The roller coaster named life

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A New Normal

Rifling through the files with a pile of never-ending papers in my face is something I am still not used to being my usual. But here I sat my first day of being a PA to Zachary Knight the owner of Knight Corps. a self-made billionaire, with a stack of files taller than half my height without heels to go through and possibly remember if I want to be as good on this job as I wish to and make the beat out of it.

The only work I had today may seem to not be much as I only had to go through the already completed paper trails of current contracts and files with information on the company, its working and even on the way my boss prefers to work. Many would think of it to be an easy task but I am seeing it for a blue-whale sized task it is in terms of both importance and knowledge for my new job.

So I spend the whole day my derrière glued to my new office chair and eyes glued to the file in front of me. I had never appreciated my memory and quick learning in so long as I did today, the only other time being this much thankful to this gift being during the exams when due to high fever I slept through whole day and night, lost all sense of time during high school until the night before when I realized that my first exam was next morning and not the day after as I was thinking.

It had been so long for me to be working while sitting continuously for longer periods of time after completing college that my legs went numb after what seemed to be only a few hours but as soon as I glanced at time, a gasp left my mouth when I saw 4:45 pm reflecting at the digital watch my table had. I had worked through my lunch without even realizing, no wonder I can barely feel my legs right now. So I decided to just take a small break and head down to the cafeteria to get myself a coffee and hopefully a little snack to munch on. As now just as I realized about my missed lunch it was as if a switch was turned in me and suddenly the hunger came rushing at me full force making my stomach growl with hunger.

Searching for a cafeteria in this maze of a building was something that could probably annoy most monks even if they were as hungry as I am. Thankful for the tour during my initiation I remembered that the cafeteria was actually on the second floor and the rich aroma of coffee that welcomed me as soon as the elevator doors opened served as a good enough map to the massive hall that could easily be mistaken as that of a normally sized restaurant. It did not take me much time to realize that the whole of the second floor was actually the refreshment floor, as soon as I stepped a foot out of the elevator lobby, it seemed as if I have exited the building whole together and have come somewhere much more relaxing, warming and welcoming. The pale yellow and parrot green dominated the colour scheme here and the whole floor seemed to be a massive open space with the back wall occupied with a café style setting, full with chairs and tables surrounding it, a frosted glass wall with doors separated it from the rest of the floor area but that was the limit of separation here. The walls on right were lined with floor to ceiling shelves of books in all possible genres and the opposite side was occupied with a gigantic flat screen facing two unusually long pale yellow couches. The chairs and tables littered the rest of the area, few even have some board games lying on them.

All in all the whole second floor seemed like a gigantic much better version of a break room.

This view was something I was definitely not expecting and the shock or pleasant surprise caused my legs to halt as I took in all this. I did not expect to find anyone here at this time but it may seem as if I was wrong for there were still two ladies who pass by me on the entrance passing a slight smile as our eyes met.

Another growl from my tummy forced me to come out of my trance and start with that coffee. As I entered the frosted glass door, I realized that this was actually a café and to all my happiness the coffee for employees there was all free of cost.

Taking advantage of the free coffee I scored one and ordered a small basic veg sandwich and went to sit at a table in the corner.

Soon I was engrossed in my food and the new phone setting up the applications I thought I might need. I was so lost that even the sound of someone pulling out the other chair on my table and plopping down on it was not registered in my mind.

“Hey! You new here?” - came a voice starting me to the bones causing me to jump and the phone in my hand to land on the table that was thankfully just a couple centimetres below.

“Oh shit! I am so sorry for scaring you…”- he said again when my eyes whipped to him, wide and shock plastered.

“I am Alexander but you can call me Xander, everyone does. You seemed new here so I thought I’d come and say hello!” - he spoke when he realized that I am not going to say anything, a big smile stretched on his face and eyes crinkling at the corners.

“Hi! I am Amyra and it is okay I was just lost on the phone so did not see you coming, hence, the shock.” - I replied taking his stretched hand and giving a smile of my own.

“I haven’t seen you here before.” - he stated tilting his head to a side, eyebrows furrowed as if trying to remember, instantly resembling a kid.

“Yeah! This is my first day today. I joined as Mr. Kinght’s PA.”

“Ah! Nice!! That means I’ll be just a floor down to you.” - he said, his smile growing even more if that is possible.

We spoke for some more time until my alarm, that I had set for half an hour when I started my late break went off. Xander, a friendly sweet and ever smiling 25-year-old boy with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a lanky figure, surprised me to the core with how friendly he was and how easy it was to talk to him.

It seems as if I have found a new friend already. I may not be able to trust him instantly but I sure can give him a chance, not to mention that his friendship comes with that of someone called Lana, his best friend from childhood as he said.

As I reached my office a faint smile still playing on my lips that vanished as soon as I opened the door for there standing at my desk was Mr. Zachary Knight arms folded over his chest, his suit jacket stretched over his taut muscles, his face blank but still somehow sporting an expression that I could not decipher.

“Sir, can I help you with something.?” - I asked halting in my steps.

“Where were you Ms. Williams? I’ve been waiting here for the past ten minutes.” - he asked taking a step forward his face still the same but voice possessing a slight edge.

“I just went to the second floor, sir. I had missed my lunch break so I just went for some coffee now.”- I replied keeping my voice even, not letting any nervousness slip into it.

“Ms. Williams, I would prefer if, in future you inform me of your whereabouts, before leaving during the working hours. So, I know how to get in touch when and if I need you. Also, I’d like to be informed before you leave for the day.” - he spoke after a watching me for a couple minutes, but his voice seeming normal and at ease now.

“Of course sir, I apologize for this time.” - I said finally getting his point and my mistake.

“No worries just remember for the future and I came here to tell you about additions to tomorrow’s schedule, I kept it on your desk. Please don’t forget to update it in the planner. From tomorrow you’ll be the one doing all this.” - he said and left the office at once leaving me alone with the files again.

By the time I was able to complete the given work today, I was completely spent, sore and tired not to mention hungry again as it was already 7:30 pm. Although there was no doubt in my mind that today was just the tip of iceberg and tomorrow is when the true madness will actually start. So, packing everything in my bag and loading the rest of files on the trolley I made my way to Zachary’s office and knocked.

“Come in” - came a deep husky voice.

“Mr. Knight, I am done with these files and all work that was given to me for today. I’ll put these back and take my leave for today if I am not required any-more.”

“Ms. Williams your working hours ended at could have taken the files back home to complete.”- he spoke as I made my way towards the cabinets to put files back.

“I prefer completing the given task at once sir, but thank you I’ll remember for next time.” - I replied while arranging the files just turning my head once to give a small smile of gratitude.

“I am done, sir. Is there anything else I am required for?” - I asked coming back to stand in front of his desk.

“No, it is fine. You are done for the day.”

“Okay then. Goodnight Mr. Knight.”- I said turning around to leave.

“Actually Ms. Williams there is something I need you for…” - came a voice, halting me in my steps just at the door yet again.

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