The roller coaster named life

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A bustling day

I have always been a pretty hard worker, life has never been too easy or lavish for me. Neither were my parents from much money nor have I yet been able to change that completely. We may not have been living a rich life from the start, but we were not lacking either.

At some point of time in my life, I really used to believe that life is good and nothing can take that away.

An innocent, forever happy and smiling girl I was. With my parents to support me along the way, and high ambitions to achieve. But it all came shattering down to the depths of hell, without even a moment’s notice.

The father I had once adored and deemed as my hero, turned out to be a devil, costing me my mother’s life and turning me into a mere shell of what once used to be... a lively, happy and ambitious girl.

Even with the scars reminding me constantly, of the living hell I endured, trying to break me, but come what may, I refuse to give in and submit. The scars and nightmares, the torture I endured and the emotional trauma I continue to face will never be allowed to break me. I will do all in my power and beyond, to make myself a life I deserve, one my mother will be proud of.

With these thoughts running in my mind, confidence and self-assurance filling me up to the brim, I continue to work, File after file, letter after letter. It is just the first day of me being here and my desk already looks like a tornado travelling straight from a paper factory had hit it, depositing all the papers it picked up from there.

It has been almost three hours since I reached the office altogether, but my sore fingers and aching calves would suggest otherwise. The amount of paperwork that is already behind the timeline, has instantly become a new enemy of my fingers. Not to mention the fact that I am not really in the practice of typing so much, in such a short amount of time.

It is not just the regular paper work that has my hands crying though, I have already had to accompany Zachary for 2 meetings, and the amount of notes to be taken there is just wonderfully much. Also, the fact that both of those meetings just so happened to be in buildings at walking distance from ours.

Now walking may be something I prefer, but trying to catch up with a 6’3” giant, brooding businessman, who has strides longer than half my leg, all the while carrying files and my bag. It is safe to say that the first thing I’ll be doing today as soon as I get off of work, would be to buy myself a pair of flats suitable for work. For these death contraptions, also called heels, may just be 4 inches tall, but they have already half killed my calves.

But even with all this going on, the only feelings that consume my heart and mind are, happiness and gratefulness. Happy that, I am finally moving into the right direction and not stuck with two dead-end jobs, living paycheck to paycheck. Grateful for this opportunity, that I intend to make the full out of.

I didn’t even realise how much time has passed and it is already lunch time, when a knock suddenly sounds through.

“Come in” - I reply, without looking up.

“Hey, I… woah! What happened here.?” - my eyes shot up, as soon as I heard that deep husky voice. Only to collide with amused grey ones of Zachary.

“Oh, um… I am just working on completing all the paperwork, and got just a bit carried away, you know since so much is already behind on the timeline so, I’ll clean up before I leave though.” - I reply, a slightly embarrassed blush, creeping up due to the mess in the office I have made.

“Don’t worry about it… I am glad though, that you are working so hard already.”

“Thanks, Did you need something though?”

“Oh, I just came to ask you for lun..”

“Hey Amy darling, come on, we’re already late for our lunch appointment!” - A cheerful Xander cuts Zachary in between, barging in, only to stop short.

“Oh! I am so sorry Mr. Knight, I wasn’t aware of you being here. I just came to retrieve Amy for lunch.” - Xander speaks to Zachary, who I now notice is clearly glaring at him.

I quickly stand up, making my way around the desk, a bit weirded out with the sudden tension.

“Um, Zachary, you were saying something?” - I asked remembering that he was actually saying something before Xander came.

His eyes shifted back to me, a little relaxed now, but still hard nonetheless.

“Nothing Amyra, enjoy your lunch. But remember to be back on time, we have a meeting to attend at 2:00 pm. You need to prepare the meeting room at floor 16th floor, for the same.” - he spoke in a monotonous voice and left without a second’s notice. Filling me with an unknown feeling in my heart. Upset at his sudden change of mood, because I can bet anything that this was not what he wanted to say initially.

“Hey, you coming or not?!” - an impatient Xander spoke again.

“Yeah, just lemme grab my bag.” - I replied, grabbing my bag, a small smile slipped on my face, and we made our way out.

Lana is already waiting for us there…” - Xander kept of chatting away my ears all through the way, but somehow my mind seemed to be stuck at a place. As it kept of playing the look on Zachary’s face just now, at a loop. His eyes and face may have suddenly turned hard and stoic, but there sure were some hints of disappointment, as if he had wanted something so dearly, but was denied.

My attention was snapped back from Zachary to present though, by a chime of a bell. That was when I actually realised that we have reached this small cozy cafe, just around the corner from the office.

Where sat Lana at a table near the big glass window, waiting for us.

Her face lit up, as soon as, her eyes landed on Xander, and soon she was engulfed in a bear hug from the man himself. Giggles erupted from her, causing a smile to form on my own, and that was when I realised that Lana actually had feelings for Xander, maybe that was why she was skeptical of me earlier.

Hey, why are you still standing there? Come sit !” - Xander called for me, realising that I am still standing near the door. I and my way to the table and took a seat near Lana, greeting her.

The stories from childhood and highschool mixed with office rumors and delicious food, filled us up to the brim and a new thread of friendship came wrapping us together. By the time lunch hour ended, even Lana was finally comfortable with me and have become friends.

But even with all this going on, my mind could not be wrenched away from the thoughts of Zachary. Tired and fed up with this uncomfortable, sad feeling, I decided to talk about it with him, after work, today itself. We are friends now, after all, may be have dinner together, that I have an off today from Kafila.

So, with a smile on face and contentment at heart, I waited for the day to end...

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