The roller coaster named life

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Hotter than hell

~Zachary Knight~

It has been 5 days already.

Those green eyes and naturally pink pouty lips have been haunting me everywhere I go. She has captivated me like no one else could, and this is something that is scaring me to the bones. Never have I felt this much longing and desperation for someone's just 1 look.

All this when I have not even had a proper conversation with her, my heart and mind have been on a constant war for my heart have somehow decided that she is different and will see me for who I truly am whereas my mind tries to remind my heart time and again that she can very see me as a walking wallet with unlimited cash supply too.

When I was utterly fed up and frustrated from not being able to concentrate anywhere and when She became the only one I got lost in every time. I decided it would be better to talk to someone about it rather being just utterly confused and terrified of how I am feeling. So here I am at a Saturday evening driving towards Kafila to meet up with Noah because apparently there is a “hotter than hell” bartender there, solely his words not mine.

Just as I reach there and park. Walking to the entrance I look around to spot Noah, I catch a glimpse of a feminine figure wearing black behind the bar counter, surrounded by people crowding over the counter. Must be the infamous bartender.

Soon I spot Noah occupying a table at near back flirting away with a scantily dressed server, who seemed to be interested too.

And here I thought you had reserved all the charms today for hotter than hell bartender”

“Ah! My man.! I was wondering if I need to constitute a search party for you?”

“Haha and ha”

He waved off the server after I had ordered too and pinned me down with a gaze that seemed to be trying to strip my soul bare and uncover all my deep dark secrets within.

I am not someone who is really open with people or who shares his feelings and emotions but Noah is someone who I have been friends with since we both were of age when sucking our thumbs used to be the best past time.

You seem if there is something bothering you too much...who is she??” - he said after some moments of silence leaving me perplexed.

Why would you think there is a she in the picture?” - I asked raising an eyebrow.

You for past some days are behaving like a fucking teenager who has a gigantic crush dude! You even zoned out during yesterday’s meeting as if you are fantasizing something or ...rather someone. And you know very well that doesn’t happen.!” - he said narrowing his eyes, daring me to lie.

“Yeah...OK fine! It was just that....” - and I told him everything...the whole story, and he never interrupted.

“Hmm...well if she didn’t throw herself at you, that seems to be a good sign. And you said she is smart that’s a plus too. What seems to be the problem here then?” - he mused.

“I don’t know if I can actually trust her or not...or rather how to approach this situation”

“Why don’t you just give it some time and let the wind take its course?...”

“Yeah...I think it would be best if I try and control myself...this could be merely a fleeting feeling too...I think I would just be normal and keep a professional relationship with her. It’ll all pass over.”

“Do whatever you feel like I will be on your side...but if you come to the conclusion of this being something more than just a fleeting crush, don’t let her go man.”

And we changed the topic then, talking about anything and everything. It was nearing 11:30 pm when when suddenly decided it was finally time to go after the said bartender.

“Look that one the bartender I was telling you about, Hey! Maybe if you fuck her you can get that PA out of your mind...?” - he said pointing in the direction of the black figure I had seen the first time entering the club.

The moment I turned my head, my eyes grew wide and haw dropped, for there she was rushing to serve people with the drinks was Amyra and even though she was in a simple black t-shirt and jeans, she even managed to look gorgeous. For a moment I thought this was a dream again but then my mind registered Noah’s words and apparentely the hotter than hell bartender happens to be Amyra Williams!!!

Seeing my reaction Noah patted my back and said - “ I knew you would like her but I saw her first so back off!” He playfully giggled and I my body filled with a rage I couldn’t identify when I noticed how most men here are eyeing her.

My head whipped to Noah and I snapped - “That is Amyra!! You’ll keep your eyes and hands to yourself.!”

His eyes widened and he raised his hands in a mock surrender his lips tugging in a mischevious smile- “oh shit! This is worse than I got it, bad buddy! She is all yours..!!!”

And I went back to staring her wondering if I should go to her or not. She had been serving the same customer for almost half an hour now and her face seemed strained but I couldn’t see what was happening for His back was facing Me. I got up to walk to her when I saw the man trying to touch her, but she quickly brushed off and went at the back.

When she didn’t return for 10 minutes, I went to the bar and asked the lady who replaced her.

She left sir, her shift has ended. Is there anything I can help you with?” - she answered.

I informed Noah and left the club as quick as humanly possible and looked around for her but when I couldn’t spot her, I got into my car and started driving home. But as soon as I turned the corner I spotted a man over a girl who was clearly struggling to get free and the moment he turned a bit and I got a look of girl...all I saw was red and in an instant, I was out of the car rushing towards them.

I pulled the man off of her and he stumbled back clearly intoxicated. I saw Amyra was about to fall so I rushed to her but the moment I took her in my arms she fainted. Her face filled with bruises, my heart clenched at her sight.

I wanted to kill that disgrace of a man but right now Amyra was much more important, so I lifted her and carefully took her to the car settling her down in the passenger seat and buckling her.

When I saw that the man was out cold I decided to call the police explaining the situation and after them my security in-charge too instructing him to handle him and the police. Both were there in a matter of mere 15 minutes. But I was anxious and worried for Amyra and her safety, so as soon as I saw the sirens approaching and officers stepping out after just a quick word with them. I rushed home calling the family doctor on the way.

We were finally home, I picked Amyra up taking her to the guest bedroom next door to my own room, but as soon as I lay her down I noticed her shirt had been torn open, the bright light in the room clearly making everything visible again as opposed to the dark road and car.

What I saw increased my heart rate and I sucked in a breath so strong. There littering smooth pale skin were countless scars and even a branding iron mark above her hip, telling the story of all she had to go through. Seeing her like this caused my chest to physically ache for her condition was so bad. I may not know what happened with her but it was clear she had been through a hell lot.

Just then the doorbell rang and I quickly covered her as best possible with her torn open shirt and then with a blanket, for she might not like me knowing about her scars and pains.

I let the Dr. in and turned out she fainted due to being overwhelmed and just needed rest. He left after giving an ointment for the bruises on her face.

When the Dr. had left and the main door locked, I went back to Amyra cleaning her face with a warm washcloth and applied the ointment.

Sitting in the chair near her bed, I was left alone with my thoughts, each one revolving around her and why was she in such condition. What I noticed though was the protective feeling coursing through me for her. The last thought in my mind before I slipped into the darkness holding her hand in mine...was of all the things I wanted to do to the one who hurt my Amyra and of keeping her safe forever.

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