The roller coaster named life

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Life is good

Getting up with a smile on face and an actual good mood, seemed to be something I seemed to have forgot a long time ago.

I have always been a morning person, however, all that took a whole 180° when all of a sudden my facade of a happy go lucky teenage girl’s life was ripped off and suddenly turned into a nightmare worse than all Saw movies combined.

But I willed my mind to not go that way, for I was not ready to lose my good mood, so my mind went to thinking for some distraction from these thoughts and dreaded memories in the form of various flashbacks and to push my raising hyperventilation away.

Rolling out of bed my eyes instantly fell on the digital clock on my bedside table, which in bold red digital letters displayed 7:29 am, and soon my ears were filled with a splitting, shriek of my alarm as the letters changed to 7:30 am, just as I was looking at it.

It was as if suddenly I was visited by my long lost fairy godmother, that all of my sudden my mind was swept clean of all the negativity and my good mood sustained, as a hearty laugh bubbled from within me.

Getting out of the shower moving towards my chest of clothes, my hands all of a sudden halted from following their habitual ritual of grabbing the first attire they come in contact with to get ready.

Today I found myself wanting to try for my appearance, to look good for a certain someone with bewitching grey eyes and a heart made of pure gold studded with the most precious of gems out there.

Hence, for the second time now I switched for my chest of drawers I call wardrobe, for my mother’s trunk. My wandering hands and searching eyes stopped only when they finally settled on the dress laying at the bottom, and I snatched it away with the speed of light.

The plain black A-line dress, with a halter neck and quarter sleeves though seemed nothing fancy, but gave the impression I wanted to give out perfectly, described me and my style to the T.

It also didn’t hurt much that it was tight on my bust and complimented my curves well. I paired the dress with a formal blazer, to look a tad bit more professional. Leaving my hair down and in a brave move adorned my lips with a bold ruby-red lipstick, a dash of black eye-liner accompanying my eyes and black strappy heels to go with them and I was good to go. Walking over to the mirror to give myself a final once over, my eyes widened as they fell on the girl in reflection, she was beautiful but more to that, her eyes had the spark of happiness.

Pleased with the sight, I made my way out locking the apartment, walking to the bus stop, grabbing my bag and a snickers bar to the way.

My heart was thundering as I entered the building that proudly boasted the sign “The Knight corps.” standing tall. Moving towards the lifts I noticed the open doors of one and instinctively sped up keeping my eyes down to avoid tripping in my heels, stepping in I instantly turned to press the button for my floor just as the doors shut down.

Although what was unexpected, were the hands snaked around my waist and the head that rested on my shoulder. It was that when I noticed my nostrils filling up with the familiar cologne, and that it was only us in that little metal box.

A smile stretched on my lips unbecknoest to me, as I was gently turned around and found my eyes locked with the most beautiful stormy ones, crinkled at the corners hinting me to the grin that was probably spread on his angelic face. Which was confirmed as soon as I was able to tear my eyes away from his, taking in his face, when they settled on the luscious pink lips now stretched in a grin, but one look at him and I was thrusted back into the memories of last night…

~Flashback to last night~

Finally working up the courage, Amyra moved her hand to knock on his office door before I chickened out.

“Enter” - came the reply in a low voice, however that was enough to send shivers down her spine.

Opening the wooden door, she quietly stepped inside and moved to stand before his desk.

“Zach, I am done for the day...and I was leaving, so, um I just wanted to ask if you would like to accompany me for dinner. Um, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to of course, I was just…”

“Are you asking me out on a date Amyra” - her rambling was cut by him in an amused voice, as he sat there holding his chin on both his hands, looking like an innocent kitten with his cheeky grin.

A chuckle escaped him as he witnessed her blush rose even more, that what it was when she had entered his office.

“Relax Myra, I was just kidding… unless you really want it to be a date.” - he further said with a light tone, however, the hope in his gaze and longing in his voice didn’t go unnoticed by Amyra and she was left yet even more stunned.

The thought of asking Zachary out for a date or rather asking him for a dinner had made her feel like a schoolgirl trying to talk to her crush again. A miniscule part of her wished to deny him of this being a date and telling him that this was actually just a friendly dinner, however another bigger part really wished for this date and shouted to her that she really deserved this happiness. So going with her feelings for once in so long she answered…

“A date I’ll get to choose the location for…?” - came out her quiet, timid voice. Her eyes shifting and glancing everywhere instead of him.

As soon as those words left her mouth, Zachary’s heart soared with happiness and he felt as if living a dream. After all how often is it that you get asked out by the woman you are falling in love with even more every second?

“And I’ll drive. Come on Ms. Williams, or else we will be late for our date.!” - Jumping at the opportunity like a kid offered a free trip to candy story, he quickly exclaimed! Making her eyes shoot up to his instantly, worry in them suddenly turning to elation.

Sitting in the quaint little diner, in a booth far back, they have been enjoying their dinner along with each other’s company, in an evening filled with laughter and happiness.

It was inly when they have reached Amyra’s house parked on the curb, that Zachary was able to gather up his courage to take her hand in a hold before she could get out and spoke…

“Um… can I be honest with you Myra?” - he spoke in a low voice.

“Of course, tell me what is it on you mind?” - she spoke tilting her head to the side, giving him hers full and undivided attention.

“I got so jealous today, during the lunch” - he spoke in the same low voice.

“ Jealous… but, for what? Of whom? I don’t understand…”

“Am… I came to your office to ask you out for lunch, since I wanted to spend more time with you… but then, in came that man and he spoke as if you already had plans with him. I felt as if you didn’t like my company or me and well… yeah..” - he spoke a pink tint coating his ear-tips, eyes escaping hers.

“Oh, I knew you were about to say something else!” - she exclaimed with a grin splitting her face.

“And you got jealous of Xander? But why?” - she spoke again suddenly, her smile settling down a bit, as hope of her feelings being reciprocated filled her heart.

His eyes rested on her face as if searching for something, his heart beating erratically, all he wanted to do in that moment was to confess his feelings to her, but his demons came gnawing at him.

However, he also knew that this might be his only chance. So, closing his eyes for a moment to gather all his courage, opening them only to collide with beautiful and eager green ones.

“Amyra… I know this may seem to come as rather abrupt and weird, and please know that I’ll understand if you don’t like or reciprocate this but… I just want to tell you now before it gets too late to, that I really like you. Much more than like actually… I feel as if there is this string that attaches us both and is constantly pulling me to you. I am unable to stay away from you, please trust me when I say that just your voice or a look of yours makes my day so much brighter and that … I have never felt something of this intensity before. So, I just don’t want to lose this and give it a chance…of you and me becoming us. Will you give me a chance please?”

Zachary spoke with his eyes locked into hers and voice quivering, but what shocked Amyra even more than his red blush, were his shaking hands and the look of longing and hope on his face. His eyes depicted nothing but honesty and adoration towards her, however, they started filling with fear and dread as he saw Amyra simply looking at him, without any response.

She shook out of her shock as she saw his eyes dulling and it dawned on her that she had not replied him yet, but who could really blame her for being stunned, when the man she has fallen for, confessed his feelings towards her so beautifully.?

Just as his hold on her hand started loosening, her eyes filled with tears and she suddenly lunged towards him, surprising him with her embrace. Owing to the surprise Zachary was stilled for a moment but soon regained as his hope came back and hands went around her, holding her even more tight against him. His heart soared with her in his arms and he felt complete.

“What’s wrong love? Why are you crying suddenly? If it is about what I said…” - Zachary started saying, but his words were soon stopped as Amyra’s finger landed on his lips shushing him.

“You have no idea how happy this has made me… I know this is not the ideal condition with you being my boss and that we come from entirely opposite parts of society… but I still wish to be selfish and give us a chance. Keeping you all to myself seems such good idea when I feel the same for you too.” - Her voice came out soft, a smile on her lips and eyes cast downwards.

Zachary’s heart felt like it will soon explode into a million pieces and even then his happiness won’t be contained.

“You may have just made my bleak like a ton brighter and happier Ms. Williams, and you don’t even realize it.” - he spoke holding her again in his embrace with no intentions of letting go.

“I’ll see you in the morning. Good night, love.” - he finally left, after walking her to her door, with a kiss on her cheek and another on forehead.

Leaving her looking at his retreating back lovingly with a smile that seemed a permanent fixture on her face, for it remained even when she went to sleep.”

Amyra was jerked back to the present when she felt a soft pair of lips on her forehead, and a hand gently holding her jaw as if she was a porcelain doll.

“Hi” - she spoke with cheeks redder than a tomato, eyes cast downwards but lips still curved in a smile.

Hello love” - Zachary replied in a soft tone with a slight chuckle, his eyes going from soft and loving to mischievous as he closed the distance between them, cornering her into the back wall of elevator…

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