The roller coaster named life

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Those Stormy eyes

The large glass and metal building stood tall and proud among all the other surrounding ones with the Knight corps. engraved in silver adding to its appeal.

The skyscraper though in itself seemed like a beautifully carved piece of art, but with mere sight of it a whole kaleidoscope of butterflies erupted in my stomach and palms grew sweaty.

Moving past the security, I have though only crossed the main enterance but it seemed like a whole new world altogether...

People in smart and professional clothing that probably cost more than what currently is a whole year worth of salary for me, went about their work with their identity tags pinned to them.

This sight alone was more than enough to make me feel extremely out of place and even more nervous but also filled me with a new determination to somehow get this job and earn myself the life I deserve.

Stepping up to the receptionist I came face to face to a very kind and warm smiling woman, her seemingly genuine and welcoming smile easing my nerves a bit instantly...

Hello! I am loren wells. How may I help you today?” She said with a voice though sweet but still professional.

Hey, I am Amyra willams and I am here for the interview for personal assistant position.”I answered forcing my nerves to calm down.

Ah! Yes, ofcourse. Please use that elevator to reach 22nd floor, the receptionist there will guide you futher.” She informed pointing to the elevator station at her right.

The 5 minutes in elevator and I was face to face with the a black, white and grey themed lobby that seemed to come straight out a fancy magazine or TV show. Moving to the reception desk while trying to erase the gobsmacked expressions from my face, I came face to face with a seemingly tall, blue eyed blonde who seemed to be extremely busy examining her manicured nails. It will always be a mystery to me how could she look this sophesticated and elegent even while practically showing the most clevage with the tightest clothes possible.

Informing her of my reason to come here I asked for further instructions...

Fill in your details here and wait there you’ll be called on your turn.” She replied with a bored expression while checking me out up and down and scoffed mumbling something under her breath.

Moving past the snobby Beatrice as her tag said, I went to sit at the black leather chairs of waiting area. My eyes couldn’t help but notice all the other 16 candidates all dressed in extremely fancy clothes with so many red bottom heels and cleavage on shows i found myself getting confused as to whether feel self conscious or proud of not depending having to display my body to get a job.

As time went by and I witnessed all 16 of them coming out of office either crying, pissed or disappointed I felt myself growing more and more nervous as to what is it that awaits me behind those doors and wishing to have researched a bit about the job and company a little but then when had i been given the luxury of time to be able to do anything else then waiting table or bartending. But hopefully if I get thus job I’ll be able to quit those jobs and finally secure myself a life my mother always believed I deserved.

As soon as I heard my name being called for all the butterflies returned and I made my way to the suggested office.

Knocking twice I waited and soon heard a husky deep and extremely attractive voice command “Enter”. Taking a deep breath I stepped into the office by now the butterflies having turned into a whole zoo.

Entering in the said office i came face to face with huge floor to ceiling windows offering breathtaking view of outside world, had me mesmerised for a moment to the point where i forgot my purpose of being here, but I soon gained my senses and turned to face the man of occupying this extremely big and architectural wonder of a office.

Turning around I expected to come face to face with an old man sporting grey hair and obvious ageing signs, but froze when I saw the devilishly handsome dair haired man with stormy grey eyes staring directly at me as if grazing into my soul.

I realized i was staring and blushed getting even more nervous when his eyes didn’t left mine. His perfectly fitted dark blue armani suit and the way he held himself only added to his good looks and intimidation I felt in his presence.

Hoping for no drool on my face I took a seat and found him observing me still...more like glaring.

His stormy grey eyes pinning me down, daring me to do commit a single mistake but still attracting me in.

And then he began speaking...

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