The roller coaster named life

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A girl struggling to make ends meet under the shadows of past. A rich businessman who has it all. Add secrets to the mix and life changes for both. Amyra williams, a 25 year old woman trying hard to create for herself the life her mother thought she deserved and Amyra agreed...all while trying to fight the shadows of her past that wants to consume her whole. Zachary kinght, a 29 year old self made billionare, insanely handsome with a heart of gold that he chooses to keep hidden under lock and key...for he has a history of his own... But what will happen when the 2 meets and somehow Amyra finds that key and secrets are uncovered...

Romance / Mystery
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His lips soft on hers yet demanding, his tongue slipped into her mouth...caressing the inside and her tongue as if worshiping it. His hands firmly grasping her waist while hers went around his shoulders, fingers playing with the short hairs at the nape of his neck for had it not been for our bodies to be attached to each other with not even the space for air to pass through in between, she surely would have fallen to my knees because of this intensity.

Even when their lips detached, their bodies did not for he kept holding her close, resting his forehead on to hers. With soft smiles on their faces and a tint of rosy blush on their cheeks, gasping for breaths eyes still closed, they kept of holding each other for what felt like an eternity but was probably just moments.

Letting her go he took a step back.

“It is getting late now I must let you go for now...but today was awesome, You are awesome.” - he said kissing her on the forehead with a gentle voice and soft expressions.

“Yeah, It was awesome, I had a great time” - she replied in a voice barely above a whisper, blushing furiously.

“I’ll see you tomorrow... goodnight.” - he said with a final kiss on her nose starting walking backward down the street towards his own home.

“Goodnight Daniel” - she replied not being to keep her eyes off him still.

Only when he was finally out her line of vision was when she finally turned around and started to climb the small set of 4 stairs to go inside her home... still supporting the big goofy smile from the events of today...She was shocked when she opened the main door thinking it was some delivery and found Daniel standing there instead, and even more so when he suddenly produced a single red rose and asked her to go on a date with him right then... and even though she was astounded she did not even blink before saying “Yes”...for what 17-year-old high school girl would when their one and only childhood crush is asking them out?...

She has had a day straight out of dreams and was feeling elated as if she was the queen of the world now and nothing could bring her down...not to mention the amazing first kiss she just had with her a boy she has been friends with ever since she could remember and has crushed over. Her day has been one of utter bliss that since morning to up until now when it is already dark her smile has not slipped a single bit, so much so that even her cheeks have started to hurt now but she could not just stop radiating her happiness through her smile.

Her mind was still in clouds when she reached the stairs of her home crossing over the foyer, but then thinking against of going straight to her she decided to go to the kitchen instead to get herself a drink of water. While sipping on her water though she heard the soft giggling of what seemed like a toddler coming from her father’s office that confused her a bit... for the only people that lived here in this home were her father, mother and she herself. So, getting up to check the noises herself she made her way to her office, the door was left a bit ajar though it seemed to be unintentional, opening a bit to look inside...she was about to call out of her father, but her voice stuck in her throat when her eyes fell onto the scene inside.

There stood an unknown naked woman with two men wearing dark- purple cassocks on either side of her. The one who looked older from the back went toward the head of the table they were surrounding and as he moved she saw there on the table laid a toddler, not more than a year or so old giggling and looking around. All of a sudden the naked women kneeled down in front of the kid -

“Oh! our mighty savior, Please accept this as the first part of the final sacrifice and always shower us with your blessings so, we could bring the world to right! Please accept this sacrifice for it is true blood of mine I sacrifice! I offer the blood of my son to you oh mighty! ” - she screamed holding her hands above her head in a praying position.

Just as the woman stopped speaking the man at the head of the table who has been chanting something all this time, handed her a glinting dagger and without a single thought the naked women slit open the kid’s throat and started carving his mid-section with the same dagger, while the other man held him down to the table.

Standing there she could not believe what she has just witnessed, frozen to her place with one hand still in the air and mouth hung open, she even forgot to breath for all this happened in mere matter of a couple minutes, but just as the man at the head of the table turned around and his face came into the view she felt as if everything that was suddenly paused has been put to play now... for there stood her Father.

The shock she got was so eminent from all this that her knees buckled a bit and she hit the vase by the door attracting the attention.

“AMYRA!!!” - her father bellowed.

She finally snapped out of the trance from what all just happened, tears started rolling down uncontrollably and for a moment it felt like she is going to pass out.

Suddenly the other man who happened to be her uncle, grabbed the knife off the woman’s hand and lunged at her just as her adrenaline kicked in and she turned around to run for her life slamming the office’s door shut to, she tried yelling for help but no voice came out of her mouth.

"DO NOT HARM HER LANNY!! SHE IS THE FINAL SACRIFICE! WE MUST BRING HER BACK ALIVE!"- she heard her father shout through the door just as she slipped past the main gate of the home and then heard the office door open.

But she did not stop... she ran for her life with everything she had and more, her mind still shut down and not making any sense of what all she saw... but only that she must not be caught!!

Heart pumping and adrenaline coursing through her veins, her feet pounding the hard concrete below her. Eyes wide with fear not only from the scene she had moments ago witnessed, that was still playing in front of eyes like a feature film but also due to the steady thumps of shoes from people following her.

People who once she thought she could rely on... who she once trusted...who was once her backbone were now seeming like the ghosts and demons who burst out from her worst nightmares from when she was kid but the only difference now being that the same person who once as a kid comforted and soothed when she woke up in the middle of night screaming and crying...was now the person she was running from.

Chilling night wind whipped her face hard and tears blurred her vision to the point where she could not see where her foot feel and she tripped... falling down, scraping knees and hands but that seemed painless due to the searing pain that shot through her ankle that she had twisted badly as she fell.

No matter how hard she tried to get up to move but as if the whole ordeal had finally weighed down on her and her mind finally for the first time even considered that her whole life has crumbled down in front of her, and no matter how hard she tried to get up and run but she could not, neither physically nor she has now left any mental or emotional strength to do so. Even if the man now standing above her grinning manically with still a face filled with fury yet somehow eyes showing excitement, she felt her heart skipping a beat or two due to fear and starting to hyperventilate with her first ever panic attack, the current condition accompanied with such intense pain in her chest and dread that already was present in her somehow filling her to the brim made her start to see darkness and in a matter of seconds the feeling of void and darkness consumed her as she passed out.... but not before the flashback of whole day played before her eyes one last time....

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