The roller coaster named life

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The time was slipping from my hands like sand that is clutched tightly in the fist. I don’t even know at what time I fell asleep last night and when my alarm rang today, all I remember is pressing the snooze button at least two times and then suddenly waking up with a jolt when my sloth of a brain finally realized what day it was today.

So, here I am running here and there in my tiny apartment all ready bag packed and all searching for a pen… but of course, how can my fate be so good to me. So, grabbing an apple from the counter in the kitchen I quickly dashed out of the main door my brown leather satchel on one shoulder, my keys in the palm and apple in the other palm, struggling to lock the door behind me and leave for the work already in superhuman speed.

As I finally made my way out of the door from the apartment complex my eyes wandered to the big round clock in the lobby and I instantly remembered that I have forgotten my wristwatch today, god only knows what all things have skipped my mind today with all the excitement of finally a good job and the nerves of working for Zachary Knight messing a lot with my mind and everything in me.

I was not late per say for it was still just 8:05 am but there was definitely no time to wait for the bus, which will not be here for next half hour and considering that the traffic will also be at its peak during this time of the day due to all morning commuters, using the bus will only make me late. So stepping out to the curb of the road I quickly took my phone out and called for a cab. The area I live in does not give us many opportunities for grabbing the taxi just off the road.

Sitting at the back of the taxi I finally started on my apple and tried all that I could to distract myself from feeling nervous, after all, it is not like I have never had first days at jobs before...I will get through this!! I will not let anyone or anything intimidate me. I kept on chanting in my mind until I noticed that the taxi has already come to a halt and quickly got out paying the fare.

This time as I stood outside of the gigantic skyscraper promptly named The Knight Corps. H.Q my nerves spiked, not knowing what entailed my future here or how will my time actually be, but I refuse to let anything keep me down anymore.

Pulling all my confidence and strength together I entered the building exactly on time heading towards the elevators and pushing the button for the Sixth floor.

As the doors opened I was face to face with a lobby like receiving area and instantly noticed the reception desk occupied by a young looking male, towards my right and made my way there.

“Hey, Good morning, I am Amyra WIlliams. I was asked to meet Mr. Phillip Wilson on this floor today.” - I spoke and suddenly his face that was until now bent down working on some papers snapped toward me and eyes widened.

“Oh! Hi there, good morning. Mr. Wilson you say… wait just let me check.” - and he faced his computer screen and typed some but not before giving me a kind smile.

“Yes, here you are at the 9:30 am slot...and perfectly on time too! Punctual I like.” - he said glancing up at me and smiling a wide child-like smile that automatically made a smile grow on my face too.

“, where should I go to then?” - I asked after a moment.

“Oh! Just go through that hallway and You will find yourself in front of a glass box . Mr. Wilson will be there only.” - he said pointing towards a corridor in front of his desk directly at my back

With another smile, I left towards the said cabin and when I reached there that was when I understood why he called it a glass box for the cabin was a clear glass one containing nothing but a desk and two chairs in front of it. Although it had blinds to close if privacy was needed but it was pretty clear that was rarely done. Quickly moving I made my way towards the gate and knocked gently.

“Come in” - came a familiar voice, I instantly recognized as that of Patrick Wilson, from when he had called and made my way in.

“Good morning Mr. Wilson, I am Amyra Williams. I was asked to report here today.”

“Ah! Yes, of course Ms. Williams, I was expecting you, please have a seat.” - he said pointing to a chair in front of him, in a very professional tone, giving me his full attention as he put his file aside and looked up at me. His brown eyes warm and soggy dark hair somewhat covering his forehead. He looked younger than what his voice suggested.

“So, Ms. Williams, here I have with me your contract of employment that you must go through first and sign. I’ll give some time for that while I go and get your bundle.” - he pushed a booklet of papers and got up walking towards a small area in the corner that looked like a storage closet or something, to get the so-called bundle.

Going through the contract I noticed that it was a normal employment contract albeit with some weird rules and emphasis on strict loyalty towards company’s privacy and policies. Although some points were seemingly unusual but nothing seemed wrong so I quickly scribbled my signature under my name and turned towards Phillip.

“Here , I have signed it.” - I said passing on the papers to him.

“Good … everything seems fine so if you will please provide me with a photograph of yourself now, I will go and get your ID badge, I have it already made just the photograph was remaining. By then you can go through this. It will help you get to know a bit better about the company and your work.” - he said handing me the said bundle and making his way out after taking my photograph.

As I went through the bundle, I noticed it contained various brochures about company, that contained all the information there is required to be known and also included a shiny new i-pad that was conveniently already setup under my name but with accounts and information or my work. I also found a copy of my contract and by the time I was through with the bundle, I felt quite confident and prepared now that I actually know at least some information and is not that clueless as to what was actually expected of me and for what and who I was working.

“Oh! You are done I see, Good good… here is your ID badge. Please have it on you at all times for you will not be able to get access to most areas and things without it. Now if you don’t have any questions for me I will show you to your office.” - Phillip informed coming back as soon as I closed the white box called bundle.

I did not have any more questions so we exited the glass office of Phillip Wilson who I now know is the HR head, and moved to the elevator heading to the top floor.

The office that I was given turned out to fairly large almost the size of my living room and kitchen combined, painted in white and the wall behind my desk painted a vibrant red. The floor was wooden and the desk was a shiny wooden one in deep brown almost black colour accompanied by a large black leather chair that looked extremely comfortable and three comparatively smaller ones on the other side. The red couch that lined the left opposite corner from desk along with a small glass coffee table made for a small sitting area. Cupboards lining the right wall were wooden and were filled with books and files. I was busy admiring the office that I now get to call mine for it was not something I had expected but much better, when I was pulled out of my la la land by Phillip’s voice.

“ Ms. Williams, it is already 11:20 am, please get setteled and report to Mr. Knight. He should be expecting you and will give you further instructions. So, you can start with your first day.”

“Oh! Yes, of course. I’ll go now.” - I said moving towards my desk to deposit my belongings.

“Good luck Ms. Williams, I’ll take your leave now.”- Phillips said finally giving me a slight warm smile and turning to leave.

“Time to finally face the top dog I guess…” - I muttered to myself, moving out of the office and turning left to go the cabin next to mine.

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