The roller coaster named life

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Dinner and Advice

There are times when we just simply want to sit and ask ourselves, what the fuck were you even thinking, what thought process leads you to do this? The conditions we sometimes find ourselves in seems so strange that you actually have no clue why would you even put yourself through this.

Sitting here in this extremely comfortable chair of this French restaurant, I can’t even pronounce the name of is exactly what I am thinking and trying to get answers of… why would I agree to join my boss for dinner on the very first day of my job, or rather why did he even ask?

But all I could come up with is that I was not even thinking, him asking me to join him for dinner was so sudden that I could not even comprehend at first. His reasoning that we must know and understand each other a bit better know for we have to work together so closely, may have been the reason why I was convinced and agreed but then again now that I think back of it…

“Hey, everything okay? You seemed quite deep in your thoughts.” - came a deep yet soft soothing voice startling me out of my musings.

My eyes snapped up and I realized that Zachary has returned, probably from the wash room and is now looking at me with a face that could only be read as that of a slightly worried one, why does he worry and care for me though!?

“Oh! Um… yes, I am fine, I was just thinking about today. You know the first day and all…” - I replied with a slight smile of conviction.

Eating here making small talk with my boss who is the total opposite of me and I know for merely a couple of days is something anyone or at least I would expect to be uncomfortable and weird but this is surprisingly nice and comfortable.

One would expect The Zachary Knight to be full of himself, arrogant, cold-hearted and ruthless as the articles suggest, yes he has never been dubbed as a playboy or is rarely seen or linked with random women or rather any women, but now sitting here and having spent last couple days with him, the only conclusion I can come to is that this man, sitting in front of me is a kind, caring and someone with heart as big as Mariana-trench.

I may be wrong in the long run but I can just feel in my bones that he indeed is good.

The emotions that took over his face while he shared his childhood stories and the little smile that played on his lips all throughout made his look a total different person than the one who he was in the office, not that I mind though. This smiling, playful and happy Zachary was definitely a sight to behold and although the businessman Zachary Knight was someone who instantly commanded respect, attention and has this aura of confidence and intelligence around him, but now witnessing this playful, happy, kind, and caring Zachary with a mega-watt smile and laugh so contagious, I could only come to the conclusion that this man sitting in front of me here is who the real Zachary Knight is, not the emotionless, ruthless typical businessman front he put up as soon as he enters the office.

By the time we were done with the dinner, I knew all the little trivial things about him, be it his favourite colour or his pet peeves and hobbies. We may not have talked about the deeper parts of our lives just yet to the point that the only thing we know about each other’s families are that both our mothers are dead, but talking so freely solely about each other did provide a level of comfort and footing in this new friendship.

My stomach was hurting due to all the laughing and face red, not to mention the strain in my cheeks. I can’t even remember when was the last time I had felt so free and laughed so much.

“Come on! Let’s go. It is already 10:30 pm...I’ll drop you home.” - Zachary said after paying the tab, standing up.

As soon as he told the time, I was thrust back into the reality that I still have 1 more job to do.

Oh… not home, but can you please drop me off at Kafila? My shift should be starting soon.”

“Yeah sure, come along.” - he replied his face sobering up a bit but as if it was just a glitch of my vision his smile was back again.

Just as the gentleman he is, he opened the doors for me as always, as if it was a force of habit and he does so even without realizing but it sure does make me feel warm and good.

It may be too soon but it feels as if agreeing to his proposal of being friends was one of the good decisions I made.

All during my shift at the kafila the smile and good mood Zachary had put me in was very much intact and rather noticeable, to the point where almost all my co-workers asked about it, was I usually so grouch though, that a smiling Amyra was such a shock to everyone?

The luck seems to be on a streak today as just as I stepped onto my floor, to arms engulfed in a bone-crushing hug and squeals in a feminine voice threatened to burst my eardrums. For such a petite woman Katty sure does pack up a hug with the strength of a sumo wrestler. My already good mood instantly seemed to rise to such new heights as if it will break through all seven skies and shoot up some more. She is the sister I never had and the one person who has always been there for me and with me, no matter what.

Sitting at the floor of my living room with ice-cream, it was as if she knew what I want, as always.

“Okay bitch! Now spill..!! I can sense there is so much in that mind of yours.” - she demanded, threatening to take the ice cream tub back and that instantly got all my attention.

“Yeah, obviously who else am I going to unload all my thoughts on?... but only if you promise to not jump up in between and lemme finish first.” - I said narrowing my eyes, daring her to not agree.

It’s not like I will be able sleep with all these thoughts running and my over-analysing mind, going over and thinking about even the minutest of all details of the day. So why not engage her and unload myself onto her, after all, I was thinking about doing just that all throughout my shift at the Kafila.

“Of course, why would you even assume that I’ll interrupt you..!! You wound me, Amy!!” - she said with a gasp faking hurt, sending me into yet another fit of laughter.

“Yeah! sure... Now shut up so I can begin!...”

“Yes yes!!!” - she squealed like a schoolgirl who just got handed her favourite chocolate, interrupting me already but settled down nonetheless.

“Girl he totally has hots for you!! You better that billionaire ass or I will.! Oohh! But he must pass my tests before he even thinks of taking you out...” - she trails jumping up and down excitedly with a wicked glimmer in her eyes, as I finished telling her all about that happened since Saturday night.

“Katty, my darling calm down, no one is taking me out and he was just being kind, moreover we just agreed to be friends because it’ll be better since we will be working so closely. Don’t forget he is still my boss and is from a completely opposite side world” - I try to make her realize, holding down her shoulders to steady her, even though my own words cause a tiny pang at my heart which I ignore.

“Oh hush child, you know nothing, and are you trying to tell me that you do not want to be with that man?” - she asks suddenly with a stern face, narrowed eyes and hands on her hips. One of her hip cocked out and the foot tapping on floor, as she waited for me to answer.

For a moment all I could remember was the mother I lost at the hands of death, for this was the same look she used to give me when I was a kid, and was lying about something she clearly know about. She always knew when I was hiding something or when I was lying.

“Eh, but he is my boss, it would be so wrong… and moreover what if he is not even thinking of me like that and is just being kind and friendly…why get my hopes up thinking all such…” - I spoke after gathering myself back from the memory lane, I just got spilled onto.

“Well… the boss thing is no bound if he is the one who approaches you, and since when do you actually care about what others think? You are strong, girl!! And as of the being kind and friendly shit… let’s just keep your mind open and go with the flow yeah,?” - Katty speaks after thinking for a moment, sending me onto the thought train again.

“Hey! Amy listen, don’t stress yourself darling, whatever happens in the future...I will always be with you and we’ll get through everything together. The only reason I asked to keep your mind open was because there is something about this man actually sounds as if he could be what you needed and always wanted, unless you are telling me something that is... but for now, let’s just leave everything to time and celebrate and be happy about this awesome new job of yours!!” - She spoke again, I must have been lost for quite a bit if that has to happen, but her advice was surely something that my mind decided to stick to and found actually the best one.

“Yeah, you are right… those chocolates peeking out of your bag looks amazing right now though…”

“Don’t you dare girl!! They are all mine!!” - she dashed to her bag lying at the kitchen counter with me tailing her…

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