The roller coaster named life

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Swirling Vortex of emotions

This Adonis of a man has transitioned from a seemingly cold-hearted, extremely handsome business tycoon Zachary Knight to a kind-hearted, warm-eyed and worrisome Zachary Knight. The only thing that seemed to be common was the extremely handsome looks.

My mind is still unable to focus and I am still having weird this really my future boss, or are they some secret twins with opposing personalities. Although I have never heard or seen Zachary Knight be a cold-hearted, self-centered or arrogant or for that matter heartless but is it not what you normally assume the multi-billionaire self-made business tycoon to be, so how can be any more different?
Rather this was the personality I had been trying to make my mind believe he has just so I can’t stop thinking, push him and his extremely good looking and intelligent memory from the interview day from my mind away. He had been plaguing my mind ever since and it has taken everything in me to divert my mind away from this stormy-eyed Mr. universe worthy man and now seeing this side of him has made it utterly impossible to see him as only my boss and not have a crush on him.
Like every other girl I had fantasies too of an extremely handsome coming and sweeping me off my feet but that was when I still was a normal, forever happy girl. Now I know better than to blindly trust my luck to be this good. I although somewhere in my heart still have hopes of that fantasy being true but fear of being hurt broken is much more, moreover, Zachary Knight if is really this good than obviously deserves much better. So, forcing myself to look down from his serene highness of hotland, when he finally came around the counter with 2 plates of piping hot pasta for us.
The taste was so good that it made even more difficult to find any flaw in this finally gathering all my strength I spoke...

“Mr. Knight, thank you for this...and everything you have done so far. I don’t know how will I ever be able to repay you...”

“Oh.! Non-sense, I have not done anything extraordinary, this is what anyone would have rather should have done”

“Not everyone sir, not everyone... but nonetheless I am extremely thankful, I assure you I’ll try and keep problems away in future...if I still have the job that is...”

“Of course you have the job, but you are free to have some days off if you need or want know after all this...”

“Oh! No no Mr. Knight it’ll be okay, I am fine to join tomorrow...”

Just then the bell rang and he went on to check the door leaving me sitting alone, lost in my thoughts alone.


“Amyra can you please come here.?”

Came his voice...listening my name rolling from his mouth made my heart flutter and felt oh! So good...but instantly reprimanding myself for such thoughts I stood up and made my way towards the living room, from where the husky, melodious voice Zachary Knight has beckoned me.

There sat a bulky black man, who looked every bit the cop he was with his hard stare and face with all the emotions of a rock. The lady sitting next to him although seemed quite the opposite of him with her deceptive smile covering the ever observing curious eyes of hers but it was no doubt apparent that she indeed was a cop too and a hard one to start wrong with.

" Ah! Here she is...come Amyra. We were waiting for you only.” - spoke Zachary who even though was sitting there in plain everyday clothes among the cops, still commanded all the attention and respect.

“Hello, Miss Williams, I am detective Ray and this is my colleague detective Thomson. We although are informed of last night’s happenings but we would still like to hear them directly from you.” - the lady said cutting straight to the point with although a smile but in a professional tone.

“Yes, of course...” - even remembering last night’s events sent my heart into a frenzy and I started struggling with keeping myself calm and looking unaffected, but somehow Zachary must have noticed for soon his hand came to rest above mine and squeezing lightly and then intertwining them. That surprisingly calmed me down and I all of a sudden was consumed with a feeling of being safe and invincible as if with Zachary nothing could go wrong with me.

“So...yesterday after my shift ended at the Kafila...” - goosebumps arose and my skin turned pale as I went further into the situation and recounted the adversity, including the parts that Zachary had told me earlier. I didn't even know when was it that I and him had shifted so close that one of his hand was intertwined with mine and the other was rubbing my shoulder, keeping me effectively snuggled into his side and that turned my mind into an even bigger puddle, but even these swirling emotions and feelings that were so new...felt oh so good.

"We are sorry that you have to go through all this ma'am, but we assure you that we'll do our best to bring you to justice. We'll call you if we have any further information or need any information." - Mr.Thompson who till now was only a silent spectator spoke with a voice so vexed that anger was peeking through the curtains of his professionalism that he was struggling to maintain.

"Yes, indeed we'll do our best, for now, we must take our leave." - Detective Ray said getting up and both leaving at once.

Even now after what feels like hours of them leaving and us sitting here tangled in each other...or rather me being tangled in Zachary's arms, my sight wandered to the huge clock in the corner and I all of a sudden jumped.

"What happened?... You fine?..!!" - came a startled voice, as soon as I turned in its direction I was face to face or rather nose to nose with the magnificent man who could give most male models a run for their money. Seeing his jolted expressions made heat rise from my neck to the tips of my ears making me blush as red as a tomato.

"uh... I am fine, it is just that I just now realized that it is already 3:20 pm and I have to come to work tomorrow you know... I mean of course you know, you are the one I am going to be working from now on...but then I had so much of preparations to do today and then I have a shift at the bar too and I am still here...I must leave now and I was just sitting here snuggling..."- I stopped myself forcing my hands over my mouth, my complexion now resembling a cherry, when I realized I had started rambling and what I was going to say.

An amused smile crossed his handsome face and I forced my eyes down somehow, not being able to look at him directly anymore.

"You still have to work there? but you have the job at Knights Corp. now..." - he spoke breaking several minutes of biting silence, his voice meek and hesitating as if he is trying not to offend me.

"Um... yeah, but I still need to continue there for some more time at least." - I replied giving as less of information as I could, already getting up to finally leave now.

" Mr. Knight, I must leave now. It is already been an almost whole day so,... "

"Wait,...I'll drop you off. Just let me go get my wallet."

"Oh! No no sir, I'll be fine. I can go by myself. You must not take any more troubles than I have already caused you."

"No, Amyra. It is no trouble and this is also not up for discussion. Moreover, I had to go into the city myself, I'll drop you off, wait for me here." - he spoke with that boss voice of his, authority reeking off daring me to contradict him. Leaving me standing there looking at his back as he went back upstairs, my mind already giddy and fantasies building, for what if... this, he is finally the salvation I was waiting for... the piece of puzzle I was unknowingly in need of to build myself up back from all the shattered pieces I am now...
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