The roller coaster named life

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Utter bliss

A plain grey t-shirt stretched over taut muscles, leaving nothing to the imagination. The statuesque presence of this Adonis of a man brought floods of saliva in my mouth and left me wandering in a vortex of thoughts and desires although my mouth was not the only thing that was flooded for this sight of Mr. Zachary Knight descending the stairs, eyes trained on his phone. I was lost in my wild fantasies about this man, staring at him without even blinking when all of a sudden I was brought back from them with his own voice...

The moment my name rolled off from his mouth in that sexy husky voice of his and my eyes snapped to his face, I turned beetroot with the blush that rose from my neck covering even my ears' tips. The smirk playing on his face and his amused expressions making it more than clear that he has in, fact, noticed me gawking at him and is well aware of the effect he has on me.

"Uh.. yeah... um..." - I stuttered turning even more red if that is even possible...

"I was saying, I am ready...we can leave now"

"Oh... yes of course. I was thinking the same just now. "- I said trying to calm my erratic self.

"Sure, you were"
He turned and proceeded to the door next to the kitchen but not before giving me a wink leaving me all the more flustered, to follow behind him that I did and soon was again left gobsmacked at the sight of the garage that could easily be mistaken for a one-stop showroom for luxury cars. He went ahead taking a set of keys from a cabinet by the door and unlocking a sleek black Maybach. I was still standing gawking in all directions at various luxury vehicles that littered the garage when came his voice again,
"Come... Hop in" - There he stood holding the passenger side's door open for the car.

After the silent drive that lasted almost an hour, all blame on our homes being at the opposite ends of the city. An hour in that small confined space with a man I had met only twice was something that exceeded my expectations and resulted in even more conflicts in my mind, for instead of feeling weird, awkward I was still comfortable and felt unnaturally safe.
Now even after 3 hours after he has dropped me home and have already fixed all my things for tomorrow and walking towards the bus stand for my job at Kafila my mind is still revolving around that hunk of a man who somehow seems to everything I was unknowingly lacking in my life and the way he cared for me. After so long, having someone care for me and do so much that he did even when he doesn't even know me felt so eerie yet so good.
The small smile has still not left my face even when I have been here working and have already completed almost all my shift here, all while receiving weird glances from everyone, maybe due to my unusually good mood even at this hour of the night. It is almost time to head home now that just 10 minutes of my shift is remaining that I am jolted from my slouched position behind the bar-counter with a voice I was just dreaming about, by the very same person I had been lost in thoughts of.

"Wow, Someone seems to be in a good mood"
My eyes snapped to those mesmerizing grey ones on that perfect agonizingly handsome face of Zachary Knight that was morphed in a very mischievous smile.
For a moment all I could come up with was that is again a figment of my imagination and that he is not actually here, but than he chuckled, leaning on the counter in front of me and slightly bopped my nose with his finger and like a switch was turned on that I came flashing back from my reverie and instantly turned a shade of red when I realized that I had been staring, again.
"Are you okay?... You were lost again in those thoughts of yours" - he spoke still smiling.
"Uh...Yeah, I am fine. I was just not expecting you here, You surprised me... What are you even doing here?..."
"Um... I was just nearby for some work and um... so I thought maybe I can get a drink and then drop you home on the way..." - he replied sheepishly, his confidence instantly turning into something akin to nervousness and even the faintest blush covering his face giving my heart tugs shocking me to the core.
This man who is supposed to be the heartless, arrogant, cold multi-billionaire businessman oozing here in front of me stuttering, blushing, humble and caring...making me feel oddly safe and at ease as if all my sufferings can finally be over and I may have someone to care for me too.
Just this thought brought a sincere smile on my face just as I turned to fetch his drink.

~Zachary Knight~

Maintaining a calm and composed demeanor on outside, when on the inside you are trembling with nerves and your mind racing with thoughts could be so much harder when it is due to a woman who has taken over your whole being and has made herself at home in your mind, is something I never knew until now, until when I by some twisted turns of events got Amyra my home, looking at me rather staring, with so much intensity. It is a miracle that I didn't slip and a spectacle out of myself by the sight of her and when I realized that I too have some effect on her by the way she was looking and was so busy in checking me out that she didn't even hear me talking.
Had it not been for the years upon years of practice I had of concealing my emotions due to my line of work, I surely would have resembled and acted as that of a lovestruck teenager in front of his crush.
Now sitting in my office after having finished all possible work I could find to the point that I may as well not come in for a couple of days, the thoughts of that emerald eyes beauty and what all, tomorrow, her first day here would entail, the beginning of a whole new journey for a really long time, for I surely am not going to let her go now. Not after these feelings, she evokes in me and not after the I got the glimpses of the way she actually is different...
Thinking about everything that happened in such a short amount of time, lost in my own train of thoughts I even failed to notice the obvious darkening outside and how much time has passed already. So, when my gaze landed on the digital clock and I noticed that it is already 11:25 pm, I bolted out of my chair and started packing as fast as I could to leave. For, it was already almost time for Amyra's shift to end at the bar and I fully intend on driving her home myself. Events of last night have surely left me unsettled for her security and with the amount of possessiveness and protective I am feeling towards her I just couldn't bring myself to let her travel alone at this hour of the night. Although I am also sure that she would never let me drive her regularly and has already made clear her intentions about working a second job there, but I may just have the perfect idea for securing her travels a bit more from tomorrow after all the brainstorming I did. Let us just hope she agrees...
Standing here at the bar-counter in front of her, seeing her with that slight smile and twinkle in eyes even while cleaning a glass, brings a smile automatically to my face too.
And the way her face lit up when she realized I was there and for the reason, I was there for, the smile that spread across her face just as she turned, relaxed all my nerves instantly and did something to my heart that I can't even begin to explain.
Having her in my car for the second time now, in such a happy mood, seemed so surreal that I was afraid of saying something or doing something wrong and making her uncomfortable or of losing that killer smile of hers, but I was also itching to hear her talk again so I initiated the conversation,
"So, How was work?"
"It was...good...kinda busy but nothing I haven't handled before." - she replied, her expressions shocked as if this is a question she has never been asked, but still smiling.
"I hope you didn't forget dinner with being so busy with work though..."- I asked giving her a pointed look.
"No no I had dinner, one of my colleague brought a really good home-cooked meal..."- she replied perking up.
"Good "
After this, a comfortable silence enveloped us. Stealing a glance at her on a traffic light was when I realized that she has fallen asleep and was sleeping with her head rolled to the side, her face so relaxed. So, when we finally reached her residence and I turned to her but couldn't find it in me to actually wake her up, but I also feared that she may not be very much happy if I took her up or entered her home uninvited, so after drinking her view in for some moments I finally woke her up by coming to her side and calling her name in a low voice, just a bit above whisper, while holding her gate open...
"Hey, we've reached..." - I told her when she woke confused at her surroundings.
"Oh! I am so sorry I fell asleep..." - She started, clearly embarrassed, but I cut her off.
"It is okay, You are just tired... go and rest...I'll see tomorrow at work " - I spoke giving her a smile hoping to ease her.
I only left when she was safe inside her apartment, already waiting for tomorrow to come already...
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