The roller coaster named life

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Dawn of a new day

The shrill ringing of my alarm wakes me up like always and startles me to the point where i find myself splayed on the cold marble floor...

Although this may not be the most ideal way to wakeup it still gets the job done fairly quick.

Even the chills given by cool marble does not seem to be enough today to get me up and moving...but 1 glance at the small black digital clock on wall is enough to send me scrambling up to my feet and in search of some appropriate clothes to wear for the BIG day today happens to be.

Exploring through the chest of drawers I call my wardrobe i grab the only outfit that could pass as OK for a corporate job interview. The fitted white blouse and a black pencil skirt paired with the only pair of black 3 inch heels seems to be my only option for as it is hardly a secret now that i am not that financially favoured and is barely able to make ends meet.

Although to most leaving at 8 o’clock for a 11:30am interview may seem a bit early but when you live at the opposite end of city and need to adjust your life according to bus timings...leaving this early even seems late enough.

The bus arrives just as I reach the bus stop and luck seems to be on my side today for i find a seat too, away from everyone else at the back.

As soon as the bus starts moving I find myself drifting back to sleep and not because I am not anxious enough for the interview but because for past 1 week the most I have slept is 2-4 hours for every 24 hours. Working 2 jobs is never easy but being a waitress during day and a bartender during night is even more consuming. Sally the other bartender at kaffila, the posh bar club i work at, could not have choosen a better time to take a week off in the pretence of having a viral fever to take a vacation with her girlfriend. In turn leaving me to work double shifts that although pays more but leaves no time to get some shut-eye.

My life may not have been the most comfortable or easiest but I am determined enough to change my days for better and this job interview today may be my only chance in a long time to do so.

When katherine normally known as katty told me about the job opening of a personal assistant at Knight Corps. I was although anxious but practically flew to my old laptop to apply for the post.

As the bus comes to a stop i realize that I still have 20 mins to spare and decide to go get myself a cup of hot coffee as i have conpletely forgotten to eat anything at home and answering the interviewer’s questions by making a whale’s mating call by my stomach may not be a good impression.

With coffee and a bagel in my stomach and nervousness in my mind I decide to make my way to my destination The Knights Corps. Headquaters.

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