The roller coaster named life

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Chocolate wrapper and skirt

I can not breathe, there is something heavy laying on top of me. My nose was covered by something that reminded me of the flap on a mail door slot, for it just moved up down every time I tried to breathe. The air reaching in my lungs was nowhere near enough and I was struggling to get more of it.

My eyes were closed and no matter, how much I tried to open them, they seemed to be glued shut. The only thing my mind could think of for this condition of mine was that somehow, I am back into that horrible basement and he is purifying me again as he did every day for those three years. As if that was the push my mind needed to function normally again, that as soon as those horrific images of the past played like a reel in front of my eyes, they flew open and a gasp left my mouth, in a futile attempt to get as much air as possible in my lungs.

It took merely two seconds for my mind to register, that I was, in fact, in my own living room and not in that hell hole. I started to relax knowing that, I was away from the reality that is even worse than the nightmares for most, but the fact that I still felt that flap like thing on my nose and weight on my chest soon evaded back my mind. My mind finally caught on and my hand shot up to my nose, where the root cause of this condition of mine, was found in the form of a chocolate wrapper, that was stuck to the tip of my nose.

Removing it my attention shifted downwards to my chest and soon I felt like banging my head against the hard concrete wall.

There on chest laid Katty, directly positioned over my lungs and a hand thrown over my throat, effectively blocking out my breathing for the majority of it. For a moment there all I could think of was, how the hell was the position she was lying in, could humanly be possible, she would absolutely love the stiffness and pain she will have now. Shoving her off of myself to get up didn’t even wake her up, she just turned the other side and slept off, mumbling something incoherent.

Just as my breath finally stabilized, it got back on the verge of hyperventilating almost instantly again. The shrill sound of my phone’s mail tone rang through the whole apartment, startling me with the sudden break of complete silence.

I made my way to the small chest of drawers near my main door, where my bag lay from last night, that contained my phone. As soon as my eyes focused on the time displayed on the top right corner of my new phone, all the sleep instantly left my system and I quickly checked the subject of mail, I just received, while making my way to my room to get ready and leave to be at the office within the next one and a half hour. The mail turned out to be additions to Zachary’s schedule for today, It’ll obviously have to wait till the bus ride to get checked.

Brushing my teeth while in the shower, I cursed myself again for being a daily morning showerer, but I have always been this way, I can’t just start my day and be happy about it unless I know that I am squeaky clean before leaving the house.

Throwing on a slate-grey pencil skirt and dull orange top, I rushed to run a brush through my hair and leaving them be in their naturally curly state, thankful that they were behaving for once.

Gathering my stuff and kicking a sleeping katty out of my house, turned out to consume the same amount of time as showering and getting ready took me combined.

Reaching the curb outside my apartment building, I came to the conclusion that, I obviously am running too short on time to use the bus, so quickly hailed a taxi and took the first relaxing breath as soon as it started moving.

My usual custom of sleeping on the rides to and from works was sadly broken today, and this taxi ride was spent checking and replying to the emails, received on my work account, and amending Zachary’s schedule as necessary.

All too soon my destination was staring right into my eyes, in the form of a gigantic glass and concrete skyscraper, that I have come to admire so much in just a single day of working here. Paying the fare, I quickly checked the time as I stepped out on the pavement and finally relaxed, I was not late on my second day here but was actually early with exactly six minutes to spare. Moving inside, I quickly made my way to the elevator and was pleasantly surprised with the soft blue eyes and a large grin that greeted me. Soon enough, I was engulfed in a warm, friendly and tight bear hug.

“Amyraaa!! Good morning.!! How are you this fine morning?” - Xander spoke with such childlike enthusiasm and happiness, that it became impossible to hold the small laugh that escaped me, instantly putting me into a very good mood.

“Good morning Xander, I am very good, how about you?”

Clearing of a throat grabbed our attention and stepped back from each other’s embrace, turning to his left, where stood one of the most beautiful female I might have ever seen. She had a flawlessly clear wheatish skin, deep brown large eyes and long black wavy hair. She was looking at me with a confused frown on her face, that was titled to a side. Her face not only showed her confusion about who I was but also a hint of irritation, about what though?

“Oh! Lana this is Amyra Williams, the one I was telling you about yesterday...remember? The one I met in the cafeteria.” - Xander quickly introduced, and her face instantly transformed into a smiling one, making her even more beautiful.

“And Amy...oh I’ll call you Amy from on... well, this is Alana Flores, the Lana, I told you about.” - Xander said, pulling her towards him in a side hug, still supporting the biggest grin ever.

Hi, I heard so much about you yesterday from this overgrown child. I hope we become good friends. ” - I spoke with a genuine smile on my face, stretching my hand towards her.

I hope so too! He wouldn’t shut about this lunch in today’s break with you. ” - Lana said taking my hand to shake. Although her face sported a smile, there still was some scepticism hidden in there.

The elevator doors dinged open on their floor before, I could say anything and they filed out with the last shout from Xander saying “We’ll come and get you for lunch break Amy

When the doors opened again to the top floor finally this time, I quickly stepped out, trying to do my best to ignore the anxiousness I was still feeling on my second day. I was just in time, so quickly rushed to put my things down in my own office.

Unlocking the office door, I quickly put away my bag and took my i-pad and phone along making my way out, to the small refreshment area on this floor, that conveniently had a coffee machine and a fridge stocked with different kinds of non-alcoholic drinks.

Making a coffee just as I was told how Zachary likes, I quickly but carefully put a lid on it and made a second one for myself, with a different coloured lid to not mix them up accidentally.

Carrying my company provided i-pad and phone in one hand and a tray containing the two coffee cups on the other, I made my way to my boss’s office. My anxiousness returned as the distance between the cabin and me decreased. My mind running with different questions…

What if I mess this all up on my first day with actual work?

Will he still behave as a friend, when we are inside the office?

Am I even capable enough to work at this big of a company?...

But all my thoughts were pushed to the back burner as I reached the big brown mahogany door. Taking a deep breath, I knocked on it twice and almost instantly heard the same deep husky voice say “Enter” .

Using my shoulder to push open the door, I quietly made my way inside, the door shutting itself after me.

Good morning, Mr. Knight. I have your coffee and schedule here with me.” - I spoke putting the tray down and finally looking up at the man sitting behind the large desk.

Good morning Amyra, thanks for the coffee… but I am pretty sure we agreed to be friends last night, why are you still addressing me Mr. Knight then?” - he asked while confusion marred his whole face, with a tiny bit of hurt, in form of a miniscule pout, making him look adorably cute.

On this question of him all my anxiousness and uncomfort fled off of me, but a red hue of embarrassment painted my neck and face. Lowering my head a bit, in a low voice I responded - “I am so sorry… I know we agreed to be friends, but I just thought maybe you wouldn’t want me to behave that way in office. You know since you are so different when you are in you big bad CEO mode”

A look of understanding crossed his face and his features instantly relaxed. A small amused and playful smirk playing on his lips, he said feigning a look of hurt - “You wound me Amyra, thinking so low of me, to forget such wonderful friendship of ours so quickly! I am hurt.

Sure you are… you big baby!” - I replied instantly at ease, trying to hold back a chuckle that escaped nonetheless.

Take a seat please, let’s start with the day….Why are you even standing still? ” - he said with a small laugh of his taking a sip of his coffee, instantly reminding me of my own.

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