The roller coaster named life

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Aprons and menus

Walking in through the service entrance I am instantly consumed by the strong of aroma of delicious cuisines being cooked and served, which is enough to create havoc in my stomach and drool enough to fill a whole swimming pool in my mouth.

Completely aware that I still have 10 minutes until my shift starts, my legs casually move forward greeting the two extremely talented and kind chefs and towards the small dingy room we employees use to keep our things or for breaks.

Already planning on what I'll have for lunch today, lost in the thoughts of food I reach the door of employees room and regret as soon as I open the door, for the sight I saw, was enough to make me want to wash my eyes off with the strongest possible bleach available.

There on the only tiny table, that we the staff are given to use are the only 2 people I dread of having to face every day going at it like rabbits.

Mr. Alberto the 56-year-old, beer bellied manager who is capable of receiving the award of most perverted creature in this universe, and bouncing on him is Rikki the incarnation of all female Disney villains combined, tall, fake-blonde and a strong believer of the fact that she still is the queen bee she once was in high school.

Shielding my eyes from further damage I quickly grab the hanger with my uniform from the rack by the door and leave slamming the same door as hard as I could.

Changing into my extremely tight-fitting ruby red pencil skirt that reaches a little above my knees, a white blouse with Rose's logo, tying my tiny white with lace on edges apron. I step out of the changing room and make my way towards my station. All thoughts of food and even my appetite completely gone from the image I just witnessed. Things I have to endure to keep a job!!

After 4 gruesome hours of serving all types of customers and cleaning up after 2 kids who decided it was their favorite game to spill their drinks and order another instantly. Now it was finally the time for my break and Katty's shift to start. She may be my only friend but she is all I need, she is the only one who has been there for me through thick and thin and is the only person I can trust with closed eyes.

As soon as Katty enters the diner already in her uniform, I instantly go and inform the manager about me taking my break now. Taking 2 coffees and sandwiches I reach the usual table we occupy and is tackled in a hug so tight that I literally couldn't breathe.

Katty, is a petite, small though a bit taller than me, black-haired with blue eyes and extremely beautiful faced girl.

As soon as we settle down in our seats she starts speaking, telling me all the stories and events that happened in the past 2 days that she visited her sister's family. Especially emphasizing about the details of Tyler her twin brother that she is always trying to set me up with.

To invade all her advances about the Tyler talk I quickly change the subject and mention today's interview, as soon as the words leave my mouth though...

"Oh my god!!! You met ZACHARY KNIGHT in person!!! Details...NOWWW!!" She squeals so loud that I get afraid for her vocal box.

Cringing from her squealing I still agree and start to relay her all the details of my morning. But when has she ever been patient enough to let me finish in one go...

"Is he really as handsome as much as magazines show!!?"

"AN HOUR!!!!"

"Did you guys kiss!!??!!"

"When are you joining!?"

Yet again I am left flabbergasted with her squealing and now even the people surrounding are giving us their undivided attention and stink eyes...

Though my efforts in trying to explain her further and clearing all these misunderstandings of her are left hanging for my break finishes and her shift timings start and we both get back to our jobs.

Leaving the Diner I am as usual left with only enough time to go home and change for my other job the Kafila and get something to eat on the bus.

As soon as I finish my food, I slip into a dreamless sleep for the rest of ride home.

Now dressed in black behind the bar serving people their choices of poison I am so tired that I am pretty sure the moment my head touches the pillow, I'll be dead to the world.

Warding off the flirting men and still smiling while serving sure is a tiring job but it keeps a roof over my head.

2:30 am and I am finally done with my shift ready to go home. A distance of 3 miles which I'll have to walk...oh! The joy.

Taking the usual route home, as I get near the house. I notice a real fancy car driving really slowly behind me. For a moment there I feel as if I am being followed and hurry inside but then quickly disregard the idea when the car speeds down...

Climbing up the stairs to the third floor, as soon as I reached my door, waiting for me there was my biggest nightmare...

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