The roller coaster named life

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(P.O.V change)

~Zachary Knight~

Black suit or the Gray one…Red tie or the Black one… I have been up for almost 4 hours now already and for the first time in so long my room looks as if I have transitioned from a 29-year-old, seemingly ruthless multi-billionaire businessman to a 16-year-old insecure and hormonal teenager trying to get ready for the first date ever with his crush, desperate to fit in.

My room was in havoc, the bed covered in clothes and closet looking as if it was hit by a tornado. Finally, after I had my appearance to what was acceptable and somewhat good, I left for office. All while I was suddenly struck by a thought,

“How do I behave now with Amyra, In the office that is.?”

Although no matter what I want, I don’t think she would like for me to give her any preferential treatment. By now my mind has tired me out with everything and anything that could possibly be thought about, so, I defeated by my cluelessness and inexperience decided to just go with the flow and see how things go.

Reaching office and transitioning to my blank-faced, business-centered persona is something I have never had a problem with, but today my anxiousness seemed to overpower everything else and again I was left utterly confused with myself, Why am I behaving and feeling like a hormone crazed teenager?!!

It was already 10 am by the time I reached my cabin, so, I indeed was late. The stack of papers staring back at me from my desk instantly seemed all the more interesting. They seemed to be jumping up and down while shouting Escape! Escape! So, who am I to deny such an opportunity. So I drove straight into them and soon all my anxiety and feelings I am unable to name and explain were pushed to the back burner and numbers started dominating my mind.

I did not even realize how long have my nose been in the papers and files and how much engrossed I am in them, that when a knock sounded, “come in” came out of my mouth as an automated reply. Eyes and mind still trained with the work at hand I waited for the person to speak up.

Good morning, Sir” - came an angelic voice startling me as my head jolted up and eyes snapped to a very captivating woman standing in front of me, clad in a modest plain black pencil dress, a minuscule smile playing on her full lips, neutral expressions and still giving off such happy vibes. For a moment I sat there stunned with her beauty for a moment, but a moment was all I could allow myself to bask in her warmth.

Shaking myself out of my thoughts and composing myself, I responded - “Good morning Amyra, What can I do for you?”

“Shit! Why would you say this? She is your new PA!!!” My subconscious yelled at me and I instantly cringed.

“Mr. Knight, I was told to report to you here as this is my first day and that you will be the one giving me further instructions.” - she responded in a clear confident yet a soft and melodious voice.

“Of course, you are done with your initiation with the HR department I assume.?”

“Yes, Sir, I have signed the contract and was given the bundle and also the office I am to occupy now.”

“Good , well then, I give you today’s time to get acquainted with your work and how this company works and not to mention my schedule. Here you will find my schedule in this.” - I instructed her giving her my planner.

“Am I to use this one only or should I copy your schedule into another one.?” - she asked

No, you’ll use this one but you must upload my schedule on the given i-pad too, I’ll be able to check it there if the need be. Now You will find some files there on the second shelf. Please have a look at them so you’ll know about all the current projects I am working on and also about the company, so you’ll know what and how to do. Also, you’ll find lists of all important people along with contact information and also of the black-listed ones. You can take them back to your office and use all of today for all this work” - I told her pointing to the file cabinet lining the left wall.

“Yes, sir.”

As she moved to the cabinet and started taking the files out, I could not keep my eyes to myself and my thoughts came crashing back at me. Once again all I could think was, What is this woman doing to me? Why am I behaving like this towards her?

As she turned, struggling to take along with her the enormous mountain of files looking extremely comical, I snapped out of my thoughts and suddenly remembered…

You can use the trolley next to you for the files Ms. Williams.” - I said and as soon as the words left my mouth, the files were suddenly plopped down on the metal trolley with a loud thud and a very prominent relaxed sigh from Amyra and just the next moment a light blush slowly crept up her face as she turned timid and embarrassed, resulting in a very unexpected chuckle from me, reddening her even more.

“Thank you, sir. I’ll go now if you don’t need anything else.” - she said turning around along with the trolley.

“Of course, and Ms. Williams. You can use my name”

And she left giving me a parting glance and a bright smile “Of course, Mr. Knight.”

Her smile bringing one onto my face too, as I was left with the company of only work and my thoughts but now more calm than ever.

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