The roller coaster named life

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My thundering heart

An hour...

Its been a whole hour of this fine specimen of male species trying to gaze into my soul... the way his eyes are boring into mine feels as if he is trying to discover all my deep dark secrets.

Being under his brooding stare was doing things to my body and mind that I never expected to happen, and that sent my emotions and brain into overdrive, thinking of all kind of situations and scenarios that I was sure would never come true...for he seemed so regal sitting at the opposite end of this gigantic beautifully carved mahogany desk...and I no more than a pauper.

Not only was his presence the one creating chaos in my mind but also the fact that I am going to be late for my shift at Rose's the diner I wait tables at. It's not that I find waiting tables more interesting than basking in the sheer beauty of this ramp worthy man, but that job is currently the only way to keep a roof over my head and my stomach full.

So, as soon as Mr. knight permits me to leave telling me to wait for the call, I gather my bag and bolt out of the door. Using every bit of strength in me to resist turning to get a last glance at him and trying to keep my composure I only stop to take a breath when I am already out of the building and at a safe distance after turning down the corner, my heart still thundering for those eyes of him are the ones staring back at me as soon as I close my own even for a single moment.

Deciding to keep myself occupied for that seemed to be the only way to keep the thoughts of him away, I make my way towards the Rose's, thankful that it is at a walking distance from here and that I keep a set of my waitress uniform there at the diner itself.

15 minutes of walk I am face to face with the quaint, little but classy looking white building of the diner with a small garden area in front, sitting down at a bench I try to gather my thoughts and push them my still thundering heart at the back, so that I can revert back into the role of being a waitress...

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