Admirer becomes betrayer

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This story is about a Canadian girl Linda who falls in love with a greedy guy who marries her in order to acquire her father's wealth. As we have heard that love is life. The person whom you love becomes your life.But what will happen when your love turns out to be a genius manipulator? This story is about a Canadian girl Linda. She had a great life.Linda was a college student, she some how falled in love with her college friend and later got married to him. Linda was unaware of the fact that the person whom she loves has got married to her to acquire her father's wealth.

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Love is a strong positive emotion or a feeling of deepest affection and simplest pleasure for someone,no doubt,the joy of the person you love means everything to you,but what will happen when your love turns out to be a genius manipulator?

This story is about a Canadian girl Linda. She had a great life.Linda was a college student,she was known as a book worm due to her love of reading books.
One day,a glamour boy entered the college as the new young and most importantly Linda's class fellow. But little did anyone knew about his negative intentions.
The boy was highly observed by everyone. He entered the college having his hand with an appealing smile on her face.
The meeting chance came when our adorable Linda was going towards the ground and accidentally bumped in that charming guy. Ohhhhhh!!!!!This was where they first glanced at eachother.

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