My Brother's Best Friend's Accident

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Romance / Drama
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A fatal collision

The onlookers watched on as the loud, swirling sirens were blocked out by the rushed words of the paramedics. They swarmed to the sight of the totalled car. A shimmering - silver Audi A7 was strewn across the bank thirty feet from the road. Reportedly, the car had hit an oncoming vehicle head on, flipped at least three times and came to a heavy stop on the grassy verge. The damage was clear from first glance. All windows were smashed, leaving nothing but shards scattering the road’s surface.

The smell of burnt tires and metal filled the air, along with the cloud of thick smoke. Being a simple pile of crushed metal, the once perfect car was now a wrecked mess. The road was marked off as policemen and paramedics got to work. The policemen questioning any witnesses and the paramedics on the search for the victims.

There were two.

The driver of the Audi and the driver of the oncoming car.

Both had been slung from their vehicles.

One was reported dead at the scene and the paramedics carried him away in a body bag.

The other was found twenty feet from the Audi.

His eyes were shut and his dark hair was soaked in a crimson substance. Blood. His face was also covered in cuts and bruises, one huge gash running down across his lip. The body was on the road as if it had been chucked like a rag doll, his legs bent awkwardly underneath. George Downey, a paramedic on duty that night, stared down at the man’s broken face. It was obvious to him that this man had flown through what was left of the windscreen.

“I NEED HELP OVER HERE!” A few other paramedics rushed over and together they gently lifted the man’s body onto the stretcher.

He didn’t stir.

“He seems to have two broken legs and could have internal bleeding. We need to get him to the hospital straight away or else he might not make it!” George took charge, hoping they wouldn’t lose another life tonight.

During the twenty-minute ambulance ride, the man’s heart stopped twice.

He fell into a coma.

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