The roller coaster named life

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Is this my happily ever after?

No matter how much you claim to hate someone or something, but when that something is a part of your everyday life, you are bound to get attached and find your life moulded around them. It is only after you part from the said thing or being, that you realize just how big a part of life it was. It is only after the partition that you realize, how much you miss it and how much of an influence it was on you and your whole life. That is when you start getting withdrawal symptoms , but of the good memories you created there, and the moments of your life you lived there, maybe that is what happening with me right now is…

Having a single job has never been the norm for me, or rather I have never known how it feels to have just one single job, let alone having weekends off.

I have been working a number of menial jobs at a time since the month I turned eighteen. Until two years ago, when I got the permanent job at Rose’s and Kafila that is. For past two years having only those two places as my escape and mode of sustenance have unknowingly made them out to be of so much importance to me that, leaving this place named Kafila is proving to be such an emotional ride for me. To the point of my eyes moistening up.

When I resigned from Rose’s a month back to join Zach’s firm as a PA to him, I didn’t realize the effect it would have on me later in the time. Maybe it was the demanding nature of my new job or maybe it was my new found love Zachary Knight and all the adventure accompanying it, that kept my mind off of it. However, I believe it could also have very well been the fact that I was still working at Kafila that served as a medium of connection to my old life, and kept me from thinking much about the Rose’s, or rather about the time of my life that went there and the memories, lessons, and relations I gained from there.

But today as I resigned from my second job at Kafila, everything has seemed to come down at me like the water from a broken dam. It is not the that I wish to go back to working two dead-end jobs at a time, or that I prefer them over my fairly new, high paying and an actually fitting job at The Knight’s Corps.

Rather the times spent there and the part they played in shaping up my then overly receptive personality, is what tugs at my heart now, opening the gates of my eyes for tears, that seldom comes.

I may still be unclear as to if me missing those two places is a good thing or not, but what I am clear about is the fact that I am utterly proud of myself of once to be able to somewhat come up from the monotonous and non-progressing part of my life, to be on the verge of being able to live freely for once.

It may take me another six months to clear all my debts towards medical bills, but that is, however, the only one left now. Hence, prompting me to leave my second job, along with other factors like being physically exhausted and having literally no time for even myself. Though it may also be the constant nagging and final warning from Katie that pushed me towards it. Thus, leaving me now in this condition where I find myself so confused, as to what must I do now when I find myself absolutely free at 6:00 pm, with only one job to return to in the morning.

Meeting up with Katie, to give her the news in person, being the first thing to come to my mind, makes me even more excited then a toddler getting his favourite candy. However, my thoughts kept on constantly getting invaded by a certain grey-eyed boss, who happened to be my lover, no matter how much I try to keep him out of them. So picking up the file, I started making my way towards the cabin next to mine, reaching the grand wooden doors in a matter of mere seconds.

Bubbling with excitement and happiness, my fist knocked on them twice, resulting in my ears beings rewarded with the deep husky voice answering almost immediately in a “Come in”

Pushing the doors and stepping inside, I was face to face with the man whose presence never ceases to pull at my heart’s strings and whose intelligence never ceases to amaze me. But what sent the shivers down my spine, as usual, was, when my eyes found his stunning stormy orbs.

As captivating as those orbs are, they instantly sent me back to the day they promised me of always being these loving, caring ones, in that elevator, the first day of this relationship. When he cornered me, making me an implied promise of a kiss when he moved in but ended up giving me the treasure of my life with the words that left his mouth then. Many may find it hard to believe that two people claiming to be so attracted to each other, have never felt each other’s lips. But what we do have felt is the souls and love in our hearts for each other.

“Where did you go this time, Ms. Williams? Always getting lost in me, I see…” - a deep sonorous but teasing voice forced me out of my thoughts, instantly making me realize how close Zach has come to me now. When he stood with a small yet loving smile on his lips and mischievous eyes. His warm breath fanning my face due to the closeness, contributing in the sudden manifestation of tomato in my face, upon realizing that I got caught staring.

“Oh, nowhere you know, I was just thinking how you need a bath as soon as possible, with the way your face is looking… ah! But sorry, I forgot this is just how you look!” - I replied with the most innocent face I could conjure, dashing to the other side of the room as fast as my legs would allow. Giggles erupting from within.

“You meanie!! Now you wait, you’re gonna get it. Just let me get my hands on you once!!” - he says with an exaggerated gasp coming after me, with a laugh of his own. His eyes crinkling at the ends, mouth stretched in a smile, mesmerising me to the point where I just stood watching me again.

However, soon all my senses came alive as I felt hands skimming all over in a tickling attack, reducing me to a laughing mess, and putty in his hands, even more so than what I already was.

Soon we found ourselves stretched on the floor, my head on his chest, his arm around my waist. Lips stills curled in wide toothy grins, panting for breath, with stomach and cheeks aching from the laughs.

“So, I came to inform you something…” - I started after sometime when we were finally able to breathe.

“Yeah?” - he replied, turning his face towards mine, still lying on the floor.

“Um, I resigned from the Kafila today, I went there during my lunch break…”- I was cut short suddenly with a tight hug when he rolled over me.

Damn! I can’t tell you how much happiness and peace of mind this news has brought me, I hated that job of yours with the timings of your shift, so insecure!” - he said looking me in the eyes, his face hovering above mine. Happiness literally flowing from his contagious grin.

“I know, Mr. Knight, now you’ll be free from picking me up from there almost everyday, and looking for excuses in order to be able to do so.” - came my reply with a wink, for there was no way I will ever believe that he was suddenly so much interested in that club to be there 4 days a week, just in time for my shift to end.

“Oh nonsense, it is my right to be able to spoil my woman! Which includes driving her too among other things.” - he said, getting up and offering me a hand to help me up from the floor. Still not losing his smile.

“Yeah yeah, so, I’ll see you tomorrow, I’ll be meeting up with Katie today, to celebrate…. Some club probably, knowing her.” - I informed, rising to my tiptoes, giving him a kiss on his cheek before grabbing my purse to leave.

“Please be careful, and call me for anything… okay?” - he said somewhat strictly, holding my hand gently.

“Sure, I’ll be very very careful” - I replied with a soft smile, ravelling in his care and love.

“Also Ms. Williams, I am reserving you for tomorrow evening. I want you to meet someone special and important.” - he said with a bit of hesitation, though still smiling.

Of course darling, I’d love to meet this special someone. But, I’ll have to leave now, or else I’ll be late.” - I said, not wanting to part but still excited to meet Katie. Thoughts of this special someone roaming my mind.

“Take care, love” - he said as parting words, engulfing me in a hug and sending me out with a kiss to my forehead.

Exciting the elevators into the main lobby on the ground floor, my face still flushed just the tiniest bit as I made my way towards the main entrance. When from the corner of my eyes, I noticed a small figure moving towards the elevators accompanied by a security guard, something compelled me to look at him clearly and that is what I did when all of a sudden my breath hitched for a moment.

For standing there waiting for the elevators, was a young boy of about six or seven years with the same set of striking grey eyes and features oddly similar to the ones of the face that has sparked countless of my nightmares….

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