she looked at Grey through Skype. He was honestly too pretty to be legal. It had to be a crime somewhere for someone to look that perfect.

“Hey, pretty lady.” He smiled back. His eyes didn’t sparkle as mischievously as they usually did, though.

“I’m sorry,” she said with a frown. She really was, too. The man had been in love with one of his best friends for over a year and a half, and she and Grey had become close in the six months since they had started chatting.

Asher’s chatroom now had the option to upload photos, have private messages, and an array of different emojis, but neither Grey or Tati used them much as they always just Skyped. Grey was still a flirt, though he could tone it down when he wanted to.

Especially at times like these.

He had been certain for the past several months that Freya was going to break up with Jared. They had been having some issues within their relationship, and they were all due to Freya’s lack of commitment to Jared.

Not that she cheated, but he was ready for more and she just wasn’t. Freya was young and beautiful, and at 23, still had some wild oats to sow. Or so she said, time and time again.

“Still treating you like she bought and sold you on the auctioneer’s block?” Tati joked. She loved her friend, but hated how she basically took advantage of the fact that Grey was infatuated with her to get him to do things for her that she felt were either beneath her, or was just too lazy to do.

“Yeah, but since their relationship is so new, she has him doing most of her grunt work,” he admitted to her.

“Such as?” Tati prodded.

“Well, not that I don’t miss buying tampons for her and going to the store at all hours of the night to grab her something she neglected to purchase, I can’t say that this new asshat will be all that willing to do the same.” Grey frowned and shook his head. “What do those shitheads have that I don’t?”

Tati couldn’t answer him right away. At least not with complete honesty. If she had been Freya, she would have sat on his dick and rode him like the stallion he was years ago.

“I dunno, Grey,” she admitted sadly. “In all honesty, besides your filthy mouth—you’re a catch.”

There. That wasn’t too telling.

“That’s right, baby,” he attempted to flirt, his smile still not reaching his crystalline eyes. “And you love my filthy mouth.”

In all honesty, Grey loved to wind Tati up. She looked so fucking adorable when she rolled her eyes or pursed her lips at him.

“Grey,” she admonished.

“What? I’m still a guy. You’re still hot,” he told her. “If I was there I’d have you screaming my name so loud you’d wake the neighbors.”

Tati swallowed and tried to ignore that building ache between her legs. She both hated and loved it when he talked dirty. It got her going, but she knew they could never happen. She didn’t shit where she ate, and fucking Freya’s best friend was definitely a no-go for her. Besides, she’d had a single one-night stand before and had felt guilty as hell the day after. And with Grey in love with Freya, a one-night stand was the most anyone else could hope for with him.

Tati had long since stopped trying to get Grey to find his chill. The more she balked at his filthy language, the more he gifted her with. So, she just rolled with it. After a while, she realized that underneath all his sex talk lay a truly caring person who just couldn’t catch a break when it came to the one woman he really wanted. It was a shame, too. From what Kaylie had suggested, the man was gifted in many ways. In bed, that is.

Tati had asked Kay if she had ever slept with Grey, but the woman only spoke from what her other acquaintances had told her. He had dated a number of ladies in their larger circle of friends over the years. Or at least fucked a few of them. Each of the women he bedded had only come back with glowing reviews of his sexual prowess. Tati was admittedly a little jealous.

“And what about my little Tati?” Grey asked her when she didn’t respond. “Any chance of getting any dick soon? How was that date you had last weekend?”

Tati had gone on a date with a guy she ran into at a coffee shop. He was good-looking enough, but boring as hell. But what did you expect from a CPA?

She rolled her eyes as she spoke. “I was bored out of my gourd. I thought I was going to fall asleep halfway through dinner.”

“Did you at least get some?” he asked, his mouth twisting a little. Tati thought he might be hiding a smirk.

“No, he would have definitely put me to sleep then,” she claimed. “Maybe counted his strokes while he was inside me.”

“Calculator, or in his head?” Grey definitely smirked this time. He was thinking if she had been with him, he would have fucked her to sleep in the best of ways.

“Who cares? Either way, there was no way I was going to bed with him. He did try calling me a few days later to ask me out again.”

“What did you say?” Grey asked, curious. Sometimes his little Tati could be a spitfire.

“I told him I’d rather count my eyelashes than count on him for a good time,” she said.

“In those exact words?”

“I may have been nicer,” she amended with a shrug.


After he got off Skype with Tati, Grey did what he normally would do. Stalk Tati’s Facebook to see if she had added any new photos and then jerk himself off.

It was her fault really. She always wore something that turned him on while they Skyped, though she didn’t actually know it.

And he wasn’t about to let that slip, either.

It’s not that she tried to wear something that would grease his gears; it was just that she always wore her shirts or tank tops without a bra. She was so expressive with her hands that her chest moved quite freely under whatever she wore.

He even once had to pause their conversation so he could go take care of himself in his bathroom. When he had come back into the room, Tati was bending over the desk she set her laptop on and her cleavage was on full display as she reached for her bottle of water. He had instantly been hard again and groaned to himself.

Grey was in luck this time as he scanned her Facebook profile. Tati had uploaded several photos of her and some guy with a douchey baseball cap put on backwards. Grey instantly hated the man for no other reason than the dick had his hands on her.

They were at a Mariner’s game, and Tati was wearing a jersey over her usual tank top—with a bra this time. It didn’t matter. Her body still made him as stiff as a brick. It was a shame she lived so far away, really. If there was anyone that could have made him feel a little better about his unrequited love—even if for only a few hours—it probably would have been Tati.

Laying back on his bed, he closed his eyes as he pulled down his boxer briefs to below his balls. Grey didn’t believe in having a monogamous relationship with either briefs or boxers. He wore both, though he usually opted for boxer briefs when he knew he would be talking to Tati. He always hoped that she would spy his erect dick and it would get her all hot and bothered before he tried to convince her to strip for him.

Or at least show him her tits.

He pulled slowly up and down on his shaft, his thumb coming into contact with the bit of precum that leaked freely from the tip.

Groaning, he spread his natural lube over his head as he thought of Tati’s plump little lips wrapped tightly over his cock, sucking until her lips swelled around him.

He imagined what her hazel eyes would look like as they pierced his, fluttering open and closed as she gagged slightly around his formidable length.

“Shit…fuck,” he groaned as he masturbated to thoughts of her now beneath him as his fantasy leaped forward in time.

Grey imagined how tight and wet she would be for him, his cock slippery from their sex and the multiple orgasms he had forced her into before even taking all ten inches of him inside her moist cavern.

His hand jerked harder now, tugging as it corkscrewed tightly around his manhood, his other cupping his tightening balls.

She would moan as he took her raw, crying out his name as he drilled into her in long, punishing strokes.

And her breasts. He could only imagine how those perky tits would jiggle with the impact of his thrusts. Especially when she was on top of him.

The trickle of sweat on his brow had him thinking of a long line of her own that dripped down her chest as she rode him, her back arched, breasts jutted out, his mouth sucking at her nipples until they were hardened tips against his tongue.

“Fuck!” Grey cried out as he climaxed. He came in jets across his taut stomach, balls high and tight, shaft visibly contracting as he continued to work himself over.

His breath came in harsh pants as his rod deflated slowly against his stomach. Then, he pulled a couple of tissues out of the box to clean himself up.

The tissues were an addition to the bedroom in his apartment that had been a necessity since talking to Tati.

But Tati was a dream. A friend who lived halfway across the country and knew some of his deepest and darkest secrets now. His reality was to one day win his love’s heart.

Even if it took him years.


Tati had felt the need to change her underwear after speaking with Grey. She always did. She didn’t even know why she wore any anymore.

Deciding on a nice hot shower to help her unwind after the day, she stripped herself down. Whenever she spoke with Grey it was after the dinner hour, and though he may flirt with her, she knew his heart lay with her good friend, Freya.

Freya. She wondered if she really knew how deep Grey’s obsession ran with her. Tati suspected that she was kidding herself and that she sincerely didn’t want to start a relationship with him. Lifelong friendships could be ruined after just one night of steamy sex.

Hmmm. Sex. Something that Tati hadn’t had in a very long time. She blamed her libidinous reactions to Grey on her need to fuck. She really did need to get laid soon.

Even if it was with a boring accountant who probably got harder than hell every tax season.

In all actuality, the guy wasn’t that bad. He seemed a bit nervous and had compensated with a little too much geeky information about the tax world. But most of the terms he threw out had had her blinking in horror back at him. Who cared about fiscal years versus calendar years? Certainly not Tati. She would have found almost anything more amusing than listening to the man going on and on about gross receipts and payroll expenses.

She washed away her arousal with her favorite shower gel and scrubbed her hair for good measure. She had an early morning the next day.

Shit. She had forgotten to tell Grey about her job interview the next day. Tati had been looking for a job since graduating, and was just waiting for the right one to come along. Since she now lived at home with her mother and father after graduation, there wasn’t really any rush to get one.

The place she wanted to work at finally had openings, and she was like white on rice when the online application opened on the first day of hiring. It was a job with full benefits at a children’s hospital. The most recent batch of retirees were leaving within a few weeks, and there were two openings for a full-time physical therapist.

Being at a children’s hospital, it was a given that she would be able to work with the kids. Finally—a chance at having her dream job. Until then, she had been helping her mother’s beginners in her dance classes. Tati knew enough about ballet that she could teach the little ones all the positions and basics of ballet. Once she had the PT job, though, she wouldn’t have to wear those horrible slippers that twisted and tied around her ankles.

After drying off in the shower, she sat in bed reading a mystery novel. Agatha Christie was her favorite, and she was rereading The Clocks for the umpteenth time. It was one of her favorites. Christie was a fucking genius.

She read until her eyes drooped, and then set her alarm for early the next day.

Her last thoughts before sleep took her under were of Grey, hoping he was somehow feeling better after talking with her.

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