The roller coaster named life

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The green eyed beauty

~Zachary knight~

There is nothing like waking up with a massive headache and worst hangover of the century and then realizing that you are not even in your own bed.

Now I am definitely not one to fuck my way around the whole city as many may expect from a single, self-made billionaire, but I do have one night stands every once in a while especially when alcohol and my best friend Noah Harris is involved. Sometimes I feel like he is much more concerned about my non-existent love life then I am.

Waking up habitually at 5:30 am sure does come handy in days like today when you need to make the great escape. Dressing up as quick as possible in last night’s clothes, checking my pockets for wallet and keys I make my way to the car and start the driving back home.

An hour later I am back at home with Advil and coffee in my system getting ready for work when I receive a call from office reminding me of the interviews scheduled for today for my new personal assistant.

After dressing up and having breakfast I leave the penthouse I call home to go to office reaching there by 9:30 am, Putting on the expressionless blank face switching to the business mode I make my way in having to go through general elevators for private one being under maintenance.

Greeting Loren the main receptionist as I head to my floor still nursing this gigantic hangover is practically ambushed by Beatrice as she tries to flirt her way into my bank accounts. Even after clearly denying her she still feels as if we’re meant to be, I would have fired her a long time ago had she not been good at her job.

Moving past her while resisting the urge to either send her to a mental institution or drowning her with holy water even though I am not religious, I reach my office and is immediately drowned in a sea of paperwork.

While I was still immersed in the papers, Loren pops her head in to inform that its time for interviews. Telling her to send candidates and wishing for actual decent applicants who wish to work and not flirt I wait for the torture to begin.

But hey! This time it may be different...

I stand corrected, this will never be different, by now I have interviewed 16 candidates and neither with even a speck of determination to work, covered with kilos of makeup and fancy degrees but all in line to get a wealthy sleeping partner, not a job. I was tempted to just end this torture and stop wasting my time but then I noticed only 1 candidate was left behind, might as well finish what I started...

Then she walks in, naturally red waist-length hair, most vibrant green eyes I have ever seen, dressed modestly and breathtakingly beautiful even without a single speck of makeup. Her heart-shaped face with soft features and a short curvy body that has me mesmerized with a single look even when she is facing away.

My heart starts beating erratically and breath catches up as her eyes find mine and for a moment I forget everything except her. She seems to be frozen too.

But then just like that she shakes out of her trance taking me along and blushes when notices me still staring at her. She has the kind of presence that draws me in towards her already even when she has not spoken even a word yet.

Struggling to manage my emotions I mask my face blank, for she could still be the same as others behind this innocent image of hers, even though my heart already feels as if she’s not. She takes the seat as I motioned her to and I try to get on with the interview.

Amyra Willams name fitting her perfectly, she impressed me even more with her answers to all my questions and her knowledge. Although in first 5 minutes I had decided that she was perfect for the job, I was not ready to let her leave, for the way I have been feeling towards her since first sight is not something I am comfortable or familiar with, but after almost an hour I decide to let her go telling her she’ll receive a call if she got the job.

Watching her pick her purse and moving out of the door I resist the urge to call her back for her not being here has already left me feeling somewhat lonely.

So, I dive back into work for I know that is the only thing that can distract me from my green-eyed beauty...

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